Summer of the Lake House

If you asked me before the 'incident' happened if I ever would have seen myself in this situation my answer would have been a resounding "HELL NO"! I mean, it's not as if we were planning for something like this to happen, who plans for shit like this to happen, really? We were just out there to have a good time, hang out, drink, party, maybe pick up some local girls. I was an accident. Alright, maybe not an accident, but something like this could happen to anyone, right; it was a mistake, a stupid fucking mistake. Maybe I should go back to the beginning, tell you how we ended up in this hole because I can hardly believe it myself, it's insane, we could go to jail for this and everyone is freaking out; we're just standing here staring at the mess we made and wondering. How the hell are we going to deal with are we going to get out of it or maybe take it back somehow.....I just don't know what we're going to do.

Chapter 1: Cabin at the Lake

There are some definite perks to having a rich friend and it's during summer that we were all thanking god we were friends with Darren. Darren is one of those people that seem to be blessed with the best of everything, you know who I'm talking about, the kind of guy that has never had to lift a finger a day in his life, everything is given to him on a silver platter, and I do mean EVERYTHNG. His parents were obscenely rich, the both of them were involved in high end real estate, so Darren was alone all the time and given free reign over everything, the mansion, credit cards, cars...everything. Not only is he rich and allowed to do whatever the hell he wants but he's a star athlete on the football team, good looking, charming, and he's got the hottest girlfriend on the planet! In short, he's everything I want to be. He's my best friend but, god, sometimes I hate him so much for having everything, and it's given him one hell of an ego.

Well, as I was saying, he's filthy rich so his parents gave him their summer getaway (one of two) a cabin at the lake, about 30 miles from civilization. The four of us were crammed into Darren's parents truck because it was decided that in addition to the boat he was lugging behind us it would be a good idea to bring Tyler's jet ski along, and we had added along the way a few cases of beer and half the liquor at the beer and wine store from the last town. It was a pretty tight fit. Dominick was riding behind in his mom's car with our bags; we could hear his music from all the way in the truck.

"How long is this gonna take, my legs are going numb," I muttered shifting the box of cold beer, trying to get some warmth and circulation back into my legs. I looked moodily out of the window, it was black, totally pitch 'you're-in-the-wilderness-now-bitch' black. This really was the middle of nowhere, and it must have been around 2 in the morning. I looked at the green numbers of the cars clock, blinking to focus my sleep blurred vision. Sure enough, they glowed back at me: 2:13AM. "It's two in the morning."

"We're almost there." Darren mumbled back, sipping on his coffee and looking like the living dead. I'm sure he was regretting our all-nighter as much as I was.

"Shit," Jamie said, sliding up to look at the clock, "a few hours my ass, we've been driving all day."

"We? I've been driving the whole time. Sit you're ass back down, we're almost there, I said." He turned to me. "What's the map say?"

Jamie snorted and sat back down sulkily. "Yeah, trust Dion with the map."

I reached back without looking and punched his knee. He just snorted and stayed quiet, to tired to bother. I think Tyler had already fallen asleep by that point. Sleepily, I fumbled around on the roof of the car, blindly searching for the light. My hand halfheartedly slapped the switch and I had to blink a couple of times to get my dry eye's working again before I grabbed the map and practically tore it open. I blinked....and blinked again. Why the hell were their so many lines? Blue lines and red lines and numbers, they all swam together in a hideous squiggly mass. How were you supposed to find anything on this? It took me almost a minute to realize the map was upside down, I quickly turned it but it didn't help any when it was the right way up either. There were just so many lines. "How along ago was the last town?" I asked when I found the town that we had bought all the booze at.

Yawning, Darren shrugged, trying to keep his eyes on the road. "I dunno, maybe 40 minutes ago, and hour."

I looked back at the lines, squinting furiously, willing my brain to focus. "Um, looks like we should be ther-"

"HERE IT IS!!!" Darren announced loudly, cutting me off and waking the two in the back out of their trance. I rolled my eyes and stuffed the map back in the glove compartment. "See, what did I tell you?" He asked smugly, turning into a small trail that I probably wouldn't have seen unless I was looking for it. If possible, the trail seemed even darker than the road, with giant trees on either side that seemed to smother what little light their had been. I could see the headlights from Dominick's car in my side mirror but even that couldn't seem to cut through the utter black of the forest. It was creepy, probably even more so because I was fighting to stay awake so my mind wasn't at it's sanest at that point. I focused my attention ahead and waited for the cabin to come into view, willing my mind not to see anything that wasn't there.

The truck bounced and rolled down the tiny trail tossing us around like we were in a blender.

"Slow down," Jamie demanded poking his head into the front again.

Darren looked back to glare at Jamie. "Didn't I tell you to sit down?" He took one hand off the wheel to push the redhead back.

