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Ah, the Dot The lovely, wonderful rambunctious Dot The dot won't go away It frustrates me in every way Please Dot go away Dot Is it so? Is the Dot finally gone?Where'd you go Dot? Come back Dot! I didn't mean for you to really go away! DOT!!!! COME BACK DOT! I MISS YOU DOT! POOF! Dot, is that really you Dot? You came back just for me Dot? Yes, I love you too Dot, don't ever leave me again Dot Dot? What are you doing Dot? Don't start that again Dot Dot!!!!

Faithful readers, hopefully you have realized that this is not completely my doing. Yes, I have an accomplice- and she has pink hair (seriously, she's crazy!) But you probably all know her as Pouffy! Yup, my cousim (that m was put there entirely on purpose!) the infamous Warcraft-loving maniac, Pouffy is here in the grand state of Texas! "The Dot" is an old story she wrote and with her permission and help, I adapted it for FictionPress. I hoped you liked it,


P.S.-If that scared or disturbed you, review, let me know.