I recently remembered that I was no longer receiving emails when reviews were posted for this story, and I was wondering if anyone had reviewed since 2008. WOW. A LOT of people have. So I just wanted to touch base with all of you. I wish it were possible for me to respond to all of you personally, but there's just no way. If you have a question about Difference, please email me at learnsocialskills at yahoo dot com or send me a PM and I'll respond.

But, just to clear up some of the major trends I saw in the reviews…

I know that:

There are a MILLION THOUSAND typos in this story. I wrote most of it when I was young and the rest of it sitting in class. I apologize because I know it's annoying. It's annoying to me, too. I have gotten most of them out now. I'm considering going through and posting revised chapters… if I can figure out how to do that.

Princeton is in NJ. I have NO idea why I wrote California for two chapters. I really don't. I meant Stanford.

Jack's name was once Jake.

Dom changes too quickly/the team accepts her too quickly. I had an idea for that part originally, but I never wrote it for some reason. This has been changed. I will try and find a way to upload the revised chapter.

You want a sequel. Yes I have dabbled in one. No, you will not see it any time soon. Sorry! I'm about to move and will not be able to write or update consistently. And, to be honest, I've also gotten the realism phase out of my system and I'm back to writing high fantasy. I have a couple a major projects that are begging for my attention. But maybe if I write anything I like, I'll just throw it up here.

I have been blessed beyond reason with all of you awesome people reading my story (some of you more than once!) and responding (to every chapter?!). You rock my world. Thank you for making me smile and I'm so thrilled you've connected to and enjoyed my characters as much as I have. Even though they make you really mad. You are cooler than cheese. And that's really saying something.

Again, thank you all past and present readers! And as I will probably forget again to check the reviews, if you have something you really, really, really want me to know or answer, email or PM. Thanks!