You've strayed away little puppet,

but only your mind sees these things.

I've taked you a long way off from your path,

but no one can see it but you.

You keep your mask on,

and though it may seem,

your a smiling joyful angel,

on the inside you weep,

and scream in anguish,

wishing that something or perhaps someONE,

would take you away from this HELL.

This place you call home,

those people you call friends.

But we've both decieved them very well,

because they don't see your pain,

or those three marks,

that you cut so deep into your wrist.

If they really knew you they wouldn't be hanging around,

they'd see how messed up and broken hearted,

and confused and miserable you are.

And then, they'd run, like you often do,

run as far and as fast as their feet would allow,

and you'd sit there, all alone,

but it's really not that different,

since you've been alone all these years anyway.

So why even try?

Why pretend and hurt yourself even more than you already do?

Get it over with!