AN: if 'she's not breathing' is reading this can you try and explain what you meant by your last review in 'Lobotomy.' i didn't quite understand.


Baby atoms like to know

whether they can grow into a plague.


Nursery rhymes are redefined

to greet Santa Claus who died-

you know you didn't cry- of cardiac

attack. Jacked. The tooth fairy- ever so merry-

didn't come because of the gum

which was blown into a brace.


So simple solution- we sit down to grace.

Problem is- you're an atheist.

You see, reason keeps the earth

a-bound. It's all been proven

and found, to keep the lines of our

palm trees rooted deep, dug

and made smug into the ground.


For when the truth comes up-

we can all be grounded.