It had all began on the Seventeenth day of the month of July within the City of Cleveland,Ohio that a young and fun loving couple had driven their SUV over to the apartment building where a pair of advertising executives named Paul and Terri Brighton were living in for a surprise visit,but as soon as they had gotten out of their SUV and stepped inside the apartment building,the giggling couple had walked up the steps to the one floor where Paul and Terri were having their place of residence on.

And after they had gotten themselves up to that floor,their eyes had grown as wide as saucers at the sight of the Brightons' apartment door having been kicked open,causing the concerned friends to step inside the apartment,look around and shockingly discover Paul's nude body on the living room floor with a large carving knife in his back and a naked Terri curling herself up in a ball and crying her eyes out the bed in the bedroom.

That had caused the two friends to pick up the phone and dial Nine-One-One,which--in turn--had caused the local police and paramedics to arrive at the scene of Paul's brutal murder and Terri's savage rape.

That had also caused a certain Cleveland PD homicide detective named Brian Honda--who happens to be me--to arrive at that very scene and noticed that the paramedics were wheeling Terri's savagely ravaged and badly beaten-up body out of the building and leaving Paul's dead corpse in the apartment for the medical examiner.

Speaking of medical examiners,the one who was giving Paul's corpse a good looking over was one hell of a strawberry blonde beauty named Doctor Rachel Danzing and from the look on her face,I had a feeling that she really was in need of some serious downtime from the stress of her job.

Anyway,after I had said 'hi' to Rachel and looked around the place to notice that there was one person missing from that high-rise slaughterhouse and she was a maid named Carmella Del Gato,I had suddenly began to realize that she might had been the one who had told the attackers that the Brightons were going to be an easy hit.

The only problem with that theory was that I had to find Carmella Del Gato before things go from bad to worse and I was lucky enough to know a guy who was more than willing to give up that info in order to keep himself out of a jail cell for the rest of his life and his name just happens to be Curtis 'C-Ball' Jenkins.

And sure enough,after I had allowed Rachel to take Paul's dead body out of the building and over to her lab for a futher examination and the Brightons' grief stricken friends had gone with a patrol officer to the 21st Precinct House,I had driven my car over to the corner of East 59th and Keating,where I was lucky enough to discover a small crowd of people forming around some guy doing a little Three Card Monty.

That was before I had gotten out of the car and walked over to that particular scene just in time to discover that it was C-Ball who was dealing those cards and trying to cause those poor folks to lose their money.

And after he had looked up and noticed that I was standing right in front of him with a Cleveland PD badge on my belt and a devilish-type smile on my face,the wide-eyed C-Ball had quickly placed his cards back inside his jacket pocket,said a fast 'goodbye' to his former suckers and started running away from the scene,only to have me grab him by the arm,drop him down to the ground and place him in a head lock.

That was before C-Ball had decided to tell me exactly where I would finally be able to find Carmella Del Gato and that she had became so jealous of Terri Brighton's success that she had hired a local street gang known as the Warwolves to bash their way into her employers'apartment and savagely rape Terri right there.

And then,after I had allowed C-Ball to get back up and allowed him to get lost,I had gotten back into my car and drove myself over to a nearby vacant lot,only to have me discover that a few Cleveland PD patrol cars had already gotten there and started arresting all of the Warwolves there.

That had caused me to get my curious butt out of my car and rush into the scene in order to find out what was going on,only to have the look on my face change from curiousity to that of pure shock and that was because I had finally found the missing Carmella Del Gato and she was found just like the Brightons' fun loving friends had found Terri...badly beaten and savagely raped.

But unlike Terri,Carmella has also been strangled to death with a spiked black leather belt around her neck,causing me to turn my head towards the leader of the Warwolves known only as Diego,pointed at the belt and asked him was it his.

And after he had said 'yes' to my question,a devilishly-gleeful Diego had also told me that after he and his fellow Warwolves had finished the job at the Brighton place,he had demanded a little something from Carmella in return,only to have her smack him across the face and cause him to shred off her clothes and watch his fellow Warwolves rape the living daylights out of her before he had taken his turn and used his belt to strangle every last breath of life out of her entire body.

And then,after one of the Cleveland PD patrol officers had dragged away Diego while he was laughing his head off,I had taken another look at Carmella's dead corpse,shook my head and realized that this whole thing was what happens when we allow a certain demon known as jealousy to rear its ugly head.