Plump and Perfect

By Knightmare Elite

Edited 1/11/2011

Alex hastily made her way through the double doors. Her body tensed passing the threshold to the haven of omniscience. Outside of her agitated breaths it was all too silent, all too…unsociable for the boisterous blonde.

She set her purse on the table, watching Lauren scamper off. Alex's eyes followed Lauren's, swishing ass in the small dress. It was short enough, showing off her long legs, pale and firm as was her entire body.

Just for a moment the sight was enough to calm Alex. In the next, Lauren was gone in the aisle: Alex rolled her eyes. She looked around the area at the patrons, nose deep in literature. Her audacious sky blue midriff shirt rose in a stretch.

Alex exhaled, letting out a heated breath into the glacial climate. She touched the damp neckline of her shirt, fingers collecting the rapidly evaporating moisture. She moved the hand upwards, dashing through the shoulder length wavy blonde hair.

"Damn I hope it doesn't get puffy from all the humidity," Alex mumbled.

She looked down at her faux olive complexion, then down to the bare navel and jeans. The seconds rolled by, chipping at her patience, each second they wasted was a number missed, a dance passed. Most importantly missed was the chance to bed a curious girl.

Finally in Lauren's return, Alex once more rolled her eyes, seeing the book in her friend's hand. She pulled out the chair, taking an unwanted seat. It was relieving to rest her legs, still taking to the central air, tightly clad in her low cut jeans.

"God Lauren, I seriously can't believe I let you talk me into this! We're in a damn library on a Friday afternoon. We should be picking out what we're wearing to the club. You said you were stopping in to pay a late fee; you have yet another book in your hands! We're wasting precious hook up time here; think about all the cute girls we're missing," Alex groaned.

She looked around the utterly morbid sanctuary of literary euphoria. It wasn't much the setting that got to Alex, it was the quiet. More than anything, she detested the sovereign of silence.

Across the table, Lauren sat with hands clasped atop her book, Anatomy of the Mind. Always prone to psychology, both already ran the book cover to cover months earlier.

"Calm down Alexis," Lauren whispered, batting her charming hazel eyes. She knew Alex hated being called Alexis. "I need your advice on something. I know you're always honest with me so--"

Alex zipped open her purse, taking out the small compact and lipstick. She pursed her lips before applying another layer at the same time, giving Lauren the hand gesture to continue.

"Who is she?" Alex unnervingly asked, while blotting a tissue.

Lauren's fingers swirled across the book, seeing Alex's annoyance. As with nearly every time she was in proximity, Lauren wondered what exactly was going through Alex's mind. She at times could read Alex; times such as this fell in confusion.

Alex's azure eyes stared back at Lauren with subtle concern. They held a pausing glare of agitation, too weak to threaten. Her cheeks darkened, falling into their tranquil stare. For but a moment, Alex saw Lauren in that light, only for a moment as Lauren warmly smiled.

"Who is she this time?" Alex sighed, as the moment all but died.

"I know what you're thinking and you're wrong. This…I just know it's not a crush. I'm telling you Alex, I feel something deep. Whenever I look at her, my heart starts beating so fast, and my knees tremble."

"Oh glorious déjà vu."

"Be quiet! I just want to lay her in my arms and kiss grapes into her mouth. She has the sweetest southern accent. It drags out her words in this cute little delay. Other times it speeds up her words…I'm in love with it…among other things," Lauren zealously explained.

"So did you fuck her yet?" Alex asked while closing her compact.

"Well sort of…I think," Lauren shyly admitted.

"What do you mean sort of? You either fucked her or you didn't so which is it?" Alex asked, with uncomfortably shifting eyes.

"I've been sort of seeing Betty for two weeks now and--"


"Yes will you let me finish! As I was saying, I've been seeing Betty for two weeks. I always meet her here after classes, and we talk for a while. Then we go into the back store room—and she goes down on me. It was amazing the first time, I mean she actually made me…"

"You don't need to whisper darling, there's barely anyone here. But you had an orgasm off this girl? That's damn impressive. Outside of a vibrator you never get off. It's a shame too, with your promiscuous sex life and all," Alex reminded.

"Yeah that's what bugged me, but you haven't even heard the main bit. Betty's a little on the curvy side and it actually makes her hotter. Honestly, it was her face I fell in love with. She looks so innocent with those large red lips, and deep dark eyes."

