Chapter Nineteen
Chase with the Cell Phone in the Blizzard
Chase Levine's POV:

"Will it hurt?" It's the only thing that I can manage to get out of my stupid mouth when I'm done kissing the guy. What's wrong with me? Why would I ask that? Maybe because it's something I'm sincerely worried about.

"Well…well…it hurts some people…Sometimes, I guess. Just trust me; it's not as bad as some people say."

Actually, I wasn't all too worried about what people say when it comes to…well…that, because all I've heard about it is from girls whispering to each other in class and not expecting me to be listening, and if it ends up coming to that, I guess I believe that Corbin could be gentle, even though it's against my better judgment. But will it even go that far? Jesus Christ… He said it didn't have to…but I'm not even sure if I believe him. And I if I don't believe that, then what am I doing here? Trust is important…

Corbin looks down at me, his deep blue eyes locking with mine and I begin shaking. I don't know why, but something about this moment terrifies the hell out of me. Shouldn't I be doing something else? Like, making sure that dad isn't beating my mother, or Devon, or ruining Christmas? Or being home, pretending everything's okay and we have the perfect family that I've always wished was a reality? And does my kitten need to be fed? What if Corbin never fed her? She could be starving for all I know.

"Did you feed her?" I blurt just as Corbin leans down to kiss me.

He blinks and his eyebrows furrow together. "What? Feed who?" He's really that dumb…or maybe just caught up this some moment that I'm freaking out in.

"I… Her… My kitten." I frown up at him and hope that maybe everything will just calm down for a moment so I have time to catch my breath.

"Yes." He grins and pushes me down onto the bed playfully. "I took care of everything. Well…Manuela did." He leans in, kisses me again, and runs his hand up my shirt slowly lifting it up my chest. God, his hand is warm. So warm and soft and – oh god! – I gasp and grab his arm.

"What?"His hand leaves me and I wish that it was still there, gently touching my chest, resting over my heartbeat and making it thud even faster.

I look to the side, avoiding his eyes. "You were tickling me…And it…tickled." I bite my lip, telling myself to just stop talking, because I'll sound a lot smoother and smarter if I do that.

"Well," Corbin laughs and licks his lips, "why don't we try tickling something else?"

"Wait, what do you mean by tha-" But before I can finish, his hands are yanking my belt free from my pants and his teeth – his fucking teeth – are all over the button as if he's going to nibble his way inside. Really, I wouldn't put it past him…. "Wait!"

He stops again, this time completely confused as he stares up at me from beneath his bangs. "What's wrong?"

"I - this…this is just going too fast and, I just… I… I don't know." I feel myself on the verge of tears and I'm not even sure if I can completely hold them back. This is just too overwhelming. This is the first time in my life that I've ever done anything that's so intense my insides feel like they're trying to strangle themselves, and I'm just too nervous. I like to think that I can maybe do this with him, but it's scaring me so badly.

There's a frown on his face as he backs away from me, giving me the space that I need at the moment. "Hey, what's wrong?" He crawls back up the bed and sits next to me, wrapping his warm arms around me in a tight hug. "We can just stop. Would that be better?" Wow, Corbin looks genuinely concerned. I don't even want to look into his eyes. What if I hurt him? Is that what I meant when I asked if it would hurt? Was I asking past the physical pain?

"It's not that I don't want to," I announce after a moment, once my breathing's slowed down and full sentences are forming in my head. "It's just going so fast and everything feels so awkward because I have no clue what I'm doing, or what to do, or even what you're doing."

He laughs. Great. Here comes another stupid, perverted, sexually related comment when all I need right now is for him to be sensitive for once... But instead, he leans in and kisses me softly on the lips, his just barely brushing over mine. I didn't see that one coming, but I have to admit that it manages to get me feeling somewhat at ease. He presses his lips a little bit harder against mine when I don't try to pull away, and I relax more, letting his tongue wander lazily into my mouth. And it actually feels nice. I think I just figured out how he was caught up in the moment earlier because I think I'm there now with him.

We fall back onto the bed and he ends up rolling on top of me. Not crushing me or trapping me, but just comfortably resting on top of me. Kissing me. And it's hot. Really hot. I can't deny it. It's the hottest moment of my life…not that I have any others to compare it to.

Again, Corbin runs his hand under my shirt and up my chest and I try not to start laughing since it honestly does tickle. But the more he touches me the less it tickles and the more it just feels…good. His hands continue touching me beneath my shirt, drawing random heated lines across my skin until my shirt rises up over my face and he pulls it free from my body.

Our lips rejoin and, after a moment of hesitating, I feel myself slowly kissing back. Here it goes. I grab his head and pull him closer making the kiss long and deep though my hands are shaking and I have to try hard to not pull away.

Corbin shifts and sits up, quickly yanking off his hoodie and then his shirt completely off his body. I stare, feeling my cheeks getting even hotter and redder. I saw him naked before, that time in the shower, but I just wanted to get out of there and didn't actually pay any attention to anything…like how his muscles are perfectly built and how he has a perfect tan even now in the middle of winter, and…and…how I just want to kiss him more.

He leans down against me again, his hands running through my hair as he just looks at me for a long moment.

"Are you okay?" he whispers into my ear, causing me to shudder against my will.

"Yeah… Yeah, I'm fine."

He runs those hands down my sides, almost playing my ribs like a piano. It's making me squirm and I'm trying not to gasp or do anything embarrassing, but I can't help it. Something resembling a moan or a whimper crawls out of my throat and I arch my back unwillingly. What is Corbin doing to me? I can't even control my own body anymore.

