There's this fluttering in my heart,

And I can't tell if it's from pain,

Or if it's from the love I feel when I talk to you,

And somehow I believe somewhere in me,

One day I'll pull through.

But for now I'm stuck with all that I've got,

The breath in my lungs, and the blood in my heart,

And bitter sweet promises from you,

To always make me smile.

For right now all I have is all I am,

A magnet for tragic news,

And doctor's words of, 'she doesn't have long to live.'

Morbid quests for body parts,

To make you part of living dead,

And a promise from a boy to always make me smile.

And I've never let so few words sweep me off my feet,

I've never let so few words from strangers change my life so much,

I never saw any of this coming,

Some for the better, some for the worse;

And no matter what happens,

I wont let this change.

When nothing else will do,

You promised me, that I'd always have you.

And you haven't lied to me yet.