"She's already sounding cute."

"That was only the precursor till I looked past her round face. Alex this girl has a pair of tits on her, Jesus they're big. They're so soft and luscious I want to lick them. She caught me staring at her one afternoon, that's how we got to talking," Lauren hesitantly explained.

"So let me get this straight, you're banging a chubby? Doesn't that nullify your 'no girl over 130 pounds' rule? Not to mention you're one of the shallowest girls on the planet."

"Give me a break, you haven't even seen Betsy!"

"There has to be more to this girl than huge breasts. Oh yeah she made you cum. I guess on some levels that could justify a change of pace. But, what do you mean 'sort of' fucked her?" Alex, once more, pried.

"First off, Betsy weighs 129, and that's irrelevant. We always talk for a bit, before it moves to making out, and she takes me to the back room. I actually offered to return the favor. Even yesterday, I was sitting on the desk, and started pulling down her skirt. She stopped me, a girl who plays hard to get is the biggest turn on."

Alex sat, purely perplexed at the situation. It was a near perfect relationship in her eyes. Meeting up with a girl, brief chatter then kissing till lips are exhausted, and then ending in a blistering one sided orgasm, all no strings attached.

"Damn I'm tempted to ask if this girl has a sister, but I don't know if I could get down with a big girl," Alex winced.

"Hey, Betty's not huge, okay. She's plump, and feels like a Teddy Bear. And before you ask, yes, she does have a big ass, it's not super firm like you're into. I squeezed and it jiggled a bit. You only seem to notice cellulite when it jiggles, I kept squeezing."

"The things that fascinate you…"

"I have to get her naked; I want to see that body. I want to feel the plush against me, and that cute face, while I'm fucking her dizzy. If only she'd give me the damn chance, but it only makes me want her more."

"You really like this girl huh? So is she here or what, I want to meet her. She might be the first cute chubby…if they exist," Alex, with a grin, said.

"Say what you want, Alexis but I think I'm falling for Betty. She's just perfect, we have so much in common, and the girl can eat pussy like you wouldn't believe. I have to bite down on my wrist just to keep from screaming," Lauren praised in lurid hand motions.

"That may be a new experience, but I knew you Lauren. You go through girls like scratch-offs. What makes you think you could actually love Betty? Even if she's outside of your comfort zone, what's to stop you from boring of her?"

"She has the sexual prowess of a cougar, for starters."

Alexis's head fell into her palm, following a labored sigh.

"Listen to yourself, praising the girl's ability to eat your pussy. You've gone on and on about her tits and ass, yet you've said nothing about her personality, or even how she feels about you. Your biggest goals in this are to see her naked, and get between her legs. Douchebag much?"

"I swear to God, you're like a second mother sometimes."

Alex shook her head at the brunette's pinking cheeks. Lauren's small rose red sheathed lips parted, relaying the depths of her latest crush, prepping Alex's shoulder to bear the inevitable guilt of her 'actions'.

"Hey don't give me that look. I know okay, my track record is a little sketchy," Lauren hesitated.

Alex nearly dropped the compact, hearing the bold face lie. She looked up at Lauren's face dressed in faux angelic demeanor. Truthfully Alex, was first to admit Lauren's desirability. She was pristine eye candy, tall, thin and leggy with uncommonly bountiful breasts for such a baron frame.

What Alex despised about Lauren was not her beauty, as Alex herself was no slouch in the department. She worried more and more of Lauren's sociopathic tendencies. It wasn't unusual for Lauren to cycle through six girls in two months.

"Lauren, you've been agonizingly consistent in the five years I've known you. You get these little crushes, convince yourself it's the real thing, woo the girl on a date or two—sleep with her, and grow bored. I should go warn Betty. Hell, I could just show her your little black book. Damn thing has over a hundred numbers. Would it kill you to have a steady girlfriend?"

"So I may have a reputation for being a little slutty. Look we're young, okay. I want to test the waters a bit. Is it my fault there's an overabundance of curious girls out there?"

"That's beside the point; you're nothing but a sweet talking predator."

Lauren was taken aback by the comment, "Don't play innocent, you've fucked more than a few girls, and dipped out before breakfast." Lauren's Cheshire smile was ever prevalent in the reminder.

