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It was late in the afternoon and I was sitting at the bleachers looking at the field. It was cold and the wind kept blowing my hair in my face.

Curse this long hair!

It was almost dark and the street lights suddenly flickered on.

I was bored and my computer didn't seem to entertain me anymore.

I sighed to myself.

This is so boring!

Ever since I moved from my dear little town of West Grove to a huge city of Kingsville my life has been a big bucket of boredom.

Yes, place for kings indeed. You have to be rich to live here. Loaded. Gots to have the Benjies!

I think you get my point. It would be my first day of school at Kingsville High tomorrow. I haven't met anyone yet. I'm not a social person. I just don't like it when someone looks at me. I get very self-conscious. I go crazy thinking about what you're thinking.

I had a skimpy little windbreaker and a pair of jean shorts. I regretted leaving the house like this. It was way to cold. That's the difference between Florida and Texas

West Grove is Orange County. Literally it is. It's all Orange groves. Its right at the very tip of Florida. It's always sunny and never gets to cold. However there's Kingsville. It grows Oranges but not as much as the 1# citrus county in the United States( West Grove). It's at the very edge of North Texas. Right at the top. Its like one day its as hot as an oven then its so cold so can see your breath.

As I was saying, I went for a walk around the town err…um city and ended up over here. The gate was opened and I just gave them my Membership card. There were football fields, basketball courts, golfing, swimming, and other stuff these rich people and their spoiled kids at clubs would do.

I should introduce myself. You probably are trying to fit the pieces together. My mane is Casey Collins. As I told you I'm from West Grove and moved to Kingsville.

Kingsville needs citrus. They need it cheap. Oranges cost three dollars per fruit! That is expensive. Since we grow so many oranges and citrus even during winter my dad decided to take advantage of this. We were going to become rich it was the perfect plot. We move the company over here take our scientists and such. Then we sell the citrus and became even more millionaire-ish.

So now he's one of the richest guys in this town…err um city. He and our family are 'it'. That's why we can go to the exclusive resort clubs, exclusive restaurants, and anything else exclusive.

I admit its fun to go anywhere you want.

Maybe I can start a new life.

I've always been homed schooled and tomorrow's the first day that I will be going to a school. A private one though. I've always been home schooled because of religious reasons. My family were very strict Christians. No cursing. No talking, thinking or doing sex. That goes the same for alcohol and other taboo subjects. That was because of my step-mom. My real mom died when I was two months. So when my dad remarried the overly religious Kathy she decided that school was bad for me.

When they divorced which was about three months ago my dad married a stupid-blonde-woman named Wren. She's two years younger than my brother! She's 25!

So of course she's lacking a brain. Wren couldn't teach me a thing she decided to send me private school.