This was something I wrote a year ago, and now, I am revisiting and completing the saga.


There was a terrible plague that terrorized the United States of America through out 2073, the final battles of World War III were drawing to a close and in was clear the USA was going to emerge victorious. So in a final attempt to weaken the future military forces the enemy dropped a new kind of weapon. The enemy was unknown to the USA, they were a variety of countries, Germany included, but the weapon the launched would go down in history. They dropped a new type of chemical bomb called; the chemical was the X-virus. It created an imbalance in chromosomes in the body so two different chromosomes contradicted each other. A newborn would have a chromosome making the child bald, but another would say it was to have hair. The same was manifest over gender, eye color, intelligence capability, and physical structure. Finally the embryo shutdown, gave up, it was unable to function with so many different commands. The bomb was dropped on Las Vegas and the explosion alone killed hundreds, but the gases it gave off shutdown embryos. No newborns were reported that year.