"That's where you're wrong, the difference between you and I is that I have restraint. You fuck anything in a skirt, and defend your reasoning on the basis of following your heart."

"You of all people know how fragile my heart is. Alex, you know what I went through with my stepfather," Lauren whispered, feeling the tightness in her chest.

She clasped the book tightly, feeling the tear ducts beckon. Lauren pushed away the hatred, sadness and pain. She tightly held the book dear to her chest, tighter and closer she held it, as it was what Lauren desired, to be held the same, just not by him.

"I understand that Lauren, and for that you know I'll always be there for you, supporting any way I can. But to project your vices into desire isn't fair. You don't care about these girls Lauren, you're just burying yourself in sex and I'm worried for you," Alex confided.

"Of course my best friend also has to be a psychology major."

Alex stroked Lauren's arm.

"Sometimes it's the only way I can deal with you. So is Betty coming or what?"

"Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, she works here. Well, it should have been obvious; I mean, how else could she keep taking me into the back room?" Lauren explained.

"Yeah that makes sense so how old is she anyway?"

Lauren blushed, slowly looking Alex in the eyes.

"She's nineteen."

"Nineteen! She's not even old enough to come to the clubs with us; she's not even old enough to get served. She's legal and all, but you can't really go anywhere."

"Alex, quit acting like she's a little kid. We're only 21 you know, so we JUST earned those privileges you're complaining about. She's an assistant librarian, a college apprentice thingy. God knows why she wants to become a librarian. She's way too beautiful to be cooped up in here for the rest of her life."

"I have to agree with you on that, this place is boring as hell. Why would you want to make a career here?" Alex agreed.

"I'll have to ask her—oh my god, there she is!"

Lauren excitedly blushed in Betty's sight.

Alex nearly broke her neck, turning to see the cause of Lauren's alleged joy. A woman no taller than five foot one stood behind a small cart. She emerged on two admirably shapely legs, constrained within a tiny black skirt. It expanded across her hips, as she turned to get an item off the desk; it rose against the curvature of Betty's bottom.

As Lauren had praised, Betty's behind was perfectly rounded beneath the skirt. As she bent farther over the desk the skirt steadily rose, inching the white thong between fleshy cheeks.

Alex's betraying eyes followed those voluptuously expanding thighs down the tanned legs; so thick and golden they were, catching the overhead light at just that right angle.

Her calves stretched the muscles beneath the soft layer above. Betty reached over the desk, pulling out the drawer on the opposite side. Her bare feet leaned out of the sandals, almost on her toes as she retrieved the object.

"Damn," Alex thickly whispered, staring at Betty's backside.

"Didn't I tell you the girl was hot? They're allowed to dress down on Friday's so you know... She promised to wear something special for me, but I didn't think she'd come like this—it's making me all flustered," Lauren admitted, also mesmerized by Betty's figure.

"Okay, she has to by far be the most attractive librarian I've ever seen," Alex agreed.

"Check out her ass it's nice isn't it? She's given my vibrator a workout the past few nights," Lauren admitted as she too blushed.

"Yeah I heard you last night, you were really into it. Didn't know it was from her. There may actually be some substance to this. Though it's strange, you've never lusted after a chubby before, then again neither have I."

Betty saw Lauren and waved. "Hi!" She called from across the room, adjusting her glasses. The words were carried on a sweet southern tinge, further enchanting Alex toward the plump vixen.

Much like her skirt, Betty's shirt did little to conceal her natural shape. It was a normal white dress shirt, only it was buttoned down very low. Opened to the point one could easily size up her covetable breasts. They gently danced within the shirt, nipples eyeing Lauren through the thin material.

The breasts came to an abrupt stop, bobbling within the shirt as Betty leaned over the back of a chair. She smiled at Alex, conspicuously, staring down the blonde, admiring her tawny skin.

"Yes, in case you're wondering they're all natural. Triple D's they are," Betty breathily whispered, watching Alex's lips frown in envy.

Fingers digging into the table in the intensive gaze, nails grazing a layer off the aging wood finish. Alex swallowed uncomfortably, giving Betty the assurance of her allure. Again, the breasts bobbled as Betty pulled out the chair.

She sat next to Lauren, caressing her cheeks, leading down to the mouth poising lips and all. "It's nice to see you again sweetie." Betty lightly kissed Lauren's lips, passing her tongue along the outer edges, coming back for a slower, sensual lip lock.

