The Witch, the Elf, and the Wedding

Nikerym 'Ksherea

Chaie had been at the party for an hour when he spotted the familiar golden color. Luc's hair stood out wherever he went, much like his chameleon eyes and well, those legs.

But Luc wasn't supposed to be here, Luc shouldn't be here, because this wasn't a party where a witch would venture lightly. And Luc hadn't mentioned he was coming earlier when Chaie had let him know where he'd be.

Chaie frowned and slipped away from the young elflet his mother had dumped on him ten minutes past, slipping through the crowd of elves and the occasional dragonet towards the elusive blonde, who was heading in entirely the wrong direction for anyone's health.

Somehow, however, Luc managed to get to the center of the room, where Chaie's mother was speaking in low tones with a set of gentlemen Chaie recognized as the entire board for a prominent magic supplies company.

As Chaie watched, horrorstruck, Luc gracefully cut into the conversation, drawing Adele's attention to him.

Adele's features sharpened in distaste, as Luc's hairstyle - an odd thing that pulled his curls back rigidly and let them tumble down his neck freely - did nothing to disguise the rounded ears that proclaimed him human quite obviously.

But then her face softened. Chaie stared as she flashed her smile at Luc, turning her back on the board members, a few of whom looked affronted. Adele easily took Luc's arm and allowed the young witch to guide her over to the side, where there were soft couches and chairs set up for casual conversations.

Chaie stared. Then stared for a moment more before heading to the bar. Luc had some explaining to do when Chaie got his hands on him. But meanwhile it was time for some subtly applied eavesdropping.

Chaie fetched a bottle of scotch, a pair of tumblers, and an empty-headed elflet. and took the couch behind the one where Adele and Luc were chatting amiably, pouring two large glasses of scotch and settling in.

"... but will it work?" Adele was saying, her voice dubious, and sharp.

"Of course. I'm very good at what I do, ma'am." Luc answered easily, without malice.

"You did come highly recommended." Adele replied, her tone slightly snobbish. "A wonderful job with Angelica Lachette."

"Thank you." Luc answered, and Chaie had to stifle a laugh, even as he made sure his cover didn't get her hands under his clothes. The brunette pouted, but Chaie didn't pay any attention, pouring her more scotch.

"How long would it take?" Adele questioned. Chaie sighed, scowling at the brunette as she tried to climb into his lap.

"A few days. It depends on how you want to administer it, and how long you want it to last." Luc answered, and Chaie could see his smile now - it was nothing like the brunette's sharp smile and Chaie decided the pretense wasn't worth the aggravation and shoved her away completely. She scowled, then sniffed, grabbed the scotch bottle and stalked off.

"Long enough for him to get married." Adele said viciously. Chaie blinked. Then his eyes widened and he realized what his mother was up to.

"A few months then?" Luc asked, and Chaie realized that, no Luc didn't know who his mother was.

"Six should do it." Adele decided firmly. Chaie wanted to die. No, wait, he wanted to shake his mother. And kiss Luc, but that was a secondary thing right now.

"Alright." Luc paused. "I can draw up the figures for the different forms of it tomorrow for you." Chaie frowned.

"Here's my business card, just send it to the magic box listed it." Adele answered, with a crisp flick of paper accompanying her words. Chaie wanted to murder his mother - attempting to get him married! Probably to that noxious girl she'd shoved at him earlier.

"Pleasure doing business with you." Luc answered, in that smooth tone of voice that always meant he was planning something spectacularly great. Chaie had heard that tone of voice a lot. It was a good tone of voice.

"Oh, indeed." Adele agreed with a hint of laughter. "Enjoy the party." Chaie heard her get up and the click of heels that meant she was walking away.

Luc smiled, tracing the glittering writing on the business card. "Stop sulking."

"I'm not sulking." Chaie answered petulantly.

Luc smiled a bit wider and stood up, joining Chaie on his couch. "That was your mother then? She didn't seem too terrible."

"She wants you to do what now?" Chaie changed the subject, scowling at Luc, whose bright green eyes glinted, amused.