"EYE'S ON THE ROAD!!!" I yelled as Darren began to veer off the tiny trail and into the trees.

He snapped back to the trail and maneuvered the truck from the edge of the ditch. "Sit the hell down or get out," he snapped at Jamie, clutching the steering wheel in white knuckled hands and glaring daggers at the dark forest.

Jamie sat down loudly and the back was silent until Tyler yelped loudly.

"Wh-what-" asked Tyler in his almost-a-whisper voice.

"Stop being an ass," I said, rubbing my face with both hands.

"I'm not being an ass," Tyler squeaked in surprise.

"Not you! Jamie!" I turned around and looked at Jamie who just sneered at me with that deceptively innocent face. He had that cute baby face that people go crazy over, and being a redhead he had the typical features that went with the messy red mop: pale skin, light freckles, large bright green eyes. My mom couldn't get enough of him and treated him better than she did me. He's adorable and uses his cute, boyish face to get away with murder; it's amazing how much people will let slide when you have the right look. Even I've been known to give in...until I remember what a dick he is. But, honestly, he's 17, you'd think that his whole innocent routine should have lost some of it's pull when he reached puberty, but noooooo, he doesn't look a day over 13 so he get's to do whatever the hell he wants while the rest of us have to take the punishment. "Jamie, stop acting like a bitch."

He didn't answer and a second later Tyler yelped again. "Stop that, god, what's you're problem," Tyler moaned.

"You're face, that's my fucking problem."

Another cry from Tyler and even Darren couldn't take it anymore. "JAMIE, I SAID FUCKING QUIT IT OR GET THE HELL OUT!!!" He yelled, gritting his teeth and squeezing the wheel so tight I though it was going to snap. I was pretty angry at Jamie to but Darren just looked ready to snap and kill someone, I guess he was more tired than he was letting on. Thankfully, for all of us, the trail finally stopped and opened into a circular clearing. "Finally," Darren muttered, bringing the truck up to the 'cabin'.

I use the word cabin loosely because this wasn't so much of a cabin as a full fledged house. It was two stories tall and had that look to it. The look said the person who made it wanted it to look like an authentic log cabin but didn't actually want a log cabin, so instead it just looks like a house with logs on the outside. Not a bad look, really, but a little tacky. I guess that when you're rich you don't really like 'roughing it' so much as pretending you're roughing it. Well, whatever, I wasn't complaining; better to stay in a house with air conditioning than a leaky old cabin that's infested with half the world's population of spiders.

Turning off the car, Darren stepped outside and poked his head back into the truck. "Grab the booze, just leave everything else, we'll get it in the morning." He took the keys and ran up to the 'cabin'.

We all took as much beer and bottles as we could carry and began making our way up to the cabin just as Dominick drove up and parked his car alongside the truck. I was to busy to really notice, trying to balance five bottle of various types of alcohol (guaranteed for a good time) on the box of beer that had been crushing my legs earlier, which is really much harder than it sounds. Remember, I was half asleep, trying to keep these bottles from rolling all over the place, walking on unfamiliar sandy ground with partially numb legs....I wasn't having a good time of it, and that was even before I tried to maneuver up the stairs. Go figure, Darren's asshole parents would have had this place built with a huge flight of stairs that went one way and then turned halfway through it, haven't they ever heard the phrase 'less is more', especially when you're dead on you're feet and trying to balance alcohol up a flight of stairs. "Darren!" I yelled as he came trotting down the stairs to help.


"You're parents fucking suck." He grinned slapping my shoulder as he went past and saying something that I didn't catch. Probably an agreement, knowing him.

"Dion." Craning my head back I saw Tyler standing behind me, holding another box of beer in his thin arms. "Need some help?" He asked softly, looking barely able to hold the box he was carrying. I almost laughed and had an urge to ruffle his already messy black hair. Tyler was one of those guys that looked like what every goth kid in the world was trying to copy. Way to pale skin that's completely blemish free, large dark eye's with thick, thick lashes that gave the illusion of eyeliner and were almost always getting covered by his thick mass of shiny, black hair. And his build was almost the opposite of Darren's, Dominick's and mine. While we were all on the football team and had tall, more muscled bodies, Tyler was like a girl. Some times I wondered how we even became friends with him, Jamie I can see, because he'd just like us, only 4 times the asshole, but Tyler...I just don't know. He's a thin, reedy, soft-spoken, gothic looking guy who's a key member of the Art Club and spends most of his time either reading, drawing, or protesting animal rights. I don't know how he did it but he's one of us, it seems like one day he just popped out of nowhere, started getting on our asses about eating meat and just forgot to leave.

"Erm, no, that's alright, I got it," I assured him.

"You sure, I can come back and help." He said clutching his case tightly as it began slipping out of his grip.

