The Elf, the Witch, and The Curse

Nikerym 'Ksherea

It was dark when Chaie woke up. It was also really warm, and really cozy and really wrong. Chaie flung the covers from where they covered his head and stared, uncomprehending at the pale, slender feet that were not connected to him. And of course his insanely disobedient eyes traveled up slender calves, the closer one tattooed with an intricate flower, and up bare, creamy white thighs, and he realized two things simultaneously.

His bedpartner was entirely naked. And entirely male.

And thankfully had a corner of the sheet preserving his modesty or Chaie rather thought he might've passed out. A quick glance up confirmed it – the bare chest was smooth and flat, and covered with more of that milky smooth skin. Pale blonde curls were dashed across dark sheets and Chaie suffered another crippling realization – this was his bed.

The boy was still sleeping thankfully. His face was vaguely familiar, but only a little, which didn't seem right, since Chaie may have been deep in the throes of shock but he was so not hungover. The boy's face was narrow, the chin pointed and his nose was neither pointed or rounded, but perfectly shaped, accented by high cheekbones and full lips – lips that Chaie remembered at least a little of.

The boy shifted a little – he couldn't have been more than fifteen or sixteen, which wasn't helping. The blonde curls shifted with him, revealing a single, rounded ear and Chaie just about died. Not only had he slept with a stranger, in his own apartment, but he didn't remember it, he'd slept with a kid, and worse – a human.

A human who was waking slowly, his eyelashes fluttering a bit before opening slowly to reveal a placid blue color. Chaie was distracted momentarily by the color, and then was distracted even more by the wide smile the full lips stretched into when seeing him. Okay, so the kid had appeal. But he was still a kid.

"Hello." The boy murmured, far too happy for the bad morning Chaie was having. He stretched indecently and Chaie felt a stirring that was insane and bad and totally inappropriate and of course it was a terrible time to realize that in his earlier panic he'd managed to separate himself quite well from the bedcovers.

Chaie flushed, darkly, feeling his cheeks heat far too much even as he scowled at the boy. The smile didn't falter, even as Chaie snatched the pillow from behind him – how he'd ended up sleeping at the boy's feet he didn't even want to know, because that stirred up rather horrible, terrible memories of the night before.

The human was smirking at him. Chaie attempted to glare, but didn't think it was too effective, seeing as how he was practically cowering behind a pillow. The smile slowly melted to be replaced by a thoughtful expression as the human's forehead creased studiously.

"You don't remember much, do you?" The boy's voice was rather nice, slightly husky, deeper than Chaie would've thought. "I suppose that's to be expected. My name's Luc, in case you don't remember." Luc smiled charmingly, stretching again. The sheet was this close to losing it's place covering Luc's lap, and Chaie was almost fixated until he reminded himself that Luc was a human and therefore bad.

"What the hell is going on?" Chaie finally found his voice and demanded. Luc smiled a bit wider, brilliant white teeth flashing at him.

"You broke my curse." Luc smiled happily. "Thank you, by the way."

"I what?" Chaie's eyes widened, even as Luc pushed himself into a sitting position, and he really needed to stop thinking of things like position in regards to the boy.

"It was a stupid idea anyway." Luc dismissed it, and Chaie was entirely lost. And had the feeling he was going to stay that way as Luc slipped from beneath the covers, wearing as much as Chaie was, with the exception of the pillow. Chaie's eyes fixed on Luc's hip, where a matching flower to the one on his ankle was tattooed in black ink.

Luc smiled and wandered over to where Chaie sat, rather dumbstruck. "Curse?" He managed weakly, and Luc laughed, the sound crisp and light.

"Yes, much as Angelica would've deserved it, I do need to stop trying to curse everyone who pisses me off." Luc flashed white teeth his way again, blonde curls tousled and reminding Chaie of someone freshly tumbled, and he really needed to look somewhere other than at that tattoo on Luc's hip, because the pillow was becoming seriously dented.

"Wait – you're a witch?" Chaie's eyes widened.

"You didn't seem to have any problems with it last night." Luc commented wryly, stretching again, and Chaie lost the ability to speak for a moment, even as Luc sat down again, casually relaxing against the footboard next to Chaie.

"You were cursing someone." Chaie tried to think, but it was really, really hard to. To think. Chaie lunged forward and grabbed the edge of the sheet, dragging it back and tossing it over Luc, who laughed again, bright green eyes crinkling in amusement.

"How did we get from me stopping your curse to me sleeping with you?" Chaie frowned.

"Not sure on that myself. The misdirected magics did hit you, but you didn't seem to affected, until I found myself transported here and summarily tumbled." Luc looked rather pleased. "Four times."

Chaie groaned, but he was nowhere near flexible enough to bury his head in the pillow. But Luc might be, as another flash of half-remembered images shot through his head. "Oh my god."

"You're not upset are you?" Luc blinked, a slightly bemused smile on his lips. "Or did you want another go?"

"Oh my god." Chaie repeated, his eyes widening as Luc's fingers reached out lightning quick and traced a quick streak across the tip of his ear. Which promptly made the flush die out on his face, because all of the blood in his head had given up and headed straight for his groin. And he was seriously wondering why the pillow didn't have a hole in it by now.