"Make a love potion. For her wayward son who won't marry or show any interest whatsoever in the young women she wants him to marry." Luc answered, his eyes flickering brighter. Chaie frowned.

"You're not going to make it, right?" Chaie asked a moment later. Luc smirked.

"I don't know..." He answered, pretending to think about it. "She's willing to pay an awful lot."

"That's not even funny." Chaie snapped, scowling. "I hate these things." He announced and shoved himself up from the couch. Luc blinked, startled a bit.

"Let's go then." Luc answered easily, standing up. "I was only here to meet Adele."

"Why didn't you tell me you were going to be here?" Chaie demanded, falling into step next to Luc, heading for the balcony.

"I didn't know until too late. She called a bit after you left." Luc replied, his eyes a dark blue.

"Oh." Chaie stomped out some of the sullenness that was threatening to make him fight with Luc. He didn't want to fight with Luc.

"I didn't know she was your mother." Luc touched Chaie's arm to get his attention. "Until she gave me her card."

"Oh." Chaie sighed. "You're not very nice to me." He informed Luc dryly. "What are you going to do?"

"I don't know." Luc admitted. The balcony was deserted, so Chaie had nothing to stop him from slipping his arms around Luc's waist and pulling the witch close.

"You can't be thinking of doing it." Chaie scowled, tightening his grip. Luc smiled.

"No, I'm not going to do it. But if I don't, she'll find another witch to do it, and slander my name at the same time." Luc slipped his cool fingers around Chaie's neck.

"Oh. Right." Chaie frowned. He needed a way to get his mother off his back for a while. Well, forever would be lovely.

Chaie blinked. Then smiled slowly. It would solve their dilemma quite nicely. Hopefully Luc would agree...

"What if we got married?" Chaie asked, then wanted to take the words back as soon as they left his mouth. That wasn't how he meant to ask.

Luc stared.

"Luc?" Chaie tried. Luc blinked.

"That would help, how?" Luc finally asked, his skin a bit pale and his eyes flaring a pale grey.

"Well, um, you get me married. And I'm married, to the person I... love. So my mother can't make me marry and I well, I get to be married to you." Chaie answered, losing his cool rapidly.

Luc stared at him for a minute. "You want me to marry you."

"Yes?" Chaie asked hesitantly.

"And this is how you ask me?!" Luc pushed him away, scowling as his eyes turned dark red.

Chaie scowled back. "I know! It sucks because we're out here and I didn't do it properly, but Luc, I don't do things like this!"

Luc glowered at him for a moment, then sighed. "You could've made it a little better."

"Yeah." Chaie muttered. "I'm sorry."

"Whatever." Luc muttered and grabbed the front of Chaie's shirt and pulled him back close. "Is that a new cologne?"

Chaie blinked. "What?" His arms wrapped easily around Luc.

"You smell different. Kind of... girly." Luc wrinkled his nose, then smirked, blinking bright green eyes at him. "Maybe, like that girl you were trying to hide yourself behind on the couches?"

"You saw that?" Chaie's eyes widened. "You weren't supposed to see that."

"I wasn't, was I?" Luc smirked.

"That was so my mother wouldn't notice so much." Chaie tightened his arms. "I swear it meant nothing."

Luc blinked. "I'm not stupid Chaie."

"I swear it didn't - are you laughing?!" Chaie demanded crossly as Luc's shoulders shook.

"Crying. Crying." Luc attempted, but his eyes were bright green and there were no tears, so Chaie was obliged to not believe him.

"I don't like you." Chaie sighed, and decided that the balcony was far to exposed, teleporting them back to his bedroom.

Luc smirked. "That's not what you were saying last night. Or this morning. Or this afternoon. Or before you had to leave to go to the party. Or-"

Chaie rolled his eyes and kissed the babbling fool before he could list anything else.

Luc just smiled, wrapping his arms around Chaie's neck again and pulling him closer.

"That was not a fair warplay technique." Luc whispered, slightly breathless a moment later.

