And so, our traditional lunch game of truth or dare began. This time, we had decided to stay in the science room for lunch, where only few people ever stayed. Though it limited our dares (our ever-so-mature dares usually involved saying or doing some kind of random thing to a random person), it also increased the variety of truth questions that were asked since there was no one of importance around to listen. We started with Celeste.

"Truth or dare?" Danielle asked. Celeste seemed to hesitate for a second, before answering.

"Truth." She said. Though Celeste was one of the more brave ones of the group to do the dares, she was also an opportunist. She would always start out with truth, and then by watching what the others asked and dared, she would decide what she would answer when her turn came again.

Danielle leaned over to Eva, Mae, Lucy, and me. We huddled into a group and started to whisper.

"I have an idea!" Mae said, an evil smile upon her face. Mae may be small, adorable, and cuddly but she also has a very sneaky and dark mind. I felt a sudden stab of pity for Celeste. Well, only a small one. It was usually quite amusing to watch whatever Mae had in mind.

"Okay, what is it?" Danielle asked.

"Let's ask her about…Kenton!" She announced. We all nodded in agreement with her, as replicas of her evil smile appeared on her faces. Yup. We just love this type of girl stuff.

We turned back to Celeste.

"Sooo, Celeste…" Danielle began in her "casual" tone. Celeste started to look slightly suspicious. Danielle's "casual" tone always meant something bad.

"You know you're my BESTEST friend…" Lucy said, putting on her innocent girl act. Celeste seemed to become slightly more apprehensive with this.

"And we love you very much…" Eva said, with what she calls her "charming" smile. Celeste's eyes started to dart back and forth, as if saying, "What you going to do?"

"And so…we were wondering…"

"Celly…(Celeste shuddered when she heard our nickname for her)…do you like Kenton?" Mae asked, watching her with large eyes, observing her reaction. Celeste glared at all of us in turn.

"You guys are evil!" Celeste cried. Eva just draped an arm around her shoulder.

"Yes we are!! Get used to it!!" She said. Lucy put her arm around Celeste's shoulder.

"Aww…don't be mad at me!! I'm just an innocent little girl!!" She said, putting on her puppy face. Celeste ignored it.

"Yeah…I'm sure you are…" Celeste said sarcastically.

"Celly (Celeste winced again), stop stalling and answer the question," I said. Celeste's shoulders sagged.

"Darn!" Celeste said. Then, she took a deep breath and started to mumble in a very soft and low voice. "I still just have lingering feelings for him."

We all grinned.

"Ooh la la!! Yeah Celly!!" Mae said, winking. Celeste quickly changed the subject.

"Okay Cory, truth or dare?"

"Dare." I answered without hesitation. That was and always would be answer. I mean, as much as I love my friends, I really did not want them to know any of my past crushes, especially Danielle or Eva. They were slightly shallow and could never be serious and would tease me forever if they knew anything.

The group went away from me and huddled once more, thinking up my dare. I waited, watching their expressions. Suddenly, Danielle seemed to glance at someone else in the room and then started to grin before whispering to the group. That wasn't a good sign.

I looked to the direction of her gaze and saw him. Victor. Oh evil Radish god, kill me now. (Yes, I said RADISH. I've been obsessed with them ever since I saw the movie Spirited Away)

Now nothing is really like…wrong with him. He's actually not bad looking. He's one of those tall, Asian guys who wear glasses and is a math genius (Now I'm not trying to be stereotypical, but that's really the best way to describe him!!). Actually, a lot of girls seem to call him hot. Now, I bet you're thinking why I'm so scared, right? Well…my friends have gotten some weird notion that I would look…cute together with Victor as a couple. Yeah, I know. Something is seriously wrong with them.

"Cory…" Danielle began. I went to look at her with slight fear of what she was going to say. The way everyone was staring at me with anticipated grins did not ease my fear at all. Danielle began talk again. "We dare you…to ask Victor to work on the science project together!"

Oh. My. Effin. Radish. GOD.

"What?" I hissed. "Are you crazy?"

"Oh come on Cory, do it!!" Mae egged on.

"You're not scared, are you?" Celeste said with a smirk. Damn. She got me there. Now I can't back down.

"No, but…well..."

"Cory, don't be shy!"

"He'll reject you anyway so it doesn't matter!"

"It's only a dare."

Okay, that's it.

"Fine! I'll do it!! Sheesh." I said, their annoying persuasion getting to me. Everyone smiled.

"Oh, go Cory!"

"You can do it!"

So here I was, walking rather slowly to the table at which Victor was sitting at.

"Oh, just go!" Danielle said impatiently, pushing me forward. Which landed me in front of Victor. Slowly, he looked up, an indifferent look upon his face.

"May I help you?' He said. I took a deep breath. Okay. Here goes nothing.

"Hello!!" I started out rather brightly. Man, can my heart beat any faster? "As you might've heard since my friends can talk pretty loud I've been dared to ask you if I can work on the stupid annoying science project together with you and since I really don't want to work with you can you hurry up and please reject me?"

Wow. I said that in one whole breath. Who knew I had such hidden talents?

-Inset silence here-

-Inset another silence here-

…Oh come on just talk already boy!!

Victor started to smile. Hey, I think he heard my thoughts! Maybe I have telepathy.

Oh wait, that's an evil smirk.

"I would love to work with you, Lycoris." He said, that freaky smirk still on his face.


My eyes widened with horror. Tell me this is a dream. Tell me this is a dream. Tell me this is a dream. Tell me this is a dream. Tell me this is a –

Pain shot up my arm. It seemed that Victor had reached over and pinched my arm.

"I assure you this isn't a dream," He said. How did he – Hey, maybe I do have telepathy… "And I really suggest you to stop talking to yourself."

…or maybe I just should shut up.

"Wait! You can't say yes!! You have to reject me!! You. Have. To!" I said. His evil smirk became amused.

"And why should I do that?" He said. Man, who knew the quiet guy could be so annoying…

"Because I don't want to work with you!"

"Then why did you ask?"

"Because my friends dared me to!"

"You shouldn't submit to something as simple as a dare."

"I didn't think you were going to say yes!"

"You should never assume the future."


Damn. I was out of things to say.

"Yes…?" He said, raising an eyebrow. How does he do that?? Lucky.

"I'm –"

And then, the bell rang. Saved by the bell!

"I'll meet you tomorrow to discuss the project."

…Or not.

Victor got up and put his books away. Then, before turning to leave, he stopped and looked at me. With a smile, he patted my head.

"Have a good day, little girl."


"Soo Cory, how did your little talk go?" Danielle asked as she came up behind me, greedy for gossip. It seemed that they continued the game without me. Some friends they were.

"Oh…it went just fine…" I said, my voiced laced with burning anger. Oh, I was going to get revenge…

"Did he say yes?" Celeste asked eagerly.


The girls behind me squealed.

"AWWW!!! They're gonna be a couple!!"

"And then they'll get married…"

"And have lovely little children!!"

Okay. It's official my friends are insane.

"Yup, their first child will be named Victor Jr.!"

"Or Cory Jr., depending on the gender."

"But imagine how cute they would be!!"

And so…while my friends giggled and talked about my future children, a sudden random thought attacked.

How did Victor know my full name?

AN: And my friends really do act like that. It's scary. Anyway, this is my first attempt at romance story (that I'm actually gonna try and continue) and so please give me some tips!!