Not many people wake up in the morning and say that they want to be a crackwhore. That they want to live their life away from all the problems of the world. A carefree life, no worries. No fear. No pain. No suffering. Just the neverending pleasure. The only thing you care about is the drugs, and so long as you have those you have everything you need. Society tells us it's bad to be like that, because society wants us to fall into the narrow little pigeon holes it caves for us. It wants us to fail, but to suffer while we do it. To live in that state of constant pleasure is to cheat the system. You don't have to worry or care about the problems that everyone else must face.

After a while you get good enough at degrading yourself so that that's all you want to be. Because you realize that it really is society's problem, those on the down-and-out. No matter what, you really can't take the trailer park out of the girl and you realize that you're white trash, that all you ever was was white trash and that you can't escape it. Your family is white trash. You are white trash. You are going to continue to be white trash, even if you have money you'll just be white trash with money. Go ahead become the richest person alive, they'll still call you white trash.

It's not your fault though. America is a caste system. Tried and true. Where you are born is where you stay. You are born to white trash you will be white trash you will propegate white trash leaving more for the generations to follow. Get used to the pink flamingoes in front of your trailer, you can't escape them. Accept your fate now and give in, go with it. Fly with it. Enjoy it. Escape from it. But learn to live with it now because it's all you're going to be.

You are going to marry white trash. Look at what you're attracted to. Those down and out scruffy guys who can't hold a job who can't make it at all in the world, the ones that cling to you because they know that they can leech off of you for as long as they want. They've accepted the fact that that is all they are going to be and they know how to work it so that they enjoy as much as possible. They enjoy being white trash. That is what you want, that is what you are attracted to. That is what you will be spawning. A generation of scruffy shaggy meth-addicted trailer park children who will pump our gas, cook our burgers, transport our goods and provide our entertainment with the next round of Jeff Foxworthy's and Larry the Cable Guys.

And you are going to grow old raising this generation while staying at home watching your relatives beat each other down on Springer Shoving your face full of Doritos and Cheese-E-Poofs until your fat ass takes up the entire couch buying the latest fashions at Wal-Mart ugly mom jeans and luridly colorful shirts because the whole world knows that fat chicks love bright patterns. And you're going to grow up and pick up your NRA memebership card and support the right wing conservative christian movement that you swore you wouldn't when you were still young and idealistic.

Before you realized that you're never going to get out that the great promise of equality died a long time ago and that in America where you are born is where you will stay. You see it with everyone, as they slowly grow old. The reason why the republican party is the largest politcal party in America is sooner or later most of the population realizes that they are white trash. They if they look they can find their waitress cousins that will never make it past that dead end job. You're only a liberal until reality sets in. And then you realize that you are slowly but surely becoming more and more what you swore you would never be. It's natural tendency.

It's always better to come to this revaltion sooner rather than later. Give you more time to carve out your niche in the redneck world that you will eventually descend upon. Even the yuppies will retreat back to the trailers from whence they came soon enough and those precious golden retrievers will slowly become more and more the family hunting dog as you trek back to the days when your family tree had a few less branches. Better to get used to escaping the life. Find something that allows you to make enough to live your redneck life without anyone caring, without seeing anyone. Without admitting that you've accepted your fate.

Because people are shunned for accepting their fate. For giving in to society. For not rising above. For not suffering more than they had to. If people woke up and said that they wanted to be crackwhores, society would collapse because it is a society built upon findig things to better yourself ever so slightly from others. If everyone gave in to sheer base instinct the competition would be gone society would be gone and those that uphold society never want to see that happen.