Have you ever noticed?

Did life ever make you think?

Some many things happen, good and bad,

And yet life goes on and on.


That's what life has come to.

You'll never realize,

What's really going on.

Look around.

There are homeless people downtown.

There are kittens starving.

There are children at war.

And then there's you,

In ignorant bliss.

But is it really better?

When you could make a difference.

What do you really know?

Have you given every penny you have

To someone who needs it more than you?

Do you spend every moment of your free time

Helping out with those who need it?

Admit it, you know nothing.

You live in ignorant bliss,

And is it so much better?

When you could make a difference.

You're a princess in a fairytale.

And while your kingdom is in poverty.

At war and losing.

You prefer to live,

In ignorant bliss.