Lifting my leg I motioned to the stairs, urging him to go forward. All I wanted was to get this stuff in the fridge and just pass out somewhere for the next week or two. "Just go, c'mon." I said urgently and began making my way up after him, feeling every step with my feet to make sure I had a solid footing before taking another step up. I could feel myself swaying sleepily and had to resist the urge to close my eyes.

"God, any day now," came Dominick's voice from behind me, sounding irritable from sleep deprivation.

"A little help would be nice," I muttered, mostly to myself. I didn't really expect him to come up beside me and grab the whole thing out of my hands. I was grateful though and made my way up the rest of the stairs. I didn't even bother to notice my surroundings; my vision tunneled and zoomed onto a large fluffy looking sofa just a few feet away. Without a second though I stumbled my way to the sofa and let myself fall boneless onto it. I was asleep before my head hit the cushion.

I was slow waking up the next morning. The exhaustion of last night was still fresh in my mind and I just let myself drift, half asleep, with that feeling of floating above the sofa. The sofa was really very comfortable, all squishy and soft. It felt like sleeping on a giant pillow and the sun filtering through the glass balcony door gently toasted my skin.

"Are you going to sleep all day?"

"Mmm hmm," I mumbled, not bothering to open my eyes and hoping that Tyler would get the hint and leave me to my toasting. After ten minutes I could still feel his eyes on me, drilling into my soul, and, frankly, it was creeping me out. "Don't you have somewhere to be?"

"Well, everyone else is out by the lake but I burn too easy so I'm just gonna say inside. Darren told me to wake you up and said to get you're lazy ass out there, though." He chirped endearingly, sounding way too happy for me.

I cracked open an eye and peered angrily at Tyler. The sunlight shone off his pale skin and shiny black hair, making him look even more pretty than usual, it was a little unnerving to find myself checking him out. I closed my eyes and groaned the way you do when you're about to wake up but just want to go back to sleep. "What time is it?"

"Around 2:00PM."

"Holy shit," I groaned, burying my face into the sofa. After a moment I shot up, nearly pegging Tyler in the face and smirking at the little squeak he let out, "Sure you don't want to come out?" I asked, standing up and stretching out my stiff muscles. Is there anything more relaxing than a nice long stretch after you wake up?

"Maybe I'll come out and read a book in the shade. What?"

I just rolled my eyes. "Nothing, just try to get some sun; it's not healthy staying inside all the time." Shaking my head, trying to wake up, I kicked off the shoes that I had slept in and walked sleepily outside. The sun was HOT that day, the kind of heat where you can actually feel you're skin tanning underneath it, I almost wanted to turn right around and slink back into the nicely air conditioned cabin rather than face the inferno outside.

"That's why I won't go outside," Tyler chirped smugly. I turned around to flick him off but he had already turned and was trotting away.

I turned back to head out to the lake. It was worth it to face the sun for that lake, living in the city you just don't get to see things like that to often and it was a beauty. From the balcony I could see the blue water glittering and moving in the sunlight and the guys on the dock. I won't go on and on about what we did that day because the real story started that night. All day we messed around, swimming, boating, fishing, and testing out the jet ski, hell, even Tyler came out and got in the water but quickly retreated again when the sun became to much. By the time the sun began to set we were all wishing we had done the same because our skin was red and peeling and it HURT. That was when Darren declared that he was ready to get the party started and that was the beginning of our troubles and the biggest fucking mistakes of our lives. We got out the booze and began the night the fun way, Darren got out his stereo and I'm pretty sure the music could be heard a mile away as we got drunker and drunker as the minutes ticked by. Even Tyler got in on it, though not exactly willingly at first, Dominick had to hold him down while Jamie practically poured it down his throat but by the end he was as smashed as the rest of us.

Now watch carefully because this is the moment that started it all. Darren, voice slurring so bad we could hardly understand him, suggested that we head into town and pick up some girls. Now that in itself is pretty bad, if our parents found out we would be screwed, drinking and driving, getting drunk in the first place (my parents were pretty weird about that), picking up girls and possibly getting them pregnant (also another thing my parents would crucify me for), but it's not what you would think. We got into Dominick's car, with him driving of course, and began swerving down the deserted highway with the music vibrating the car and everything within a two mile radius and all of us making loud noises that could be talking but was really just some form of drunken hurrah. You know when you're really pumped and you've completely lost you're inhibitions sometimes you just make weird screaming noises that could be interpreted as battle cries.

We had been driving for about fifteen minutes when Dominick shouted, "Look at that!" We all turned to look out onto the highway and saw what looked to be a beautiful young girl standing out on the highway holding a scruffy looking backpack. She was looking directly towards us and holding out her thumb, obviously wanting a ride. "Looks like she wants to be picked up," crowed the drunken boy.