And apparently I'm having troubles controlling my mind too, because I find the courage to grab his face again and explore his mouth with mine, being led by some unknown force into somewhere completely new. I love it.

His mouth suddenly pulls away, starting to go places that I didn't expect, and running trails of heated passion down my neck and across my body, getting closer and closer to the dull button that's keeping my pants on. Oh God, oh shit, oh fuck!

He bites the button, grinning around it. I hear his teeth clicking on the metal and I start panicking again, knowing that this is so close to being it, but that goes away as soon as the button is undone and my pants are across the room with a faint whoosh.

I sit up and grab him, in an attempt to pull him up towards me, farther up the bed.

"What are you doing?" he asks, looking directly into my eyes and delving in deeper than anyone else has before. I think I'm starting to annoy him a little with all the pausing, but this is a legit thing to do right now in my opinion.

"Are you kidding me? I'm not the only one getting naked," I laugh and attempt to unbuckle his pants, really not wanting to be the only one without clothes. It feels too embarrassing and vulnerable. "Lay down, dummy." I laugh more and force myself to pretend that I'm not – yet again – scared out of my brain. He obliges and kicks his jeans free.

I follow his lead, helping him strip free from his underwear as he does the same for me. Once more, he lies down next to me and pulls me close. I feel safe, like nothing bad is ever going to happen again. My dad doesn't exist, and neither does Corbin's own brother. It's just us.

He kisses me again, exploring my mouth with his tongue, and I grab his face, pulling him closer, ready to go all the way. I don't know why, but something feels right about this. I trust him. I really do trust him, and I keep kissing him and he keeps kissing back and all I hope is that it doesn't end.

But a piercing ring from somewhere in my pants across the room sounds out, making me jump and pull away.

"Hey, relax," Corbin soothes, running his hands up and down mine and nuzzling his face into my chest.

"No… I should answer that. It could be my mom." I start to get up but he pulls me back against him.

"Just leave it," he gently orders, pressing his face into my chest again to lick a wet stripe across my breastbone. "What could they possibly want at this time of night anyway?"

"But… I just should…" I can't say anymore since his tongue is invading my mouth causing me to forget about my stupid phone. I still almost hate that he bought it for me. It always seems to ring at the most inopportune times…and it's normally his fault.

My mind snaps back to Corbin as his hands run down me, exploring me as a whole, and I don't even know what to do with all the feelings that are shivering through me.

I can't help crying out as his finger runs from the head of my erection, tracing a path all the way down to my ass.

"Spread your legs more," he says. "Put them over my shoulders or something."

My eyes widen as I shake my head. "No…!" It's too embarrassing, but he doesn't seem to care as he grabs me by the ankles and tosses my legs over his shoulders.

But all protests die away as his warm breath nears my entrance, followed by this wet, warm tongue.

I cry out, jerking away from him and scrambling across the bed. "What are you doing?" I demand. "That's… That's just… Don't do that."

He cocks his head to the side. "I have to get you ready somehow. You didn't want it to hurt, remember?"

"B-but… It's your tongue." I can't imagine that he'd derive any pleasure out of something like that – something so gross

Reaching to the dresser beside his bed, he pulls out a bottle of…something. He holds up three fingers and wiggles them in my face. "Then how about these? Or is that too gross for you too?"

He sounds mildly annoyed and my cheeks heat up. "I… Okay. That's okay."

But when he first touches my entrance with his fingertips, I'm not sure if it is okay. Corbin feels me tense and leans forward, pressing his lips against mine, even though I'm too afraid at the moment to respond. He works patiently, first one finger sliding in as he murmurs over and over for me to relax. Only when his finger touches something inside me that makes my whole body jolt does my body start to melt around him.

When his fingers leave me, I clutch onto him, pulling him toward me, wanting to feel him against me...inside me, even though not too long ago I thought that I would never want something like that.

He positions himself between my legs and presses himself against me, sliding in while I fight to stay relaxed.

"You okay?" He smiles once he's all the way inside me, but it's a nervous smile.

I nod and attempt to smile, but I'm hurting a little bit. I think he notices... Damn it.

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah. Don't stop."

He slowly pulls back and then plunges himself deep inside of me and I cry out in surprise. Soon I'm almost screaming his name in pure lust as each thrust gets harder and deeper. My entire mind is numb and my body's thrumming with pleasure.

I'm shuddering as I grip onto his shoulders and hiss out his name through gritted teeth, energy pulsing through me, making my whole body quiver as orgasm plows through me.

I drag my eyes from where they've hidden in my head and stare up at Corbin, my body still shaking as I watch his body move and strain over mine. He looks down at me, meeting my eyes mid-thrust and then opening his mouth to let out a long low moan.

"Oh, fuck, Chase…" he groans as he leans down to rest his forehead against my shoulder. "Fuck…"

Gasping for breath, I reach up and run my hands over his shoulders, feeling his body jerking as he comes inside me, flooding my insides.

He mumbles something in my ear, causing chills to course through me as his hot breath touches my skin.

"What?" I whisper, wanting to get up and get away…needing to think about what just happened to figure out if what we just did was okay.

"I said…" he leans back, licking his lips and looking down at me through sweat-damp hair, "that I love you." Smiling, he pulls me to him, weaving us under the covers until it's impossible to believe that outside it's snowing.

I close my eyes, take a deep contented breath, and let myself float into sleep.

End chapter.

Lain's AN: o-w and I went to Target and our cashier was so named Chase! But it was the on-drugs-insomniac-longhaired-metal-liking version of Chase. D:

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