"My dad's not going to like this plan," Angela said. "And I don't even know if admissions will let me yet."

"I'll talk to them," Jack said. "They like me."

"Of course they do," Angela said. She smiled at Jack's cocky attitude and stepped closer.

"You know, my roommate is out for the night," Jack said.

"What is going through your head, Jack," Angela asked. "I thought that we weren't about that."

"Angela, I'm a college student now," Jack said.

Angela looked at Jack and frowned. "That makes a difference?"

Jack feigned hurt for a moment. "You think I'm talking about sex again, don't you."

"Well, weren't you?" Angela asked confused.

"Of course not," Jack said. "I was thinking a large pizza without my pig of a roommate eating half of it."

Angela laughed and pulled Jack closer to her. He bent down and kissed her deeply. "So, what do you say to mushrooms?"

"Go ahead and order," Angela said.

Twenty-five minutes later, Jack and Angela were in his dorm room munching on a delicious thin mushroom pizza and watching a love movie. Jack wrapped his arms around Angela and rested his chin on her shoulder. Luckily, she didn't seem to notice he had only eaten two pieces compared to his usual four or five.

"You know, Angela," Jack said. "I might have a solution to the housing office not wanting you to stay in an apartment next year, even though you'll only be a freshman.

"What's that?" Angela asked turning to look at him.

Jack swallowed nervously and crawled off his bed. Then he reached into one of drawers and pulled something out. Jack was on his knees, staring up at Angela who was still sitting on his bed.

"Angela Stybolt," Jack began. Her opened the small box in his hands and held it where she could clearly see the diamond ring inside it. "Will you marry me?"

Angela was breathing deeply, completely shocked. Her eyes were wide, staring at the diamond, and then turned to Jack.

"Oh my," she said faintly. "I… I… God, yes, Jack."

Jack smiled and took the ring and slipped it onto her finger. She smiled, not even looking at the ring, but at his eyes. He stood up and pulled her to her feet and into a passionate kiss. A few moments later, there was a knock at the door.

Jack pulled away from Angela and looked at the door. "Yeah?" he called out.

"You got your girl in there?" a female's voice called out. Angela peered at Jack, her mouth screwed up in the annoyed look Jack had memorized in his mind from all the stupid things he had done that she didn't approve of.

"I sure do, Maggie," Jack called out. He led Angela with him to the door. He opened the door to reveal a tall girl dressed in baggy clothes.

"You didn't lie," Maggie said. "This is the most beautiful girl on the face of the planet. Are you sure you want to marry her? Don't want to trade girlfriends?"

"What would Jessica say to that, Maggie?" Jack asked.

Angela looked between the two, slightly confused.

"Hi, I'm Maggie," he girl said holding out a hand for Angela to shake. "I'm Jack's friend. Don't worry, I'm not trying to steal him from you. Though, I wouldn't mind to steal you from him."

"Really?" Angela asked, still slightly confused.

"I'm a lesbian," Maggie confirmed Angela's suspicions. Suddenly Maggie noticed the diamond ring on Angela's finger. "Oh, now ain't that just the most amazing piece of jewelry on your finger. Jack picked it out all by himself. He said you wouldn't like any of the rings I pointed out, and now I see why. An elegant girl like you deserves an elegant ring like that."

Angela smiled and thanked Maggie for the complement.

"Now, if you don't mind," Maggie said, inviting herself into the room, "I smell pizza, oh, and it's mushroom."

"Hey," Jack protested as Maggie grabbed two pieces and piled them onto a spare plate.

Angela giggled as Jack took the box away as Maggie reached for a third piece.

The End! And I mean it. I WILL NOT be writing another story about these characters. Sorry. They live happily ever after in my mind.