The inevitable words were spoken. "Jack, truth or dare." And just like that, a story began. Just about to start his senior year of high school, Jack Garson received the craziest dare imaginable; cheat on his girlfriend. It wasn't worded like that, but that's what it sounded like to him.

Ted Thomas, the boy who everyone knew by the end of freshman year would win homecoming king had started the game just past midnight at Dave's house. The players were the same as always: Ted and his beauty queen girlfriend Lisa Long, Dave and his current flavor Melissa, Beth, Jen and, after getting along so well at a sophomore year dance, Jen's boyfriend Fred Moncal. Jack's girlfriend, Angela Stybolt, along with her friend Mary had gone to an amusement part for an end of the summer bash.

As Ted ran his fingers through his blonde hair, the words sort of just flowed. "Jack, truth or dare?"

Jack turned his hazel eyes to his friend. It had been years since they had last played a game of truth or dare. He couldn't remember if he had even known Dave, his best friend, back then. He scratched his dark hair for a moment and said, "Dare."

Ted smiled, his blue eyes lighting up with what Jack thought looked like lust. "I dare you to… give Beth an orgasm."

"What!?" Jack and Beth both shouted at the same time. They had dated all freshman year, and Beth hadn't gotten past second base with him.

"He couldn't do it two year ago, he can't do it now," Beth laughed.

"Like you would know," Dave laughed. "I say we call Angela and ask her."

"Hell, no!" Jack yelled. By this time, she was likely home, which meant that if her phone rang, her dad would wake up; if her dad woke up, Angela would be grounded. "Ted, come on. Let's be reasonable. I'm not about to do anything that would be considered cheating."

"It wouldn't be," Lisa said twirling some of her black hair around her finger. "Anything done as a dare from truth or dare is not considered cheating in the dating world. Don't you remember the rules we established?"

"We established those in sixth grade when we were shy about holding hands," Jack argued. "Back then, Ted would have dared me to kiss someone's cheek, not give a girl an orgasm."

"The rules still apply," Lisa said.

"Weren't there any rules against sexual activities?" Jack asked.

"Yeah," Ted said. "No daring anyone to have sex. We never said anything about any other sexual activities."

Jack looked to Jen and Fred for support. They could only shrug.

"Hey," Dave said. "Whatever happens down here stays down here."

At that, Jack lifted his eyebrows and stood up. "Well, unless you want everyone to sit and watch, I suggest you follow me," he said to the blonde Beth.

"This ought to be good," Beth said, following him into the roomy storage room. She closed the door behind her and Jack cringed at the click of the lock. He took a deep breath as he flipped on the light switch to fill the dull colored room with a dark glow of light from the old light bulb.

Beth sat down on the old orange couch that Dave swore was a relic from his mother's house in the seventies. Jack tried not to think about Angela as he approached Beth, but the more he tried to think about other things, the more Angela dwelled in his mind. He stopped about a foot away from the couch and shook his head.

"You can't give me an orgasm if you don't touch me," Beth said. "You're not that attractive."

"I can't do it," Jack said with a shake of his head and a shrug.

"I knew it," Beth smiled a victory. "You're such a pansy."

"Some would call it loyal." He shrugged again. "I'll just take a chicken."

As Jack turned to face the door, he heard Beth giggle for a second; then she moaned.

"What are you doing?" Jack asked quietly and cautiously.

An evil smiled had taken over Beth's soft features as she moaned again, this time louder. "Oh, God, Jack. Yes! Just like that. Oh, yes. Yes!" Jack's eyes widened as he realized that Beth was faking an orgasm.

"Stop that right now," Jack hissed.

"Oh, Jack!" Beth continued with her act. "God, yes. Jack, yes! Yes!"

Walking out of the storage room a minute later, Ted, Dave, Lisa, Melissa were all clapping loudly and congratulating him on what they thought had been a completed dare.

"To tell you the truth, man," Ted said clapping a hand on his back. "I never thought you'd do it."

"Nor did I," Jack said under his breath. He glanced over at Beth, who winked at him, then turned to talk with Jen.

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