(Blood turned to wine and pale as a ghost,
swallowed lies in a percentage of a dose
as it drains her mind with fog in her eyes.
Dead at the scene, she wins the prize).

A piercing shot can shatter the whitest sky.
Can this bullet quit the fateless cry?
But with a gun aimed high, I can start anew.
I'll rearrange the clouds and unveil this message for you:

I'm caught in the midst
of someone elses' Apocalypse.
But don't promise me
that you'll let me live and go free
with a heart that beats amiss.
The target's on my sleeve
next to the mindset of make believe.
Caught in the crossfire,
maybe friendly, maybe war.
I pray you won't miss the shot at me.

Bravery won't stop a bullet;
it'll only stop your heart.
Try to keep your blood flowing
while the bodies are ripped apart.
No more fluttering eyes tonight
while dying in a fit of pride.
Maybe you'll kill me before I get the chance.
You took the shot, it was your last.