Luc shifted next to him, kneeling, the sheet forgotten. Luc seemed to be having the same problem he was, except for the part where he thought it was a problem obviously, as he practically crawled into Chaie's lap and kissed him rather hotly on the mouth. Chaie made some sort of noise – he wasn't sure if it was a protest or a moan himself, it came out as an 'mmm' – as Luc massaged the pillow with a knee, which liked that so much it massaged Chaie's groin in turn.

Luc's tongue was in his mouth and Luc's fingers were in his hair and twitching towards his ears again, and Chaie almost didn't care that this was totally improper, just itching to do something to Luc that he would remember, and hopefully surpass what he didn't remember.

And then he remembered himself.

Luc looked rather put out, sporting a rather solid erection, even as Chaie pushed him away, managing to knock the witch onto his back, blonde curls flouncing in a most appealing way. But Chaie was up and around behind the headboard, hiding and he'd admit it to anyone but Luc. The pillow had been lost and Chaie momentarily mourned it, even as Luc blinked dark violet eyes at him, breathless in a most alluring manner.

"Are you sure you're not some sort of siren?" Chaie mumbled before he could stop himself, and Luc laughed, still a bit breathless – and good lord was that a hickey?

"Didn't your mother ever tell you to finish what you started?" Luc asked, bright purple eyes framed by long lashes and Chaie didn't need the color to tell him Luc was horny. Little Luc was proclaiming it rather proudly.

"My mother told me to never voluntarily go near a human, let alone a witch." Chaie snapped, frowning even as he said it. He never had liked his mother much…

Luc frowned back, then shrugged, rolling easily from the bed. "Where's your shower?" Luc asked, his tone slightly frosty, and Chaie felt bad for a moment.

"There." Chaie pointed. Luc nodded, walking past Chaie towards the door Chaie had pointed at. Chaie almost, almost squeaked as Luc trailed a hand across his lower back, and he realized belatedly that he was naked on that side too.

"If you change your mind, you know where I'll be." Luc smiled, leaning up and kissing a pointed eartip softly before turning and leaving the room, his hips swaying softly, and damn if that didn't hurt Chaie's eyes as he forgot the meaning of the word 'blink' in his quest to stare.

Chaie sighed, and stared at the wreckage of his bedroom. Luc's tale was believable, the way the room smelled and the fact that there was an empty bottle of lube that Chaie knew he'd never touched before on the floor by his foot. With a sigh, he quickly stripped the sheets, petting the lost pillow forlornly before piling it with the others at the head of the bed. He grabbed a pair of boxers and slipped them on, relieved only a bit to be clothed, however uncomfortable the erection actually made that.

He neatly stacked Luc's clothes on the bed, hearing the shower start up from the other room, even as he collected his own lost clothes from last night and piled them with the sheets. The room smelled of sex. And Luc. Who was right in the next room, wearing absolutely nothing and was absolutely willing to have at least another round with Chaie. Who was too stubborn to get over his mother's prejudices.

Chaie sighed and flopped back on the bed. He'd apologize. But then Luc would have to leave. The witch was too damn fuckable. Which was a bad thought when he was trying to be compelling in making Luc leave but not with bad feelings. Which was odd because normally he didn't give a shit what humans thought about him.

Chaie sighed, relaxing against the pillows. If Luc was right, they hadn't gotten too much sleep last night, which would explain why he was so cozy where he was, on a sheetless bed. It only took a few moments of idly listening to the shower run before Chaie dozed off.


Luc sighed, shutting off the cold water and reaching for the fluffy blue towel that was hanging nearby. It wouldn't take too long for Chaie to come around or threaten his life, once he realized what had inadvertently happened when he'd broken Luc's curse. Or kill him, the elf did seem to have that aggressive edge to him, but it only made him more hot in Luc's opinion.

Luc dried off quickly – the sooner he got back to his tower, the better. If only Chaie hadn't turned out so close-minded, this would've been a whole lot more fun. Luc wrapped the towel around his waist, fingers dusting casually over the tattoo of a large Lily of the Nile that decorated his hip, and Chaie's, though Chaie had apparently not noticed it yet.

Luc smirked, fluffing his hair a bit – it was thick, so it tended to take a while to dry – even as he stepped back into bedroom to fetch his clothes. Chaie was stretched out on the bed, the sheets piled in a far corner, but the room smelled of sex still, and the cold shower hadn't really worked all that well.

Chaie's hair still mussed, and sticking up in spikes at random spots, a rather bad but cute case of bed head. The silver eyes were shut, and it appeared that for all intents and purposes, Chaie was asleep. Luc smiled widely, walking quietly to the bed and sitting gently next to Chaie.

"You're going to hate me." Luc whispered, tracing a cheekbone. "But that's okay. You know where to find me, I won't hide." Luc smiled, slightly bittersweet even as he traced an elegantly tipped ear. Chaie shifted restlessly, and Luc pulled his hand away reluctantly, brushing a quick kiss to Chaie's cheek before grabbing his clothes and whispering the spell that took him back to the tower.


