This Guy

I was drawn to him in a moth to the flame sort of way. That's probably not a good thing, but for me, it was something.

See, I was real picky about guys I liked, and I admit, I only went for a certain type. I was into the cool nerd type, and he seemed to fit the bill perfectly.

Dan was quite a character. He drove a stick-shift, wore his blonde hair long, dressed like a nerd, and had an intellect so sharp it scared me.

I'd met him with a group of friends a long time ago. I'd taken an immediate disliking to him. Probably because he was hitting on me, and probably because I wasn't too down with that at the time.

I'd recently broken up with my ex, so I was pretty bitter to the entire male population.

After that meeting, I'd lost contact with him. Didn't hear from him at all. I eventually found out he'd been dating someone, but I guess it hadn't been too serious, because it didn't last long.

That's when I found out he was hanging with my group of friends. While, I'd been sealing myself away in my room to be a writer, he'd been slipping in and stealing all my friends away from me.

I'm not sure when it was that I hung out with him again, but it was soon after that when he confessed to me that he had a crush on my friend Kiersten. Well, that's cool. I really couldn't see what he saw in her, seeing as I didn't know her all that well.

She didn't want to date him, and turned him down. I guess I was a little sad, because I hate seeing things like that happen.

Where the line between hate and "I can deal with you now" was crossed, I have no idea. I found myself crushing on him, much to my horror.

So, I'd find excuses to talk to him on myspace, hang out more, and eventually chat on yahoo.

I heard from a few different sources that he liked me and wanted to ask me out. Well, not to discredit these sources, but I wasn't believing anything unless I heard it from him.

Man, he was so damn condescending. Like I said, his intellect scares me. He's so damn smart and always seems to think he's right. Well, no, he doesn't. This is just me getting defensive and not wanting to admit that he's right about a lot of things.

In his eyes, you're only cool if you socialize and party, because that's the definition of cool. You're a loser if you don't drive, which I don't. Heh.

That's how he is on messenger anyways. In person, he's just...awesome. His hair smells amazing and the lovely scent trails after him. He's soft spoken, yet still manages to get his point across.

The way he talks, confuses the crap out of me. He uses a lot of rarely used words and speaks in a way most teenagers don't. I like it. I'm just not used to it.

His eyes are blue-green…depending on the light and what color he's wearing, but I'll settle for blue.

He's sweet in person, kind of. And affectionate. Especially when it's just me and him standing in the Wal-mart parking lot, when he has his arms around me.

I guess he does like me. Well, he did admit that he wanted to date me, but never actually asked.

As much as I admire him, it's still a love/hate relationship, because he irritates me sometimes.

I guess when it comes to down to it though, I've fallen so hard for this guy that I know so little about.

How extreme hate can become something so vastly different…like love is beyond me. So I've stopped trying to figure it out. I'm just going with the flow here.