Alex frowned at oral workout her friend received. She didn't want to find herself jealous, but it was almost unreal what she felt. Alex looked at Betty, a chubby woman and yet, found herself aroused.

She wanted to kiss those full lips, caress that adoringly cute face, so devilishly alluring in dark mascara. Most of all Alex too wanted to see Betty naked, and indulge on those ample extremities.

"Excuse me." alerted the sinewy voice.

Alex came back to focus on Betty's breasts, quickly looking up at her face.


"I'm Betty Jenison; it's a pleasure to meet you. Lauren's told me a bit about you. She says you're like an overprotective sister, that, and you secretly want her. I think it's cute you look out for her like that, and you know what they say the less they love you the more you love them," Betty, with hearty laughter, said.

"Fuck you," Alex mentally retorted, as she forcefully laughed. She once more found herself undressing Betty. It annoyed her in the fact Lauren could relate such a secret.

Even though Alex many times downplayed her feelings toward Lauren, she did at times want to be her crush. But at the same time, Alex knew they could never be.

They understood each other on a more than intimate level, sex and romantic affection would purely diminish their bonds. In the back of Alex's, mind she still desired the impossible—at times.

"So Betty, I was telling Alex all about you. I wanted to introduce you before we went out clubbing. You're probably tired of hearing her name, and I didn't want to keep my BFF in the dark."

Betty arched an eyebrow at Lauren and folded her hands.

"Keep her in the dark, and keep me in the closet."

"I also told her about your little issue with me. Come on Betty, I know you like me. Hell, I'm not ugly, and I don't have any STD's if that's what you're worried about. Why can't we just have sex?"

Betty sighed, seeing the alerted eyes.

"You could try to be a little discrete, dear."

"I'm sorry, I get overanxious a lot and a bit loud when I'm irritated," Lauren apologetically admitted.

Alex popped in a breath mint counting away the time.

"Not to be a killjoy but can you two wrap this up?"

Betty gave Alex a most menacing glare, instantly changing to an understanding smile.

"Lauren, I won't even lie. I absolutely adore your pussy—it's one of the nicest I've been acquainted with. Every time you have an orgasm, I give your clit a little kiss; I bet you never even noticed. But something you have to realize is I'm not stupid. I saw it in your eyes the first time you looked at me."

Lauren bashfully giggled at Alex in the surprising admission.

"No one's ever kissed my clit before."

Betty laughed to herself, before resuming seriousness.

"For some reason your gaydar scoped me out. Now I know I'm not a tall and skinny like you, but I carry my shit right, and I know I look good. As I can see neither of you mind a little meat. I dress like this because I have the body to. I've worked out my tongue on more than a few drop dead gorgeous girls."

"I have zero issue with your weight," Lauren's voice softened, "that's what I like most about you, you're soft."

"Maybe, but, I'm not conceited enough to think I can get any girl. But I know what and who I want, and I know how to get them. Girls like you and your friend here; you take one look at me and see a chubby lesbo geek. Lauren, I really do like you, in fact I want more than our little meetings."

"But—I want more too," Lauren hastily agreed.

"It's just, until I know you honestly feel the same about me; you're not getting near this pussy." Betty smiled a deep taunting smile, licking her lips painfully slow. "Lauren, you taste so nice when you cum. I have no problems pleasuring you as you like, but like I said, that's as far as you're getting till you give me what I want."

"Holy shit Betty, you were playing Lauren all along. I can't believe this; the master got schooled at her own game. This is just too funny," Alex laughed.

Lauren's lips quivered as she doubtfully looked at her crush.

"…but Betty I really do like you."

Betty brought her chair closer to Lauren looking deep into those hazel eyes. "Sweetheart, there's no need to cry. You're just not ready for a commitment yet, I am." She kissed Lauren's tightening lips, exuding a most satisfying pleasure.

"What do I have to do to prove I'm serious?" Lauren desperately asked.

"Lauren she's right. You have a lot of emotional baggage you need to exercise. It's hard enough for you to love yourself, you're just expressing your torment through Betty," Alex comfortingly summed up.

"Now is not to time to analyze me, save the psychology for when we're alone. This is all so fucked, we have something special Betty. I do want to go farther but it's YOU who's not wanting to commit," Lauren defended.

