Author's Note:

Konbanwa Miina Well I have been writing for quite some time but this is my very first shoujo-ai/yuri fanfic ever So I hope its good or to your liking. (I would've never written this to be honest till I got the nerve to after I read all these good authors writing great pieces of stories. Like Songficcer, Rune Stine, Tsuyazakura Kouyuki , Aino Derringer and etc..) I got various ideas gathered from loads of animes (ex. X/1999 aka. X TV, Ah My Goddess the Movie, Fushigi Yugi, Kannazuki No Miko check them out, their great anime/manga) and I couldn't help but fathom up this piece of work and…here it is. I hope you enjoy it. If there's any thing u want me to improve on, comments, suggestions, anything, do review I released 15 chapters so far, of course it's still on-going… because I'll be gone for a month or so due to having to go down to my uncle's place to work for him.. So anyway, without further due my story begins….

Chapter 1: The Premonition

A brown haired girl opens her eyes as she wakes up from her nightmare. Panting, she looks over to the ground to see her alarm clock broken on the floor. Her eyes shot wide open.

"Asuka," her mom yells from downstairs "Breakfast!"

Asuka quickly scrambles up from her bed and rushes to her bathroom. "AW crap this can't be happening! I'm late!"

A girl opens her eyes to find herself stranded in the middle of a city crumbled to mere blocks of stone with no buildings left standing tall in sight. The street beneath her feet is cracked in half and sways in different angles that looked like a distorted carpet. Looking around her, the sky is covered in complete darkness as black clouds began to strike out lighting and pouring out rain.

"Where… am I?" she asks, trembling and scared "Where is everyone?"

Fear strikes up her spine and her mind begins to feel lost, isolated. Suddenly an image of a familiar person flashes through her mind and she unknowingly to herself, she begins to run. Not knowing where to look, she continues to run past crumbled buildings and fallen telephone poles while turning her head to look around for that person.

Suddenly a flash of lighting hits before her and she gazes up to see a hill made of rumble with a silhouetted figure standing at the top with its back turned away from her. Hope begins to rise up her spine and she lifts up her hand, calling out to that person. But her voice was easily carried away from the disruption of thunder. An enormous lightning bolt crashes down in the distance before her, lighting up the area.

For a split second, the image of the person in front of her was clearly distinguished, as the lightning reflected on their body. Before her stood a girl wearing a large black sleeveless coat with black arm warmers covered in blotches of blood on her clothing and a sword smeared in blood in hand. The girl froze, fear arising once more from the bottom of her stomach and she takes a step back. Lightning flashes once more and this time the girl's eyes met the other. The cold blood red eyes shot at her, penetrating deep within her soul and causing her whole body to become paralyzed with fear, and shock.

Beep Beep Beep

Mion shot herself upright in bed as the alarm clock continue to ring loudly in her room. Panting and eyes wide from waking up from her nightmare, she stares at down at her bed as she takes a moment to breathe. Then turning to her right, she gently presses the snooze button on her alarm clock and turns the alarm off.

"A dream huh?" she murmurs to herself

Bringing up her hands to her view, she notices her body covered in sweat.

"What in the world happened?" she asks herself as she tries to remember the dream.

She brushes her blonde hair out of her face with her hand and holds it to the side of her head. Remembering the image of the girl standing amidst the rubble causes her to spring out of bed. Bursting through her bedroom door, she stood in a hallway and glanced to the room beside hers. She quickly slams the door open only to find no one there. Studying the room, the blanket on the bed is sprawled to one side as if someone pushed it out the way to get out of bed. Mion wonders to herself where the owner of this room was as she gazes at the ground. Suddenly she remembers the dojo downstairs. Gathering up energy she rushes down the staircase and outside the house to the open overpass like hallway leading to the dojo's double doors. Pushing the door with all her might, she continues to run as she sights a girl practicing kendo in a white gi. Relief filled her mind as she pounces in front of her and knocks her housemate over to the floor as she embraces her tightly. The shinai (bamboo practice sword used in kendo) in her friend's hand flies out of her hand and spins up in the air. It makes a thud sound as it hit the ground.

"M-Mion?" the girl stutters surprised out of her wits.

Mion smiles and gazes up into her friend's crimson red colored eyes.

"Uh… what is it?"

Mion shakes her head. "I'm sorry Sayuri, I'm just… relieved. That's all."

Confused, Sayuri stares at her friend trying to figure out what has gotten over her friend. Suddenly her eyes notice Mion's body covered in sweat and was about to scold her till her face shot into a deep red color.

"Your still in your nightwear!" Sayuri cried out hysterically and tries to get out of Mion's grip. "Oh my god put some clothes on!"

Mion giggles and lays her head on her friend's chest with her hand placed around her back, "My shy are we? You've been living with me for the past 3 years since my father brought you in to live with us" she teases.

"Well that's true, but your nightwear isn't as revealing as the one your wearing now" Sayuri said scratching the back of her head, a habit Mion knew she had whenever she's embarrassed

Mion smiles from her friend's reaction and laughs. "I'll get changed in a second…" she said sadly as she turned her head away.

Noticing Mion's sudden change in attitude, she pauses for a second before she wraps one arm around her friend's waist and uses her other free hand to rub Mion's back gently.

