Sometimes the world seems such a dismal place

Sorrowful expressions written on every face

A notebook filled with sick, dead poems

A mountain where only the suicidal roams

Nothing is right, nothing ever could be

Nothing is good, nothing is free


So then I took a look into my saviors eyes

Where all is faithful and without lies

He holds me in his hands, righteous and true

Whispering wonderful thoughts anew

And then he shows me the world, with his own view

How sad and graceless, and no one knew

That they could be saved from their terrible fate

From hells open arms, to God's open gate


So let the children come to me

And the adults and teens and elders see

The grace of God, his words so bright

Without the war, without the fight

May all listen and hear words brought by the Spirit

Words so powerful, the brave even fear it


That is all I want, for you all to come

To listen to His words, and in your heart save some

So someday you will not burn or have pain

But have eternal life, by the one who was slain