"Lauren sweetheart, you said you're going to the club after this. So am I to believe you came her for a quick head job? Afterwards you go to the club nice and relaxed, and then pick up a cute girl to fuck all night. All the while, contemplating as to how much you love me? Would you like to borrow my lipstick?" Betty asked.

"Why?" Lauren sniffled as she knew Betty was right.

"So that you can write 'jackass' on my forehead. Or would you rather write it across my tits, being you can't stop staring at them."
"Well you have the damn things on full display. They are beautiful though. I'm sorry but I have to agree with you Betty. Lauren's my girl and all but she doesn't take love seriously--"

Lauren angrily pounded her fist on the table commanding attention.

"How can you both talk about me like I'm invisible? Stop treating me like such a goddamn whore. Betty, you don't know a damn thing I've been though, so stop judging me. And Alex, you have no right to say I don't take lover seriously. What about all those nights we've cried together? You know everything, the depression, foster homes—him. You know what, just forget it!

Lauren quickly stood up and walked toward an empty aisle, sobbing to herself.

"I didn't mean to upset her like this. I had no idea she had such deep rooted scars. Alex, I really like Lauren a lot, and I don't want to be hurt. I can seriously picture myself being with her and I want to. But I can't simply give myself to her, I have to be sure she'll be true to me," Betty somberly explained to Alex.

"You're the second girl that's ever broken through Lauren's armor," Alex admitted.

"Who was the first, if I may be so inclined?" Betty asked steadily listening to Lauren's delicate sobbing in the distance.

"Me of course, and on that night we both agreed we'd never have sex. We play off each other, and rather not fuck it up with awkwardness. Speaking of fucking up, it looks like our night is shot, Lauren's in no shape to go clubbing tonight."

"I'm going to go talk to her, and apologize. Maybe I was too hasty to judge her," Betty suggested.

"No you're right, but you have to take into account….well I can't. I swore to Lauren I'd never tell anyone. It's her choice if she wants to tell you why she's so loose about love. She really does have a good heart, it's not impossible for Lauren to love. You just have to get her to trust you, easier said than done."

"Thank you Alex," Betty said, kissing Alex on the cheek.

She blushed not from receiving the kiss, but seeing Betty's shapely legs and generously squeezable ass in the uprising.

Betty cautiously navigated the aisles, following unnerving whimpering. She stopped, seeing Lauren huddled on the ground against a stool. Ironically, she was by a stack of un-shelved psychology books. Betty walked around the aisle, sitting next to Lauren.

"Can we talk sweetie?" Betty asked in most sincere tone.

"I'm not your sweetie apparently, I don't even know what that word means," Lauren sobbed, shying away from Betty.

"I may have misjudged you on certain levels. I know you're a playgirl, there's no denying that. You just carry that air about you, and even your friend admits it. But I like you Lauren."

Lauren finally looked at Betty, eyes red and puffy.

"I admit it okay; I was going to a club tonight. God, I'm such an asshole, I can't even justify my feelings for you. Betty, you're not like all the others. Don't think that I'm vain for liking you, or that it's some pity ploy to romance a fat girl."

"You're really not one for subtleties are you?"

Lauren's eyes heavily strained from tears looked at Betty's skirt. They followed the shirt piece of fabric down to those thick legs, crossed as Betty sat beside her, toes sporadically curling in the comfortingly cool climate.

"You're beautiful Betty, I think about making love to you, more than you'd ever imagine. Right now, I can feel myself—getting aroused, being so close to you. And, I've royally fucked that up."

Betsy parted back the hairs for an unobstructed view of Lauren's face.

"In that regard, I understand completely."

Lauren's fingers found themselves skimming across Betty's thighs. Lightly pressing into the skin in warm expansion, deeper as it spread so soft and large were those thighs. Lauren's finger drew away, carrying the effusive touch of Betty's soft creamy flesh, the very flesh she vowed to delve between.

"So perfect," Lauren inaudibly praised.

"How do you think I feel?" Betty asked, distilling Lauren's lusted pining.

Lauren quickly withdrew her hand firmly planting it on the stiff carpet.

"Sorry, what?"

"I think about you a lot, during classes. Don't even get me started on the long hours here. The highlight of my day is when you stop in. I love our little talks, but you never let them get too deep."