Being the idiots that we were we all began laughing and shouting as Dominick pulled the car up beside her. Darren poked his head out of the window and I finally got a good look at her (well, as good as it could be with my perception skewed as it was) and I liked what I saw. She had smooth dark skin and looked to be Hispanic, but with oddly boyish features. Her eyes were large and dark, like a deer and her mouth was full and pink but her chest was as flat as a pancake. I didn't really matter to me at that moment how flat her chest was, I wanted her in a bad way and could feel myself swelling just at the sight of her.

"Hey babe," Darren slurred, leaning out of the window and waving. "You wanna ride." He began giggling wildly as if he had just said something incredibly clever and witty that he thought no one else would get.

The girl gave a startled pause as she realized that everyone in the car was drunk. I could see her hesitation and knew that I couldn't let her get away from me, she was to perfect, her expression, her body, her beautiful face. I had to have her. I wanted her so bad it was like a burning ache in my gut and I could see her body tensing and preparing to run as Darren and Jamie leaned further out of the window, trying to coax her into the car. I couldn't let that happen and before I knew it….

"GET HER!!" I shouted, leaping out of the car and rushing the girl. Next thing I knew everyone was out of the car (even Tyler who was so drunk he didn't even know what was happening) and chasing the girl down the highway.

When I first had shouted to 'get her' she had moved as if she had just been electrocuted and turned with astonishing speed to run. Though we were drunk most of us were athletes and we quickly overtook her, I got there first and literally jumped on her, holding the small squirming body against mine as she shouted and cursed and clawed me. The others quickly got there and held her limbs to stop the furious flailing. It was really no contest, especially with that heavy backpack on her back.

"Sssh, don't worry, baby," I murmured in her ear, holding her tight and gently placing a soft kiss against the smooth neck in front of me.

The reaction was instantaneous, her whole body shuddered and she began struggling and shouting. The husky voice sounded beautiful to my ears and apparently the ears of the other to because they began touching her, first innocently enough but it quickly escalated to full out groping.

"Let take her back to the cabin," Jamie suggested breathlessly. "We'll get caught out here."

We all murmured an agreement, picking up the furious, shrieking girl with ease and dragging her over to the car. "There's not enough room," Darren said, swaying dangerously.

"Put 'er in the back," Dominick called, staggering around to the drivers seat and popping the trunk open.

The girl screamed in anger, trying to kill us it seemed. "LET ME GO YOU STUPID FUCKS!!!! I SAID LET ME GO, DAMN IT, YOU CAN'T DO THIS!!!" She shrieked as we threw her roughly into the trunk, slamming it closed and muffling her cries that were quickly becoming shaky with tears.

My mind didn't really register that we were doing something bad, I'm not a bad person, but all I could feel was joy and anticipation and I couldn't wait to get back to the cabin. She was so beautiful and I WANTED her. If Dominick hadn't began driving I think I would have jumped out of the car and taken her right there on the highway. I was hard as a rock and the world was swimming around me, making me wonder if it was really that hot in the car or if it was just me.

The music pounded around us and we drank the time away, becoming more and more senseless as the minutes ticked by. It was by a miracle that Dominick found the trail and that we didn't die speeding down it, we were laughing insanely at the danger, urging him to do faster and when we reached the cabin Dominick and Darren nearly went through the windshield as he slammed on the brakes.

We all fell out of the car and opened the trunk, dragging the terrified girl out, despite her struggling. She was considerably weaker than she had been, probably all of the struggling and crying had taken its toll on her and she did little more than put up a token struggle before falling nearly limp into our arms. We quickly dragged her into the cabin, which is harder than it sounds when you have five drunken boys trying to pull someone up a flight of stairs.

"Bedroom over here," Darren slurred, leading the way into a smaller room that was clearly his and was dominated by a queen sized bed. I think it was the sight of the bed that was the oil to the flames because we all became animals, like a pack of wolves taking down a deer. We flung her onto the bed and began tearing her clothes off.

"NO," she cried, trying to hold on to her clothes and keep our hands off of her quivering body.

It was impossible to stop, she was so beautiful and we were just…drunk teenage boys, we quickly disposed of her clothes. I'm ashamed of what happened next, I can't think about it without getting a sickening feeling in my stomach because what we did to her was a nightmare. I only remember bits and pieces of that night but what I do remember is enough to sicken me. We all took turns slamming into her, using whatever opening was available and taking her with a punishing force that was enough to hurt anyone, let someone as thin and delicate as her. As the night passes we became even drunker and more inflamed, hurting her, hitting, biting, clawing, and we howled with excitement. The girl eventually stopped screaming, though we were to drunk to notice how still she had become. It must have gone on for hours before we passed out, but I don't really remember, I hardly remember anything about that night, at least not the details. It's kind of funny how we missed that one BIG detail.

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