Some story I made up after watching a TV show on pschotic killers.

Story: The Charlston Police found a diary that used to belong to serial killer Sid Galveston, who was reported missing since 2004. The diary has information on all the victims he murdered and his motives, including some world topics and his opinions on certain topics. The FBI is asking for the capture of this dangerous man.

Diary of a Psychotic Killer


I know I should be putting a Dear Diary thing over this entry, but I feel all too proud about what is going to happen tommorrow...

There is this girl who just lives right next to me. Whenever I look at her, I see the Devil. I don't know why. Maybe it's because of all those people I sent to their deaths. The "suicides" that I concocted.

Well, anyway, this girl's name is Emily Regalson. Daughter of a Bob Regalson. Her family is really rich, and I think that the scenario is almost the perfect type of family to strike grief into. Makes the police wonder...hehe...

And what better way to stage a murder than Christmas? I always find it exciting to stage a murder on Christmas. Gives other people the creeps.

I got this diary a long time ago, given to me by my late father, Sean. We had arguments though, and I killed him. I think I buried him in a small creek. Don't know where, though. That was basically the start of my dark career. I met a man sometime after that, who gave his name as Al. Al told me to do some work for him, including the assassination of a Mack Ceplar, a supposed CIA agent. I did, and I decided to spice the killing up a bit, by hanging him by a sock upside-down in an elevator. The CIA people were horrified, but refused to make the story public. I became enraged, thuse ending my "partnership" with Al. I think I killed him after that. But his body disappeared.

About me? My name is Sid Galveston, and I am 17 years old. I have spiky brown hair, and my features change over time. I'm so unrecgonizable that police don't know what shoemaker Ted Galveson really does for a living. It's so funny I laugh about it every night. Anyway, I'm off to the local kitchen shop to buy some knives. Sid Out.

Sid Galveston