"I'm sorry."

"What is it you're afraid of Lauren? Don't you see, it's not me with the problem? Yes, I'm afraid of getting hurt by you, but I'm willing to take that chance, because I want to be with you."

Lauren swallowed, eyes gravitating toward the bottom shelf.

"It's not easy for me to feel secure around people, if that makes sense."

"But, you won't let me in. You shut me out of your heart, and only invite me between your legs. You won't even tell me your fucking last name. From day one, I've been honest with you. It's not fair, and you know that."

"It's not fair," Lauren quietly repeated.

Betsy lifted Lauren's face to hers, painfully meeting eyes for what it would do.

"This is why I have to keep my distance, Lauren. If you don't trust me, then how am I supposed to trust you? It's more than just letting you eat my pussy. To you, it may be nothing to get a head job. But to me, that's a very intimate act.


Betsy pressed on Lauren's lips.

"To let a girl between my legs, I have to honestly trust her, and know that she really cares for me. I'm not asking her to profess her love on a pillar of bibles. I just want to know that after my orgasm, she'll call, and bring my flowers, stupid shit, anything to let me know I was just a piece of ass."

Lauren picked up a nearby book, flipping through the pages.

"It's not your fault Betty, you didn't do anything wrong. I'm sorry, I really am it's just hard for me. I want to be with you so bad, but in the back of my mind I know it won't work," Lauren empathetically sighed.

"Why won't it work Lauren? Here I am, right beside you, telling you I want to be with you. I want to know the girl behind the pussy, just give me some kind of jumping point. I've come at you from every angle, and you always push me back. What is it you're so afraid of me finding out? I'll listen to you, anything you have to say. I want to be that shoulder you can cry on. Alex told me you confide in her with your pains. She also said that you agreed to never have sex, and that is the only reason why you trust her."

Lauren held Betty's arms, looking into the charcoal eyes. She wanted Betty to end her prying, she wanted it go back to the quaint talk, making out then mind blowing oral sex. But looking into those eyes, Lauren knew Betty was contemplating an inevitable ultimatum.

"Betty please, why do we have to do this? Let's skip all this drama and let me--"

"I'm not going to be your chubby little fuck doll. I want a relationship with you. I want…to be your girlfriend, Lauren. I want to be your confidant and I want you to trust me."

"…I want that."

"I care about you, when I'm kneeling between your legs I look into your eyes. I see that pain and sadness, I see that darkness you try so desperately to hide. And in those brief seconds before your orgasm, you always shed a tear looking at me so sadly. What goes through your mind Lauren?"

Lauren tossed the book aside sighing heavily. Her head banged against the shelf as she looked upward. An overhead light shone so brightly, drawing her thoughts to a scathed memory.

"I had an abusive stepfather, and when you make me cum it reminds me of him. Are you happy now?" Lauren whispered, letting the tears pass the lobes of her ears, still looking at the bulb.

"I'm sorry—I didn't know."

"When my mother went out…he took me in the basement. The only light was a small overhead bulb; it was all I could see until his face blocked it. I guess that's what supposedly fucked me up, right? I whore around because it's all I know so go ahead--"

Lauren was drawn against Betty's softness, enclosed within an embrace so warm. For the first time in the ten years she actually felt safe. Even against Alex's unwavering support, Lauren never felt such a comfort.

"Let me inside Lauren I want, no need you to trust me. I can easily make your body feel good, but it's your heart that needs an intimate touch. Just give me a chance, sit down with me and just have a long deep talk about our lives. It will be good for you," Betty begged.

"It's hard to talk about this. I'm ashamed to even have told you that much. I feel like such a dirty slut just remembering any of it. My mom stood by and did nothing for years, until she finally. ….FUCK!"

Lauren forcefully screamed, burying her face against Betty's chest.

Betsy cradled Lauren's head, seeing a shadow cast above them. She looked up, seeing Alex in a concerned yet satisfied smile.

"I hope you know what you've gotten yourself into."

"I'm prepared go as deep as Lauren will take me. Sex and desire was what brought us together, but its love and honesty that will keep us together. I want to become Lauren's girlfriend, and I am aware that's no easy task."

"Why couldn't you have just been a one night stand?" Lauren hopelessly asked.

