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Eryn impatiently tapped her fingers on her Walkman. She'd been sitting in this a-cured bus for a good two hours and was by far ready to get out and stretch. She'd tried reading but her eyes hurt, so she had tried to start a conversation with the girl beside her, who just gave her a weird look and slapped on headphones, leaving Eryn to her old, beat up Walkman. Just when she thought her brain would explode from the amount of slurs in the aged tape, the bus came to a stop.

She stood up, crawling over the girl with the nice-new iPod and her mom into the isle. She then walked off the bus, trying to ignore everyone staring at her. She was the only one getting off, and if it hadn't been for her, they would have sped right through this little town. She smiled and grabbed her backpack and duffel from some guy in a uniform and stepped off the bus, looking around.

She was on a pretty busy street, with shops lining each side. Looking at the piece of paper that told her where to go, Eryn walked down the street as the bus drove left the town. She entered the cab office and walked up to the desk.

"Can I help you?" asked an annoyed looking college student.

"Um, I need a cab to Keystone Academy, please."

The girl looked at her from over her computer and asked her to wait as she disappeared into the back room. Eryn cautiously peeked onto the computer screen, finding not important work documents but a paused game of neo pets. Grinning she rocked back and forth on her heels, making jokes about salespeople in her head until the girl came back.

"Wait over there." She said, pointing to a bench by the window. A cab soon drove up and Eryn looked at the girl, wondering if it was for her. Finding the student yelling curses at the computer after her neo pets game froze it, Eryn just assumed and slipped out the door.

The cab driver looked at her over his glasses, "The Academy?" he asked. She nodded and climbed in. The driver didn't say anything to her for the whole twenty-five minutes she was in the cab. Instead, Eryn fingered a fraying edge on her bag and stared out the window.

When the driver told her they were there, she wasn't sure. She couldn't see anything but a gray stone wall and big iron gate. She climbed out, paid the driver and walked up to the gate, which had a sign above it reading: 'Keystone Academy, Home of the Knights.'

"Can I help you?" a guard asked.

Eryn gulped, wondering what she had gotten herself into when she had asked to come here. "Um, I'm a, uh, student, so…"

"Returning or new?" the guard asked.

"Uh, new."

"Do you have your identification papers with you?"

"Um, yes." She fished through her backpack until she found them, and handed the blue, pink and green slips to the man. He said something into his headset and another guard appeared in a golf cart.

After a few short words, the second guard took her bags, tossed them into the cart and motioned for her to sit down. Then he started driving up a long pathway.

Eryn was amazed at what she saw around her. The paved pathway was lined with weeping willow trees, and beyond them she could see an apple orchard to her right and a short stone wall to her left. As she looked around the guard talked to her.

"It will be a good couple of minutes in this thing before we get to the buildings. I'm Paul. And you are…?"

"Eryn. I'm Eryn Wade." She said quietly.

"Well, Miss Wade, I hope you enjoy your year here at Keystone Academy."

About that time the first building came into view. It was massive. It was made of a dark red brick, with at least thirty white marble steps leading to a veranda of white marble and columns. Paul drove up to right in front of the steps and helped her get her bags out. Promptly, another guard was there who carried them up the steps and into the building for her.

Eryn gulped. She thought it was a little extravagant for a high school, however prestigious it might be. They entered directly to the left into what was labeled the main office.

Unlike her school back home with a hard bench and old wooden desk in the office, this office had several fine, plush chairs made of black leather. There was white tile when you first walked in the door, but everything else was carpeted. There was a huge counter that stretched most of the main room with several people sitting behind it. The guard spoke to one of the ladies, who punched a button, making another lady come out from a back room. Eryn was told to leave her bags on one of the chairs and follow the secretary.

Eryn had to walk quickly to follow this woman as she led her behind the desks and into another hallway and to a door labeled 'Head Mistress'. The door opened and Eryn sat in the first available seat after the command was issued. Then the lady left her alone with the Head Mistress.

The Head smiled warmly and said, "Hello Miss Chavez, how was your trip?"

Eryn fidgeted, wishing she could stand up, "Alright Miss…Head Mistress?"

The woman chuckled, "You may call me Mrs. Singer."

Eryn nodded, "And I go by Wade for my last name" she said quietly. Mrs. Singer nodded and started talking.

From then on it was the normal droll: read the handbook, follow the rules, wear the uniform, "And remember, Miss Wade, that you are here on a scholarship. If at any progress report or report card you should get lower in any one class than a ninety-three percent, you will have four weeks to pull that grade up. If you do not, or another one of your grades fall, you will be sent home at the end of the next nine-week period. Understood?"

"Yes Mrs. Singer." Eryn said, saying a silent prayer that her grades remained intact.