"What's the matter?" she asks sighing "You're covered up in a cold sweat. I know u ran here to get to me but it doesn't work up that much of a sweat. What's wrong? Got a nightmare?"

Mion nods slowly with her grip tightening around her, causing Sayuri to frown.

"A nightmare huh?" she replied and gazes out of the door to see sakura petals falling from the tree at the courtyard nearby. "I got one too, to be honest,"

"That's why you came out here to practice so early in the morning?" Mion said leaning herself up straight to look at Sayuri's face.

Continuing to have her eyes occupied with the scenery outside, she answers. "Yeah," Sayuri gazes at down at her friend and attempts a smile "So what happened? Maybe I can cheer you up or something,"

Mion stares at her friends eyes, "Your eyes aren't cold," she said, barely louder than a whisper.

"Hm? What did you say?" Sayuri asks tilting her head to the side

She shakes her head. "Nothing," Mion said chuckling "You were going ballistic in the city with a sword"

Sayuri frowns, knowing her friend too well that she was trying to shrug off the matter by joking. "Were you scared?"

Mion smiles weakly. "Just a tad bit," she said laughing nervously. Noticing Sayuri's grip loosening, she takes her arms away and stands on her feet. "Well since school is starting soon and all, its best that we both go shower so I'll take the one upstairs and you'll take the guest bathroom downstairs."

Sayuri stands up and brushes herself off. "Okay," she replies and walks with Mion down the hallway leading to the house. Before they split to go to the different bathrooms, Sayuri turns to Mion and says "Don't worry, you don't need to be scared. I'm here for you," she said her voice stern "I'm here to protect you, not hurt you." With that, Sayuri walks off down the hall leaving Mion behind in a surprised state.

Mion's face begins to heat up and a small smile appears on her face, "If only…"

- Meanwhile at the top of a hill nearby -

A girl with brown amber hair stands outside of a shrine sweeping up the sakura petals piling up in the yard. Sighing, she gazes up at the baby blue sky with white soft cotton like clouds floating peacefully in the sky. A small breeze passes by as sakura petals began to bristle off of the trees and into sweep into the town below.

"The time is about to come….isn't it?" a male voice asks behind her

Without turning around, she nods. "It is… soon. The fight between Heaven and Earth."


"He's coming soon isn't he?" he asks

She nods. "He should be here at any time now, I'm not sure when to be exact."

Mion smiles and waits patiently as Sayuri locks large wooden gate guarding the front of their household. Taking one look back at the stone brick wall that surrounds the house for further guard and making sure the lock was secure for the gate, Sayuri turns around and walks with Mion. They steadily walk towards the brick entrance of the park near their house. They both paused and waited there. Taking in the peaceful atmosphere, Mion leans her back on the brick wall and closes her eyes for a couple of seconds.

Sayuri heavily sighs as she notices her friend was late for meeting them and gazes over at Mion to see her eyes closed. Her face went solemn.

Having to live with Mion for 3 years now, Sayuri notices how much more Mion's features had matured over the time period. Mion's hair had use to be regular blonde, making her seem like an innocent child with a presence that overwhelmed any person to suddenly become filled with energy or, just happy. But now her hair was a shiny golden color that no longer made the owner look like a child, but instead a healthy full grown teenager that made her radiant. A beauty that could even rival a goddess. Her figure of 3 years ago of course, was a body of a stubby child that was pale due to the lack of never going outside is now a slender and sleek figure; that if it could speak, it would yell out "youth and beauty". For Mion's eyes, Sayuri even noticed a change, even without having to look, had grown a bright blue color like that of a crystal water color instead of a dull blue color like a diamond that had lost its shine.

As she studies her friend's features, Sayuri's mind was about to jolt back to the memory of meeting Mion for the first time until…

Mion opens her eyes as she feels someone staring at her, and found Sayuri studying her with an expressionless face. Blushing, she smiles sweetly to see Sayuri's face, who in return, turn into a bright red color and look away with her crimson eyes.

Staring at her friend for a couple of seconds, Mion was about to say something until she heard someone crying out to them a few blocks away.

"Mion-chan! Sayuri-san!"

A teenage girl with dark brown hair and eyes rushes quickly up the street waving one of her arm in the air to her friends.

"I'm sorry, did u guys wait long?" she ask panting. She bends over and leans her hands on her knees as she tries to get her breathing back to normal.

"No not too long Asuka," Mion said with a smile "Sayuri was enjoying the -scenery- while she was waiting anyway"

Heat overwhelms her face as Sayuri turns away from the two girls.

Mion smiles innocently. "How about we go now before we're late?"

Asuka nods with a huge smile on her face and holds her book bag over her shoulder. "So you guys, have u planned anything for my birthday tomorrow?" she said with a smirk

Mion chuckles. "Shouldn't those things be kept a secret?"

"So does that mean you-" Asuka was about to say until Sayuri cuts her off with a "Just wait till tomorrow. If there's something then there is, if there isn't then there isn't," and ends it with a smirk

"Ahhh hidoi Sayuri-san,"

Mion and Sayuri laughs as a shadow figure watches them from behind in the distance. Standing straight on a telephone pole with his arms crossed, the person smiles and vanishes.