Waiting by the Window

I'm waiting be the window,

Wondering who's coming.

I recognize the face,

But I'm not sure if he does.

He knocks on the door,

I'm not sure if I should answer.

He says, "I want come in,"

And asks if there's a fire.

Should I leave him in the cold?

My mind starts racing.

Questions fill my head.

Should I invite him inside?

There's panic in his voice,

Like he's being chased by something.

It's really, really cold out,

He's prob'ly hypothermic.

He knocks on the door again,

It sounds really important.

I shouldn't leave him outside,

I don't want him to get hut.

Then it starts to hit me,

Why he sounds so shaky.

There isn't anything

Out there to be chased by.

I recognize the face,

I've seen him here before.

He says he really loves me,

And wants to be my best friend.

To save me from destruction

And eternal damnation.

And then is when it hits me,

Why he sounds so shaky.

"Come in! Enjoy the fire,"

That is what I tell him.

I start rushing to the door,

To open it before him.

I'm waiting by the window,

Enjoying my fire.

A good friend is right beside me,

Keeping watch with me.

I'm waiting by my window,

Wondering who's coming.

I don't recognize the face,

But he wants to destroy me.

My guard and roommate stands,

And he prepares for the onslaught.

When the stranger sees my guard,

He runs away screaming.

My Guard is Jesus Christ,

He helps me fight temptation.

And when I think about it,

He's the best thing about my life.

Dedicated to INS Dragonclaw, a good friend who keeps me accountable. Thank God for my brother in faith.