Chaie just laughed and pulled out Luc's hair clips, letting the blonde curls free before he tumbled Luc to the bed.


Midmorning and Luc was pondering the glittering card set in his 'to-do' pile. He still didn't know what to do about it - Chaie's proposal still stuck in his head. It was probably a spur of the moment thing anyway, and Chaie hadn't meant it.

Luc sighed and settled in, shifting to find a comfortable spot in his chair, intent on getting some work done before tackling Adele's request.

Two hours later there was a delivery. Which wasn't that odd, he ran a spell crafting business, there were lots of deliveries going in and out. But never three dozen butter yellow roses, in an ornate crystal vase and a bright white card penned with calligraphy.

Luc opened the card slowly, even as the delivery dwarf stared at him oddly before scurrying back out.

Master Chaie d'Laithe cordially invites you to dine with him this October 17th at 1 o'clock pm, at the restaurant Michael's.

It was signed by Chaie too, and Luc couldn't help the smile. Luc put the vase on his desk, where it blocked the view of the glittering business card, and planned what to wear.

Michael's was a high scale restaurant that catered to the high class magical creatures of the world. It wasn't uncommon to have a demon serve you, or to dine with dragons at the next table. It was highly successful, serving a good deal of oddities that catered to every tongue, humanoid or no.

Chaie was already waiting for Luc when he arrived, only three minutes late and that was because he'd decided at the last minute that he didn't like the shirt he'd been wearing, exchanging it for a soft grey one that was much nicer.

Chaie pulled out his chair for him, teased a loose curl quickly and sat down next to him, rather than across from him.

"Yes." Luc blurted before Chaie could even open his mouth.

"What?" Chaie blinked. "Hello to you to?" He offered.

Luc smiled a bit. "You didn't have to do this."

"Yes I did." Chaie disputed. "I wanted to do it right."

Luc smiled brightly, his eyes a dazzling blue green. "I liked the flowers."

"Me too." Chaie smiled. "You'll have to bring some home with you."

Chaie actually fidgeted in his seat, about to say something until the waiter distracted him momentarily. Luc let Chaie order, never having actually been to this restaurant before. Though he admonished Chaie to not give him anything elvish, since they tended to eat insects far too often for his liking.

"Chaie." Luc smiled. "I did say yes." Chaie was actually fidgeting in his seat.

"So I don't have to do the knee thing?" Chaie asked, and Luc laughed at the expression of relief on Chaie's face

"No, you don't have to do the knee thing." Luc smiled.

"Have I mentioned how much I adore you, lately?" Chaie asked, and Luc laughed again. "Did you want to see the ring?"

"You got a ring?" Luc asked, wide-eyed.

Chaie shifted a bit. "Well, yeah. Isn't that how it works?"

Luc nodded, then smiled widely. "So?"

Chaie fumbled at his pocket for a moment before managing to pull out a little velvet box, dark red and perfect.

Chaie took the ring out of the box. "It's probably not going to fit, I have no idea what size ring you wear."

"But you know how big my hands are." Luc countered, taking the ring gingerly.

Chaie smirked. "Yeah, but it's an approximation. Try it?"

Luc glared a little. "I'm admiring, give me a minute." The ring was gorgeous, Chaie had taste at least. A gold band, set with a pattern of blue and clear stones that glinted in the restaurant's light.

"It's beautiful." Luc pronounced after a moment, slipping it on his finger. It was a bit loose, but nothing terrible. "It's fine."

"I guess I do know your hands." Chaie pronounced, then flushed a little as the waiter set down their drinks.

"What do you think for the wedding?" Chaie asked as soon as the waiter had scurried off.

"I don't have any particular thoughts." Luc answered slowly.

"No big, romantic thing with lots of relatives and cake?" Chaie asked. Luc scowled.

"No. My relatives are sucky. Who would you invite, your mother?" Luc sniped.

"Yes." Chaie answered solemnly.

Luc raised an eyebrow. "How about a justice of the peace?"

