I was too excited to sleep in my cozy little Spongebob sheets and my favorable warm queen size bed. I snuggled into my teddy, Mr. Snuggles. I sighed thinking on how great school would be. Tomorrow would be the first day . I would meet new people and know what it's like. All the stuff I understand about school comes from T.V. But I'm thinking not everyone sleeps with each other and drinks that much.

I woke up to the sound of my alarm. I quickly got out of bed ,well fell out of bed and landed right on my face. That didn't stop me though. I quickly ran to my bathroom. Yes I have my own bathroom. It's spacious. The sink is white and the floors are checkered just the way I wanted it. The tub is my favorite part of this whole shebang . I have massaging water jets . It can fit six people. I have my own balcony too.

So anyway I quickly showered and washed my hair with my favorite vanilla shampoo.. I wrapped myself in my favorite towel ,SpongeBob of course. The brushed my teeth with orange-flavored toothpaste.Then I walked back into my room. I already laid my clothes down on my dresser. Black long-sleeved v-neck T-shirt-shirt, and a pair of hip hugger jeans. Over the T-shirt-shirt I was going to wear a pink shirt . I was going to sport a pair of pink and black converses.

I changed quickly and realized I didn't turn off my alarm clock.

" Cass! Turn off that damn thing!," Wren yelled from downstairs.

" Yes Wren!," I yelled angrily. She knows how to ruin a good day. I went to the other side of the room and turned off the alarm that was on my nightstand.

5:45 only two hours before school starts.

My house was a good hour and a half from school. I trotted down stairs to my kitchen to find my dad reading his newspaper at the island. Next to him was my sister Gina. She's fourteen and the second biggest fan of Wren, the first being my dad.

Ever since she meet Wren she decided to emulate everything about her. Today she was wearing a black micro-mini and some red high heels. She had on a white camisole and way too much makeup. I think she looked like a slut. If three months ago Kathy caught a glimpse of her wearing that she may have a heart attack.

Gina use to be a smart little girl. She prayed every night, blessed our food at the table, she never wore skirts or pants to short, and she never acted like this a slut. I hate Wren for brainwashing my sister. At least my half-sister got away from her. She moved back with Kathy. I miss them. My brother Ben lives in Italy live his kids and wife.

" Gina don't you think that skirt is too shirt?," I asked. I went to the fruit bowl which was on the island and grabbed a banana.

" Why do you care," she snuffed rudely.

" Because, it's our first day of school and you want to be the school slut already." I went over to the pantry and grabbed a granola bar.

" Listen, brainy you don't seem to understand that some people don't want to look like pieces of shit like you".

" Ouch!," I said then licking my finger and touching my hip making a sizzle sound. " That burns, I can't wait see what other insults you have to dish out on the poor fellows at Kingsville." Note my sarcasm.

My dad wasn't paying attention to his sluttish daughter he was way to rapped up in his newspaper. He had an expressionless face. He was looking at it very hard.

" Dad, what's wrong." But I caught a glimpse of the article. You know how they have wedding announcements of couples? I saw one.


Right under the headline was a picture of Kathy and dad holding each other in black and white. This the newspaper looked old and so did the picture. They looked younger much younger.

" I'm sorry dad,…." I said not knowing what to say.

" It's okay…you should hurry on don't want to be late for school?" he said forcing a smile.

"Okay, bye dad," Gina said as if nothing happened. She got up and picked up her backpack which was on the floor.

Crap! My book bag!

" Gina, I have to get my book bag."

We drove in less time I think we would get there. It was 6:20 and we ended up at the high school. It was big. Cause Texas does it big! There was about four or five buildings. All of them constructed of bricks. In the front was a six foot statue of the school's mascot a King. Duh!

I dropped Gina off at the freshman building then pulled in the sophomore parking lot.

There wasn't a lot of kids in the parking lot I'm guessing most of them were inside the school. I grabbed my book bag which had my sketchbook, notebooks, pens, pencils, calculators, and some school stuff. In my hand I had two notebooks and my schedule. I was outside my car and checking out the school. The sophomore building had a mural of a king on the side. It was maybe four of five stories I couldn't tell because of the sun.

"Help! Help!"

I heard someone yelling in pain . I saw a group of kids in a circle soon they were laughing hilariously.

" What a loser!," one of them yelled.

" Hell yeah!," another agreed.

I walked over to the circle and couldn't see. I didn't realize how many kids were bundled up. I heard chanting and more laughing.

"What's going?," I said looking one of the kids.

" They're beating the shit out of Dave."

That doesn't sound good.

" They're that's what you get douche bag!" I heard from inside the crowd. Then I heard a loud grunt of pain. The crowd left and I saw what all the commotion was about.

It was a fight. I saw a boy on the ground clutching his stomach and spitting up blood. I ran over to him to make sure he was okay. I kneeled down and took a good look at him. He was skinny and had long blond hair matted to his face from sweat and blood. He face was swollen from the beatings.

"Are you okay?," I asked.

He grunted some more.

" Okay…I guess I should do something." Then I thought back about the first aid kit I had in the trunk of my car. We went on a camping trip. By we I mean not Wren. Just me ,my sisters, dad ,Kathy, Ben , his wife and kids.

I ran to the car and set the stuff I was holding on top of the car. I got the kit out of my trunk. I came back and saw him sitting up.

At least he's not coughing up blood.

I opened the kit and cleaned him up. I couldn't do anything about his swollen face and lip. He was getting a black eye though.

" Are you okay?," I asked again.

" Yeah," he said getting up. " You seemed prepared for anything."

I smiled at him and he smiled back.

This felt kind of weird. Kind of like when you have a crush. I just meet him! I use to have a huge crush on the original Green Ranger. That's the way I felt about him right now.

I kept looking at him and I knew I had a really huge goofy smile on my face. I couldn't hide it though.

He smiled back and ran his hand through his hair.

" So, what happened.."

CRAP! Nobody wants to hear that after they just got beaten up!

" Sorry for ask…ing," I said.

" No its okay, I kind of said something."

" What?"

" Well I was walking, I bumped into him, he yelled, I did nothing, but he said something that kind of made me go crazy."

"What did he say?"

He gazed down at the ground.

" Oh, you don't have to talk about it," I said. I felt a little guilty.

"Well don't we have school in like" looking at his watch" five minutes."

" Oh yeah, I'm new here so I don't know where anything is."

" Well I'll be glad to walk to your class."