Chapter 1

Disclaimer: Don't go looking for the cities, people, and streets mentioned in this story. All events are just coincidence and are not related or based on any facts or real life events.


"Where am I going again?"

"You are going to France to live with your mother's close friend, Anabelle La Richesse, and her husband Boris and her son Roland."

"Roland La Richesse? That is the stupidest name I've ever heard."

"Shut your mouth young lady. Allison Wonderland is not a common name either."

"Okay, okay, jeez. Gimme a break. My mom just died of overdose – gosh."

"Whatever, girl. Just get on that plane and call me when you get to Royulte, okay?"

"Gosh, okay okay. Just say it; you'll miss me!"

"Ha ha, of course I'll miss you," Alisha bear hugged Allison. " You better call me like, once a month!"

Allison laughs, "Don't worry, I'll call everyday. Your phone bills will skyrocket!"

"Well, hurry up. The plane is going to leave in 10 minutes."

"Okay, bye! I'll miss you!"

Allison boarded the plane and sat down at her seat.

This is going to be a long trip, she thought to herself.

"Mother, are we really going to have a girl live in our pool house?"

"Now, now, Roland, we have been over this. Her name is Allison Wonderland, her mother was my dorm mate and we were very close. Apparently her mother has died, and I have agreed to take her in. She will live in the pool house. She has her inherited money so she won't have to work too much."

"But mother, I thought we were getting a maid. I mean someone has to clean our attic - my artwork is getting dusty up there!"

"No, Roland, out current concern is of Allison, and you will be a gentleman to her. Understood?"

"Fine Mother. I'm going out with Elise and Zach. We'll be back at midnight."

"Fine, but remember, Allison's flight is landing at 5 AM sharp, so don't be out too long."

"So this is France," Allison looked around her in awe. She was a Cali girl but the scenery in France was so different. Yes, it was hot here too, but she had never seen such liveliness and romance in one place. But still, California was so much better than here, it wasn't as hot and sticky there and the beach was so much cooler and nicer there.

"Ms. Allison Wonderland?"

Allison spun around and saw a Greek God standing before her, with dark spiky hair, pale grey eyes and a sculpted tanned chest, standing at over 6 feet- Allison herself was almost his height. She was about 5 foot 11 inches at least. He smiled at her, "Hi, I'm Oliver Benson. I'm supposed to take you to meet Mrs. La Richesse, Mr. La Richesse, and Mr. Roland La Richesse."

"Uh... Hi! I'm Allison Wonderland, yes, I am supposed to meet the La Richesses here, but I can't find them." She blushed. She liked Oliver. He seemed nice enough.

"Yes, Ms. Wonderland-"

"No, please, call me Allison." She smiled.

"Okay, Allison, I'll take you to the La Richesses. Please follow me, and I'll take your bags." He smiled back at her.

"So, are you like the butler to the La Richesses?" Allison asked as they walked.

"Nah, I'm Avril's, Roland's cousin's, step-brother. She said that she knew Roland wasn't happy about a newcomer living at the estate so she asked me to come look over you."

"Really? I would like to meet Avril sometime. She seems nice."

"You can meet her today, if you are not too tired."

"It's okay, I slept a lot on the plane. So where are we go-"

She nearly bumped into Oliver's back and she stopped abruptly.

"Hi Mrs. Richesses. I found Allison at the luggage area and brought her here."

"Thank you Oliver, hello Allison." A woman of about 35-ish turned to face Allison. Her face was pale- but nowhere as pale as Allison's- along with dark hair in a knot with fancy chopsticks. She had sparkling green eyes and rectangular glasses. She reminded Allison of a sophisticated secretary or a strict lawyer.

"Hello Mrs. La Richesse. It is a pleasure meeting you."

"Call me Belle, and it is also a pleasure meeting you," Her eyes were warm but her voice did not reach the warmness in her eyes. "Meet my husband, Boris." A tall full-built man stepped up; he was an important looking man with his large frame and angular face. He had thick eyebrows, but not so thick they looked like unibrows. He had a laptop and 3 cell phones on him.

"Hello Allison, I have heard much about you. I am very sorry about what happened I hope-"

One of his cells rang and he picked it up, he immediately started jabbering in fluent Japanese. Knowing a bit of Japanese from her friend Emi and anime, she caught something about trading and research. She figured that he was in some research or medical business.

"And meet my son, Roland. You can call him Roy."

A young man of about 16 or 17, about her age stepped out from behind. He had dark blond hair and dark green eyes, a little taller than her; he stared at her with a look she couldn't place, either loathing or with no concern at all.

Roland looked at her and thought, So she is Allison. Why couldn't be at least a little shorter? I'm already a good 6 feet, and she is almost taller than me!

He scanned her long, shiny brunette hair. She had striking blue eyes and a slender frame. She had tanned but pale skin, which striked him odd. How can a person be tanned and still be so pale?

"Hi Roland. I guess we'll be going to school together?" She asked.

Oliver answered after a moment sensing that Roland would not answer any time soon. "Yeah, you'll be going to school with me, Avril, and Roland to Caréner Academy."

Allison thought for a minute. "Streamline Academy?"