Chaie only lasted three hours. Which was actually rather admirable, Luc thought, even as the pressure in his chest slowly dissipated as Chaie approached. Luc could feel him before he heard him, could hear him before he saw him and wasn't too surprised when Chaie's face was lit with anger as the elf burst into the room.

"Chaie." Luc smiled, pulling off his glasses.

"What the hell did you do to me, witch?!" Chaie demanded, scowling.

"I didn't do anything." Luc's smile slipped. "Sit."

Chaie scoffed. "I guess my mother was right then? Witches are terrible creatures." Chaie mocked, his tone stuffy. Luc rolled his eyes.

"It's not my fault. At least not entirely." Luc sighed. "Do you want to listen or do you want to yell?"

Chaie scowled, but took a seat. Luc smiled in return, eyeing the spikes of Chaie's hair and remembering the silky smooth feeling of running the short spikes through his fingers. "Well?" Chaie demanded, looking less than pleased.

Luc sighed. "It's a binding. The curse you broke, well it's not very amenable to being broken. I took the brunt of it, but you still got hit with some of it."

Chaie didn't speak for a moment. "Fix it."

"I can't." Luc frowned. "I don't know how it warped, what with me being a witch and you being an elf."

"So what, we're stuck in each other's proximity until the end of time?" Chaie frowned.

"I'm not malevolent, Chaie." Luc chastised. "It was only supposed to last a week."

Chaie frowned. "Alright… but I can't stay here, you'll have to come with me."

Luc frowned back. "I may be just a petty witch to you, Chaie, but I do have my own things to do."

"It's your fault." Chaie countered, frowning. "And I never said you were pretty."

"It's more yours, for breaking into my spellcasting." Luc said, quirking a grin. "And you've said that I was pretty very many times." Luc smirked.

"And how is it that you remember last night and I don't?" Chaie demanded, his cheeks turning slightly pink.

"The magic affected you more deeply." Luc sighed, running a hand through his hair. "Did you want to hear the details of the curse?" Luc asked, his smile returning.

"I guess." Chaie frowned.

Luc stood up, and walked around the desk. "Come on, then." Chaie frowned deeper, but Luc paid it no mind, heading into the study that was attached to his office. "Want a drink?" Luc offered, grabbing a bottle of whiskey from the drink bar.

Chaie sighed, and walked right up next to him and grabbed a bottle of scotch, and a tumbler from the top of the neat pyramid of glass. Luc followed suit, grabbing a crystal clear tumbler as well and following Chaie to the couch by the wall.

Luc took a burning hot shot of whiskey before starting to talk. "You've met Angelica, right?" Luc asked, slightly amused as Chaie gulped down half his glass of scotch.

"Yes." Chaie made a bit of a face.

Luc smiled, pouring himself more whiskey. "Well, she's been harassing me about helping her magically find her 'one true love'. It's rather irritating, and she expects me to do it for free to." Luc looked annoyed for a moment, sipping at his whiskey. Chaie smirked at him, silver eyes dancing with amusement.

"Anyway, yesterday she came in here with brother dearest. Did you know Angelica's adopted by the Lachettes?" Luc threw back the glass, swallowing his whiskey, but setting the glass down next to the bottle.

"Really." Chaie looked amused again, and Luc made a face at him.

"It's not funny. Anyway, I gave up, but told her I was sending her a bill." Luc smirked. "She was a bit upset until brother dearest footed the bill. But still, I hate when people use their influence that way, so I decided, yes, she'd find her one true love. But she wouldn't be able to leave his side for at least a week, if not longer." Luc sighed, rubbing his forehead. "And then you broke my casting circle, and the spell rebounded on us."

Chaie frowned. Luc waited patiently, he didn't think the elf was that stupid.

"But wait – shouldn't we have gone our own ways after that? To our one true loves, or whatever?" Chaie asked.

"We did." Luc smiled, deciding another shot of whiskey was called for as Chaie blinked, rather stunned.

"Oh my god." Chaie finally managed. "I'm bonded to a witch?!"

Luc laughed. "Rather securely. Though it'll only take a week to wear off, if you're that put off by it."

Chaie didn't answer for a long moment, and Luc practically held his breath. Finally Chaie turned to him and scowled. "Oh fuck it." Luc had about two seconds to smirk before Chaie grabbed the front of his jacket and kissed him breathless. "I think I'm due a weeks vacation anyway." Chaie muttered, in between bruising kisses and trying to get Luc's shirt away from him.

Luc laughed, slightly breathless. "Me too. I wonder where we'll go?" Chaie scowled, and kissed Luc hard again, effectively quieting him even as Chaie wrapped his arms around Luc's torso and teleported them back to Chaie's bedroom.

"Oh, here again?" Luc asked, freeing his arms to run his hands through Chaie's spikes and then onto Chaie's ears. Chaie practically collapsed under the twin assault on the sensitive ridges.

"Have- have a complaint?" Chaie panted, his hands tracing along Luc's shoulders.

"Not a one." Luc smiled, and Chaie finally smiled back.