My first drug experience? Laughable question really. Oh god, must go back a good thirty years. I was what? Twelve? Thirteen maybe? There's this stuff that used to be in cough syrup, don't know if it's still in there cause of all the shit that the FDA is pulling. I like my sudafed thank you very much, two decades plus of stuffing things up your nose lead to sinus problems. And Sudafed makes them better. But no, you can't buy it anymore because people use it to make meth. Let them. They're going into a self startup company with tough competition and carving a niche for themselves. These are the new entrepreneurs.

But back to the drugs. There was this stuff, dextromethorphan hydrobromide. The cheap brands were hydrochloride, hydrochloric acid is easier to come buy and cheaper than hydrobromic acid. It's technically a dissociative anesthetic. You know, the same class as ketamine, nitrous oxide, and PCP. It also does a kickass job of getting rid of a cough. And since the doses needed to achieve a psychedelic effect are in the hundreds of milligrams and the amount needed to suppress a cough is about 30 milligrams. A tenth of what you need to even begin to achieve any sort of a trip. Chugging two bottles of the syrup is enough to make you never want to ever have cough syrup again in your life. And lord help you if you buy the wrong brand. Some of them-most of them actually, have stuff like guaifenisin, which is an expectorant that will make you viciously replay your lunch. And some have things like pseudoephedrine and chlorophrenium malate both of which can kill you.

That was when I was thirteen. Fourteen I smoked weed for the first time. Took me a bit to get the hang of it, but once I did it got to the point where I was a daily stoner. Good stuff too. Once you smoke good shit you will never go back to schwagg. It's all about moving up the foodchain and getting the better and better stuff. Until you can move out and start to grow your own. Save yourself the money.

I was sixteen when I tried opiates for the first time and never looked back. There's something about that amazing wasted bliss. Relaxed and out of touch with reality. Just riding the wave after wave after wave of pleasure. Where you can't even stay conscious that's how good you feel. You have to nod out you feel that amazing. You can't comprehend the pleasure. The high. Everyone has to get high off of opiates at least once in their lives. It is an amazing experience.

People should also try acid. Next thing on my list. Came through my town, of course I had to have some. I'm not going to even try to describe it. It is amazing. The most profound experience of my life, really. It will make you question everything you know and make you see your life differently. At least that's what it did for me, as always your mileage may vary.

Then came ecstacy, then came shrooms, then came coke. Surprisingly, drinking was fairly far down on the list when I turned 18. Well, actually, when I went to college, just shy of 18. Coke, weed and the opiates-most notably Oxycontin are the only ones to have stuck with me. There's just something about the crushing and the snorting that I adore. No needles for me, I have nothing against them, don't mind getting blood drawn, in fact I go clean for a week every 54 days and give blood. I actually love needles. I just like the clean high of the pills better.

And from there I just kinda progressed down the spiral. You know, the one that always happens on where are they know where I just fall further and further until I become what I am now. Just a worn out, tired old addcit who can barely keep his life together. But you know what? I'm happy. I'm skinnier than I've been in my life,the drugs are great and just cause I live hand to mouth don't mean that I'm not living a good life. Just that most of what I make is spent. No big deal though, I'm happy like this. This is my life. Thirty years of drugs later, and I'm still alive.

I'm not a glass of orange juice. I'm not preserved from all the chemicals, the rat poison hasn't gotten to me. And I'm sitting here mixing your medicine for you. I love drugs so much I work with them. And no one knows of my hobbies. No one knows that Gregg Jones' prescription for Oxy's is forged every month and that paying three dollars a month with the prescription plan that "Gregg" has is a whole lot better than paying the almost thousand that it was cost to buy them on the street.

I pay for the drugs just like anyone else. It's not like I'm taking them away from any little old lady. It's a semi-legitimate prescription filled just like any other, signed for like any other and paid for like any other. It's what my life is-I'm just like you. I work for a living. I make my money same as you. I do everything you do. Just because I do drugs too is no reason to think me less of a person. I'm just like you.