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Shift Two:
Midnight Encounters

Sukino left Koriko's house and headed towards her own, which was about three blocks away. The girl kept a good lookout with her strong hearing, sometimes darting her eyes to the left or right only to be faced with a piece of paper that's stuck the street or a cat meowing to the silvery full moon. A faint rustle was heard as she passed a group of dark green bushes and trees. She stopped and stared at the bushes; then she looked up at the trees and spotted what look liked a shadow. Her heart started to pound out of anxiety.

"It's probably just my eyes…,"she said, rubbing her eyes quickly before turning her attention back to the sidewalk. She rubbed her eyes and looked again to make sure it was just her eyes. She took six steps before seeing what actually looked like the shadowy figure of somebody to her right. The shadow grabbed her right wrist forcefully, and she tried to pry them lose from her. Sukino raised her right foot and side-kicked whoever it was and, after its grip loosened, ran for her life. 'I've got to get out of here before that person catches up with me…' An ugly thought ran through her mind.

She was running so hard that she didn't see what was ahead and ran straight into somebody and fell backwards. The shadow grabbed her left arm and raised her so that she was on her feet. Sukino struggled, using every escape technique she knew, but to no avail. The person was supernaturally strong, and to Sukino's utmost horror, bore what looked like fangish-like teeth at her. 'I'm going to be killed and eaten by a cannibal?!' she thought. Another loud rustle was heard and another figure jumped out from the shadows and into a beam of moonlight; this revealed the second person's face. It was a boy, about 14 years old with extremely dark brown spiky hair and ominous amber eyes, and he was wearing a dark navy blue, slight turtle-neck, sleeveless shirt and black pants.

"I didn't know that you mutts were still patrolling around this part of town," the first figure said in a chilling, melancholic voice.

"I'm no mutt, remember that you blood-sucking bastard," the boy in the light growled in an equally haunting voice, "and that girl is my prey, so get your hands off of her."

"P…prey…?!" Sukino said under her breath. Apparently, it wasn't low enough for the others to not hear.

"Yes, prey, to me and the hound," the first figure answered. An ominous wind suddenly picked up and ruffled the leaves in the giant tree next to them; the giant flecks of moonlight showed the first figure's face. It was another 14-year-old boy with black, slightly layered hair and strange crimson eyes. He wore a black long sleeve shirt, similar to the white shirt in a suit set, and midnight black pants.

"What are you guys, cannibals?" Sukino said, trying to wrench her arm away from the boy next to her.

"Might as well tell you, you're gonna be dead anyways." The spiky haired kid said.

"Not unless I use my vampire possession, werewolf," the first boy replied with a sneer.

"Who cares, you blood-sucking baka, just because I'm a werewolf doesn't mean I can't kill a vampire like you!"

"Werewolves…Vampires…They're real?!"

"Yeah, and this werewolf is going to have a nice meal!" The werewolf suddenly had claws and as he bared his teeth dog-like fangs were visible. He lunged at her, his claws ready to strike. The vampire got in front of her and kicked the werewolf out of the way while still holding onto her arm. The werewolf landed on all fours before rushing in again. The vampire picked Sukino up, bridal style, and started to run, and the werewolf was extremely hot on his tail. The werewolf jumped at the vampire, but was fended off; the vampire looked over his shoulder and jumped on a roof before muttering,

"Dammit, he's gaining on me; I've got no choice…" the vampire jumped down into a dark alleyway that was lighted by the silver coin in the sky.

"Given up already? You're one wimpy vampire," the werewolf said as he jumped down. The vampire placed Sukino on the ground before turning to face the werewolf.

"Wimpy my ass, you're the one that's going to run away with your tail between your legs!" The werewolf lunged and the vampire managed to push him back, but he suffered a gash to his left shoulder. The vampire came back with a punch that managed to leave claw marks on the werewolf's chest. The two fought viciously, and Sukino felt helpless just watching them. Though she knew she was going to be killed she wasn't afraid; it was as if she knew something was going to happen, something…

Fwup! Bam!

A piercing violet light crashed into the middle of the two fighters' fight, knocking both of them out and leaving severe wounds to both. The girl felt a strong wave of heat burst out in front of her. Sukino suffered strong cuts, but she was conscious enough to see the person who did it. Standing on the roof of the building to Sukino's right was a grey cloaked figure whose face was covered with a hood. The only thing that was seeable from its face was its eyes, one amber and the other crimson. The chilling stare made Sukino feel as if she had just escaped a 41 degree Fahrenheit room, barely alive. The hooded figure left the scene, leaving Sukino alone with the vampire and werewolf. She stood up painfully, her arms and legs bleeding, and stared at the two bodies lying on the ground. Though they had just come out of a blast, their chests were still heaving; their faces were calm and relaxed, which seemed unusual for people like them.

"Now what do I do with these two? If I take them home they'll kill me, but if I leave them they'll die from their wounds…" She made her decision. Grabbing the vampire and the werewolf by one of their arms she hauled them up and started to difficultly take them back to her house.

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