america the ageless

she was built on a foundation of glass,

those delicate ideals.

she was marred once or twice,

by humanity's tainted mark.

she received a roof of pure, solid gold,

for all the hardship she endured.

america the proletarian

she was the prosperity of greatness,

though she fought to escape its reputation.

she modified and reformed the success,

until it was of her own creation.

she played with the best of them,

surprised them all.

america the prodigy

she made her people proud,

before she was at the top.

she started to falter in respect,

when she was crowned ruler of the world.

she discovered the concept of entitlement,

began to think she knew it well.

america the elitist

she keeps her heritage,

no matter how much is forgotten.

she retains her beauty,

regardless how it is hidden.

she is still a land of freedom and liberty,

her oppressive despots cannot hide it.

america the ageless