"I'll wait for you Lauren, every waking moment I want you to know that I care. You didn't come to me out of pity, and it wasn't purely arousal. What you saw in me was an outlet, and I see now why you became so persistent with me."


"Each time you had an orgasm, it brought back a piece of those memories. They connected to the pure pleasure, intensifying the euphoria, drawing you back. Subconsciously, those channeled memories stayed with you. The only way you could subdue them was to undo that pleasure."

Alex softly applauded the synopsis.

"That's an impressive psychoanalysis for an amateur. But it's accurate nonetheless. Out of respect for Lauren I'll try to be as equivocal as possible. Betty, those intense orgasms Lauren received from you, actually were attached to repressed memories."

Lauren cut her eyes to Alex, softening on the way back to Betty.

"Should I be concerned at how easily you dismantled me?"

"Look around you?" Betsy picked up one of the many psychology books. "You get to reading in a place like this. Believe me, I have the time."

"Man, if I were an introvert, this would be my Mecca," Alex said.

"So, you really think I have an ulterior motive for wanting to go down on you?" Lauren asked.

Betty confidently nodded.

"That's why you wanted to go down on me. You didn't want to repay me for the pleasure I gave you, Lauren. It was to merely exorcise the demons, I unknowingly brought out. Once I came it would be over, your guilt gone and your desire for me, much like what kept you coming back, a faded memory. And off to the club you went to restart the cycle."

Alex took the top book of the leaning stack.

"Shit, if you've learned this much by casual reading, what the hell am I getting myself in debt at the university for?"

"Professionally taught always trumps self taught. Besides, I mostly put together the bits of pieces you each supplied." Betty kissed Lauren's nose to a faint smile.

"You make it seem so easy to connect the dots. I won't make up excuses for what happened to me, nor do I use that as a crutch for my behavior. I don't expect people to understand, and honestly, it takes too much time and energy to make them," Lauren said.

"Lauren, I've never experienced anything that horrific, but let me understand. I'm trying to shut out the ignorance of stereotyping your scenario. You have to let me inside. I want you to be happy, to love yourself and feel blessed within this life god has given you," Betty pledged.

Lauren moved closer touching her lips against Betty's. She slowly moved around Betty's face, emitting warm breaths against her skin. In each release, Betty shivered, yet made no attempt to resist. She sat terribly blushing, arms at her side and chest, rapidly rising in the tension.

The lips stopped at Betty's ear carrying the moisture of heated breaths. "Do you seriously want to open Panrodra's Box?" Lauren knelt before Betty, clasping her hands.

"Yes. I don't want to lose you. I don't care how much of an emotional wreck you may become. I don't care if you vent on me, I just want you to let me be there, right in there," Betty answered, pointing to Lauren's heart.

"Okay, its official, no club tonight. But Lauren are you really saying you'd give up fresh pussy every weekend? It's one thing to miss one night, but to just go cold turkey, as girl crazy as you are?" Alex asked, scratching her head.

"Alex, I really want to try. I meant everything I said about Betty. I really like her and want more than these one sided booty calls. It will take a while, but I'm going to tell her everything—I want her to know."

Betty smiled.

"Do you hear that Betty? From this moment on, I'm doing something I've never done before. I'm going to make a one hundred percent commitment to one girl, because you're everything I'm not," Lauren pledged as the two hugged on the floor.

"What are you doing tomorrow?" Betty cheerfully asked.

"Usually on Saturday's, if we had a good night, Alex and I sleep in with whatever girl we each brought home. But, I guess I don't have anything planned for tomorrow," Lauren admitted.

"Guess it's up to pay-per-view and the toyfriend," Alex sighed, pulling out her cell phone as a last ditch effort.

"Okay then, tomorrow I'm taking you out for breakfast, and we're going to have a Q&A session. But you don't have to answer anything that makes you uncomfortable. I promise, we'll keep doing things like that, until you feel comfortable enough around me," Betty explained.

"Can you at least come over tonight, you know to just talk? I'm sure Alex would mind a rest for once. I talk her to death nearly every night about my issues. Well, unless she has a girl over. Or better yet we can use the pool; we'd have it all to ourselves this hour. I can only imagine how sexy you'd look in a bikini," Lauren said.

