Stop and Think

I wanted to bring something to your attention. If you don't want to read this, you don't have to. But I hope you will. This might mean the difference between life and death for an animal.

I went shopping this morning for groceries, and on my little, crumpled up list, I needed to buy milk, eggs, and bread. Now, I'm vegan, so out of the three foods, the bread was the only thing I'd eat. The rest were for my family. I don't eat anything that comes from an animal but my family does, and I respect their choices just as they respect mine.

So I buy the bread and the milk and when I get to the egg section of the frozen foods aisle, I notice the vegetarian eggs. Usually they're placed higher up on the self were no one can see them. But today someone must have placed them a bit lower. The eggs were brown, as opposed to the normal white ones, and on the carton it said they were natural, no steroids or enhancements were injected into the bird to produce the eggs. I liked that. I still wouldn't eat them, but I knew my family wouldn't notice the difference. They'd enjoy these eggs just the same as the white ones. Plus, buy purchasing the eggs, I would have spared a chicken months of painful injections of poultry enhancements, causing the chicken to lay eggs larger than normal. The birds usually become fatter than usual as well, until their tiny legs cannot carry them from place to place. Sometimes their legs break under the weight or by the farmers' hands. They are stranded in one spot while they lay dozen upon dozen of giant eggs to be consumed, maybe wasted, maybe violating someone's house, by people nationwide. Girls, image giving birth to tons of babies twice the normal size. Ow.

Anyway, I decide to buy the vegetarian eggs, so I load them in my little basket beside the milk and the bread. And of course, before I pay, I check the price. I'll let you guess how much the vegetarian eggs were.

The regular eggs were only one euro, the vegetarian were four eighty; that's five euro with tax. I check my wallet. All I had was a five and some coins. I didn't have enough to buy the vegetarian eggs and the milk and bread. So I set the carton of brown eggs back and take the white, saying a prayer for the animals as I make my way to the checkout line.

I think the prices speak for themselves. All I'll say is that in this world, animals don't stand much of chance. We use them, abuse them, and misuse them, just like the earth we live on, as if they mean nothing to us. As if a life means nothing.

I will never ask anyone to believe in what I do or share my feelings. All I ask is that you acknowledge these animals that sacrifice themselves for us everyday. Many people assume our beautiful earth and its beautiful creatures will always be there for us. But at the rate we're going, they really don't stand a chance. Please, say a prayer, take a second, and think. Think of what you have, think of how lucky you are to have it and think of who sacrificed their time, effort, and sometimes, their life, to make what we have today.

If everyone would just stop for a moment, and think, I think we'd be much better off.