Is there ever a place for us

Those whose lives have stalled before their eyes?

A cast-off from life's little plan

The extras in the backgrounds

The people who won't even make the credits

Of the movies that are other people's lives

Lost in the stares of a thousand faces




Obsolete by the ways of the new

Advanced by the ways of the old

Degenerate by modern society

Prometheus by civilizations past

Ambiguous, yet clear

Where does that us, leave me?

Lost in the middle of everyone

Unable to be recognized from the masses

And yet, still able to be judged

Looking down their long noses

Decided that they decide who the extras are

Who chose you among everyone to decide if I am worthy?

I live for a reason

Why create flesh and life to serve no purpose?

I am not nothing

And I am not anything

I do not know why

Purpose and clarity avoid me

Objectivity lost to my thoughts

I cannot explain it

It is a mystery

But the fact remains

We just exist

The leftovers from overestimation

Accidental, perhaps

Incidental, possibly

But still alive


Left to wander while others thrive

Is there ever a place for us?