"Please Lauren, I may be confident but not THAT confident. I have a little too much belly for a two piece. I'm more of a tankini or one piece girl. I'd rather we just spend some time commiserating."

"That's cool. I'll buy two pints of ice cream and order a movie. I can curl up next to you watching a cheesy romance movie, or action if you like."

"I'd love that; see you're already starting to open up. Well, just a teensy bit but hey, it's a start right now all—oh shit! No one's at the front desk. Come on just talk by the desk. Oh I'm such deep shit if anything missing!" Betty groaned, hastily walking to the desk.

As she left the aisle, Betty frowned seeing a line of agitated patrons. She promptly locked both hands at her sides, not to be proper, but to keep her skirt from flapping in the brisk pace.

Lauren looked to those powerfully flexing legs in envy. So tender were the thighs, tipping off at the black hem, in each brisk stride they parted making the most subtle tremble.

It was with envy, Lauren watched for she wanted to cause that tremble. They abruptly stopped at the desk with Lauren, nearly knocking Betty over. Betty gave her an awkward eye and walked around the desk.

Betty apologized to the waiting patrons.

"Sorry about that, I had a little personal matter to tend to. As a reward for your patience, here is a complimentary free voucher for $2 Wednesday movie night"

Thankfully, the patrons accepted the vouchers. Twenty minutes later, Betty sat in the seat watching the last person leave. The janitor locked the front door as Lauren sat atop the desk, parting her legs with Betty contently sitting between.

Lauren smiled as she caressed Betty's round face.

"Now doesn't this look like a familiar situation, only this is the first time we've been in public?"

"I'm out so there's no issue with that. It's just not respectable to eat out a girl in plan view of seniors and small children. That and I could kiss my internship goodbye."

"So why do you want to be a librarian anyway? No offense, but it's a pretty boring job don't you think?" Alex asked, texting a girl in hopes of hooking up.

"I'm with Alex on this one, what gives?" Lauren asked.

"Well, I obviously don't have the body to be a stripper; my parents couldn't afford to send me to medical school to be a doctor, or a lawyer as my back up. So I'm sticking it out in community college, while interning here."

"It's too quiet in here, I'd go mental," Alex noted.

"I like the quiet it gives me a lot of time to think. That and I LOVE to read, and well, look around you. It just sucks I have to take all these extra courses. For three days of the week I'm in college nearly all day twelve hours of classes."

Lauren leaned forward and kissed Betty out of sheer pity.

"Fuck that, I thought my schedule was ridiculous. I feel like a slacker in comparison."

"But it will be worth it once I get my ALA with accredited MLS, I'll be making fifty grand starting easy! By the time I'm thirty I'll be making over seventy thousand a year, all for sitting in one of dullest places on earth for eight hours a day," Betty confidently explained.

"Wow, I never thought about it like that. You really thought this through good for you." Alex felt her phone vibrate, she opened the message and licked her lips. "Oh hell yes, she's home. I'm getting laid tonight; don't wait up for me Babe."

"So we're closing up now, I have to go home and take a shower. I always feel sticky when I leave here, especially if you show up. So what's your address?" Betty asked, while tidying up the desk.

"Hey Alex, go on ahead, I'm getting a ride with Betty. We need to stop off and get some ice cream anyway," Lauren announced, giving Alex the okay.

"Sure thing, have fun," Alex said, while dashing toward the exit. She groaned as the janitor took his sweet time undoing the lock.

"Well, I guess you're going with me then. Look, I live with my parents so don't give me any shit. I'm a fellow college student you know. But they're real cool with me bringing a girl home. As long as we're not having sex…," Betty clarified.

"You don't need to worry I'll respect the house rules. But I'm going to kiss you once they open the door. I have to get used to this steady girlfriend thing, it's strange," Lauren laughed, as they headed toward the front door.

Betty slipped her fingers within Lauren's.

"There's a first time for everything, and soon you'll be able to say you're sleeping with a fatty!"

"Shut up, I'm getting you naked the first chance I get," Lauren announced, pressing against Betty's cushy body as they stepped into the humid night.

"So says the skinny girl who wants to fuck me," Betty laughed, leading her future girlfriend to the car.

"Damn right," Lauren whispered in a nibble to Betty's ear.

"So by the way, are you ever going to tell me your last name?"

Lauren groaned.

"Promise not to laugh?"

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