Internal Enigma

The bell chimes in the distance, only I can hear

Blackness presses in as I shed another tear

My heart breaks and bleeds once again

All I long for is a true, honest friend

To mend my heart, stitch the seams

Add hope and light to my many dreams


I wear black, the world wears white

Who knows of such a tragic plight?

Smile and laugh while I weep and cry

The petals of my roses always die

I wish they would bloom and live for me

But death is all they seem to be


How do I grow when all seems lost

A constant race against the clock

To find myself within this world

Mysteries, who I am unfurled

Whether I want to learn it our not

It seems happiness is something I've forgot

Can't remember how to laugh or smile

It has been such a long, long while


I am only happy when it rains

The clouds then can understand my pains

Weep for me, know my sorrow

I struggle on, hope for the morrow

Something better than today

So difficult to say

Weary of a bleak existence

Can't seem to go the distance


Who am I, I still don't know

When will my reflection show

Who I truly am inside

How I've screamed and how I've cried

So incomplete, broken, shattered,

Pieces of dreams tossed and scattered

Where to begin, where to end

Will I break or will I bend?


Help me God, I pray to thee

Release my soul, set me free