"Good, are there any questions?"

"What sports do you have?" Eryn asked timidly.

"Oh goodness, too many to name I'm afraid. If you're interested, we probably have it, or can sign you up for an off-campus team. You have a meeting in a few minutes with our guidance councilor, Mrs. Jones. She'll explain everything to you a bit more. Any more questions?" Eryn shook her head no, and the secretary came back in and took her across the hall to Mrs. Jones where she planned her entire schedule

"Any questions?" Mrs. Jones asked.

"Yes, the soccer team, is it just guys or girls or co-ed?"

Mrs. Jones smiled, "Technically it's co-ed but no girl has been on the team in eight years."

Eryn nodded, "That's fine. When do tryouts start?"

"One week. Here's your room number and key. Someone will take you. Welcome to the tenth grade Eryn." Eryn smiled slightly and stepped outside the door and followed a guard out of the office and back onto the golf cart.

"Um, how am I supposed to get from my dorm to the cafeteria to my classes if everything is so far apart. I can't drive or anything." Eryn said.

The guard smiled, "Most students use the trams. You have a complete tram schedule and the trams you will need to take in the folder that Mrs. Jones gave you."

Eryn nodded, thinking about the folder that she had shoved into her backpack. They finally reached a semi-circle of dorms, with a courtyard in the middle. The guard said, "These are the girl's dorms, the boy's dorms are on the other side of that wood there. You're in dorm two, floor two, room 124. Think you can find it?"

Eryn nodded, thanked him and grabbed her bags, heading toward her new home. After she finally managed to unlock the door she was greeted with an ugly sight. A big black door with peeling paint and a narrow stair case to her left. She sighed and climbed the steps and after struggling with her key again, stumbled into the empty hallway.

It was a Sunday, early in the morning, so she wasn't surprised that it was empty. She took the time to survey her surroundings as she slowly headed down the hallway. Someone had decorated it in a medieval theme. Blue and white tissue paper lined the ceiling loosely, showing school colors. Each door had a coat of arms on it, each one different. Underneath the coat of arms were what looked like personal crests, usually three or four, with names, and normally a message board for friends to scrawl their notes.

When she found room 124 she carefully read the names: Luna, Albany and Raichel. She felt bad about just barging in, especially if they were asleep so she knocked quietly. "Hold on!" someone yelled from inside. She heard some bouncing around and the door slowly opened.

Eryn was greeted by a tall, thin girl with two buns sticking wildly up from her head. She was trying to paint her toe nails and talk on the phone at the same time, and it wasn't working so well. "I'll call you back." The girl said, hanging up and tossing the phone on the nearest bed, from which is slid off and landed on the wooden floor. The girl winced as the battery case flew off and then shrugged, "Happened before. You must be our new roomie, welcome! I'm Luna Alcott. The others are at breakfast. And you are Eryn."

"Eryn Wade." She said quietly, unsure of what to do.

"Are you a freshman?" Luna asked, grabbing her duffel and showing her inside.

"Sophmore." Eryn replied.

"Me too. You're lucky. All the cute guys are in our grade." She grinned and looked around the room, "You mind bottom bunk? Cause if you do I'll move."

Eryn looked at the lonely bottom bunk and shook her head, "I'm fine down below. I shared a room with my sister back home, and she got top." Luna nodded and put her duffel on the empty bed.
"Well, my nails are dry so I'm going to breakfast, wanna come?"

"I already ate, thanks." Eryn said.

Luna shrugged, "Make yourself at home. Half of the left closet is yours, and so is that dresser over there, and that desk. And if you have any pictures or decorations you can put them up on your bed. We're going to do the room in one theme sometime this week, we wanted to wait for you. So, um, yeah. See ya." Then she left after shoving flip-flops on her feet.

Eryn shrugged off the weird feeling of not being at home and studied her surroundings. Then room wasn't huge, but not terribly small. Two of the dressers were on the sides of the doors, the other two at the foot of the beds, which rested on either side of the room. The closets were in the front of the room and three of the desks were in the middle, and another one by the left closet. Someone had thought enough to let her have a desk in the middle, not off to the side, and her dresser was by the closet so whoever was on top of her would not constantly be stepping on it on their way down. She smiled, her roommates had put a lot of thought into making her feel welcome, and she really appreciated it.

She carefully unpacked her clothes, folding almost everything but her uniform and a few skirts into the tall dresser. She then emptied her school supplies into the desk and spread her plain white sheets and blanket over the bed, and lay down.

She grinned when the saw the sign above her head, "WELCOME ERYN" written in colorful bubble writing. She smiled and fell asleep, feeling more loved than she ever had in her entire life.



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