"Today?" Chaie asked. "Then you can tell my mother you've fixed her pesky little problem with marrying her son off and charge her for it." Chaie smirked, a little too excited.

Luc laughed. "I think I'd be a bit busy. We need a honeymoon."

Chaie opened his mouth, looking smug. "And not your bedroom either." Luc cut him off.

"But it's nice, it's comfortable, and it's not like we'd be seeing sights elsewhere." Chaie whined.

"I can still get you on your knees here." Luc threatened. "Don't make me make you beg."

The waiter dropped the bottle of wine, and Chaie cursed as his pant leg was soaked.

"Well, shit." Luc muttered, ignoring what the waiter had heard him say that made him drop the wine.

"My pants are ruined." Chaie snapped, scowling at the dark red stain that was spread over the side of his light grey slacks. The waiter stammered an apology, but Chaie just scowled, even as the manager made his way over quickly.

Ten minutes later and Luc was dragging Chaie down the sidewalk, his ring glinting conspicuously in the sunlight.

"You didn't have to be so mean." Luc scolded, but he was smiling a bit.

"I wasn't mean." Chaie sulked. "He ruined my pants."

"Then fixed them." Luc pointed out. The waiter had fixed them. Why a healer was working at Michael's, Luc didn't know, but he'd healed Chaie's pants before they'd left.

"Yes, but still. They were ruined for a while." Chaie defended.

Luc laughed. "Here."

"What's this now?" Chaie asked, bemused as Luc pulled him into a little office, past the sign quickly enough that he didn't get a chance to see what it said.

"This... is a Justice of the Peace's office." Luc smirked.

Chaie gaped. "But we haven't picked out our honeymoon." He protested, but followed without hesitation.

"We can figure it out later. Or try my bedroom for a change." Luc answered with a smile. Chaie smirked, wrapping his arm around Luc's hips.

"Hello, can I help you?" The young woman behind the desk asked cheerfully.

"We'd like to get married." Chaie announced. "Now, if it's possible."

"We have an opening at two." She smiled. "Another couple couldn't make it. Hold on, let me find the paperwork."

Luc smiled. "Do you want to call your mom or do the honeymoon first?"

Chaie accepted the forms with a smile to the receptionist. "Honeymoon first. How would you like to talk to your mom right before we go?"

"Besides which. You don't have the patience to wait that long." Luc added knowingly.

Chaie scowled. "I do too. I just... don't ever have to."

Luc laughed and pulled the clipboard from him. "Come on, let's get this part over with. Then we can get to the good parts."

Chaie brightened. "It's like the cursed week all over again. Except legal."

Luc laughed again. "Right. And we could leave each other's sides if we really, really had some pressing need. Though I can't honestly think of anything that would be dire enough."

"Good." Chaie said decisively, and peered over Luc's shoulder. "Do you need help?"

"Actually, no." Luc smiled and let loose a quick spell. The blanks filled in with blue ink quickly. "I don't like paperwork."

Chaie stared. "That's all right?"

"Yeah. It's a neat spell." Luc beamed. "I invented it."

Chaie smirked. "I knew you were inventive."

"Oh, I'm very inventive." Luc drawled. "But that's later. This now."

Chaie sighed. "I could teleport us-"

"No!" Luc cried. "Bad idea."

"What?" Chaie frowned. "How?"

"It's almost one-thirty. We're going to be presentable at our wedding at least." Luc scowled.

Chaie sighed. "Alright."

The wedding didn't take long, luckily. The couple who went before them hung around and witnessed the event for them, and the Justice of the Peace turned out to be a witch who had schooled with Luc.

So it was only an hour later that Chaie got to teleport them out of the little room the ceremony had taken place in, a copy of the wedding certificate tucked into Chaie's jacket pocket.

Chaie had been working on his teleporting techniques. He managed to get them horizontal and on the bed the first second they were in the room.

Luc laughed, but not for long. He was soon distracted with other things. And stayed that way for a good while, a sparkling business card lying forgotten in his office.