Second Sight

Never thought these words could mean something.
Never knew I could break your heart.

Watching the clocks as my star begins to fade,
I wait and I wait,
But you never call my name.

Staring right through you,
I scream until my voice is raw,
But you pay me no attention.

You feed my dreams, fulfill my wishes,
But you cannot heed my strongest prayer.
I get what I want, but you are what I need.
I always have my way, and still the world is empty.

Impatience swallows my heart,
As I throw you into my past.
Running along the path of my destiny,
I do not give you even a single glance.

So I build myself a shelter,
And I let my tale unfold.
I live through a lifetime,
Never fearing what is new.

Only when the shadows deepen,
And night falls on this world,
Do I see all that I have forsaken,
Do I see my shattered dreams.

I feel your watchful gaze trace my steps,
I hear your heart cry for mine.
I am indifferent to your pain,
Unable to bear the look in your eyes.

Ignorance is my bliss.

But you are the only one I hear,
So loud and so clear.
And when my sins come bare,
It is you who haunts my soul.

If I'd only waited,
Now I've changed for good.
But one thing remains the same,
Through each of my days...

You are the only one I see.