Chapter 9: A Week to Remember

X stared at the scene with horror hidden behind his mask. Bodies were everywhere. But, that wasn't the worst part. It was the screams…. The shrill blood curdling screams that scared X. He was a mere teenager thrown into…. into this! He was prepared to save people, not watch them die! X collapsed to his knees, the shotgun was barely gripped in his hand… The commissioner stopped aiding her now-dead co-worker.

"These men and women, were desk-jockeys, they were never expected to be put in this situation… At least without proper warning." X nodded, still numb. "Is this your first dealing with death." X nodded… He found the energy to stand.

"I'd like to keep this." Xavier raised the shotgun.

"No, you helped here, but I cannot allow that…"

"Are you in any state able to stop me?" She sighed….She didn't like the idea of arming a vigilante…

X walked downstairs and returned with a box of shotgun ammo.

"I'll leave you to count your wounded…"

"Wait…" X was gone. He jumped out the hole in the wall and disappeared after Skeleton… Half-hoping to find him… An hour later, he stopped and walked home. He changed and collapsed in bed…..just in time.

"XAVIER!!! I'M HOME!" Xavier jumped out of bed and grabbed the shotgun off of his desk and threw it under his bed along with his costume, and the ammo box.

"Hey, Mom." Xavier yawned and walked into the kitchen to help his mother with the groceries.

"How do you feel?"

"Okay, I suppose." Xavier's mind randomly flashed a picture of the police precinct… He shivered.

"Something wrong?"

"No. I'm going to bed…"

"Are you sure?"

"Yea." Xavier hugged his mom and walked into his room. Locking the door, he collapsed on the bed. And cried himself to sleep.

When he woke up, the sun hadn't topped the trees. His clock said 6am… He pulled himself up into a sitting position and turned on his cell phone.

7 missed calls…

Xavier rubbed his eyes and went into the call log.

1 unknown caller: 783-9825

6 Cell phone: Bobby Cheng

What the heck?

Xavier pressed the SEND button and pressed the phone to his ear.

"Xavier, is that you?"

"Yes, Bob, what's wrong."

"James got shot…" Xavier froze.


"We were walking to school yesterday, this dude in a trenchcoat walked up and shot him in the stomach. Then, he got in a Niad with Ricky Fingers."

"How is he?"

"Touch and go, man."

"How are you?"

"He shot me in the arm, but I'll be fine."

"Does Ricky still use the old warehouse?"

"I think so, not like I go there often. What are you going to do?"

"I gotta go."


On the other end…

"DON'T BE STUPID, XAVIER!" Bobby leaned back in his hospital bed. James was in the bed next to him. The yelling had woken him.

"What wrong…" James moaned…

"I think Xavier is going to do something stupid…."

Xavier reached under his bed and took out three things: his costume, his shotgun, and some ammo. He loaded the weapon and slung it across his back. X opened his window and dove out into the cool morning air. His feet landed on the dew-laden grass. He took off running down the road. Anger filled him. Anger fueled him. He stopped in front of the JackRabbit's Self-Storage Warehouse. It had gone under in early 2050, why it hadn't been demolished? Ricky Fingers… He had a Mafia influence, which allowed him to traffic drugs like no one else on the West Coast.

What I am about to do will carry serious repercussions…

He didn't care. It was all worth it. He pumped the shotgun and climbed up a ladder to the roof. From the skylight, he could see that a deal was going down. Ricky looked happy. He stood at one end of the table, rubbing his greasy hands. At the other end of the table, the man from the police station stood sliding a suitcase full of money across the table.

Who is this guy?

X was ready. He scanned the room. Five armed men.

No going back…No mercy…

X closed his eyes and jumped through the glass.


Glass shards rained down as X fell. He landed on the table. Gripping the end of the shotgun like a bat, he hit the nearest guard across the face. The mercenary was sent sprawling to the ground. X leveled the gun and shot the next closest guard in the chest.


Red seeped out through the expensive suit as the body ragdolled backwards. The remaining guard, Ricky, and the mysteryman all drew weapons and started firing at X. he flipped off the table firing once in midair, blowing off the guards hand. He collapsed to the ground in pain. X fired at the mysteryman, but he dodged the blast.


X fired at Ricky this time, but the dealer upturned the table and dove just in time. X was surprised at how agile the mysteryman could be, all the injuries X had dealt to him would have crippled a lesser man… X fired through the wooden table hitting Ricky in the shoulder. The dealer screamed in pain, but didn't give up. He raised his pistol and blind-fired towards Xavier. Xavier dove high above the table, over the table and landed on the other side of Ricky.


X aimed at Ricky and pulled the trigger…


X looked a the gun… Time seemed to slow down as Ricky leveled off his pistol… X dove to his right, sliding across the glass-covered floor. He drew his father's knife and threw it.


The knife hit Ricky's hand. The blade glistened in the light as blood flowed freely. Ricky howled in pain and tried to pull it out, but X was faster. X pounced on his and ripped the knife out as painfully as possible. Ricky sobbed in pain… X pressed the knife up to his throat. X scanned the room and realized the mysteryman was long gone, the money still on the table.


Ricky sobbed.

"WHO WAS THAT MAN? TALK!" X pressed the knife in allowing a little blood to flow…

"His name is Skeleton… He hired he to kill two kids."


"One hundred grand…" Ricky sobbed more, cradling his mutilated hand. X ears caught the sound of sirens outside… X frowned, and threw Ricky against table. X walked over to his shotgun and took the pistol from Ricky. He holstered all three weapons and walked over to the money. A note sat on top.

Dearest Xavier,

Provided that you survived, as I assume you did, this money is yours! Send it as you see fit. Get yourself something nice. I suggest you buy your friends some flowers… For their funerals…



PS: Your brother, Danny, isn't his birthday coming up?

X's blood boiled. He closed the suitcase and climbed up to the top of the building, exiting through the hole in the glass he had entered through. Police officers swarmed below… X watched them before disappearing into the night, heading to his house and then the hospital… He was $100,000 richer and more pissed off then ever.