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The room was barely lit and the music was blasting loudly as the girls sat around the living room of Ashley's house, drinking sodas and eating various junk foods while they talked and laughed. It was graduation night, and in celebration of that and Jocelyn's landslide trial victory, they were having a well-needed party. A party that no one could crash because no one knew that it was even going on. They were finally safe from everything but each other and they were enjoying it.

Ashley was in and out of the room; taking things into her parents' bedroom and packing them into several boxes and getting them ready to load up. She already had a bunch stacked out by the door already but the rest was on its way.

Allison was digging through piles of rented movies, trying to find one they hadn't seen while Rylie, Jocelyn and Lizzie stuffed their faces like they had been starving for weeks.

"What about this one? Has anyone seen Saving Face?" Allison called out, waving the movie in the air.

"No," they all called out.

Except Ashley, who popped her head out the bedroom door, "Yes."

"Bitch," Allison sighed, tossing it to the side and digging for more. The other girls laughed and Ashley finally made her way back into the room everyone else was in, taking a seat on the floor beside Lizzie. The brunette wrapped her arm around Ashley's tired shoulders and smiled at her.

"You can pack tomorrow," Lizzie said, "Don't rush. Just hang out with us for a bit."

Ashley smiled, her eyes staring up into Lizzie's, "Okay, I'll do that."

Lizzie snuggled in close to the redhead, putting her other arm around her younger sister who smiled and hugged her tightly.

"I'm glad all that is over," the young blonde said.

"Yeah, me too. I'm glad his ass is behind bars," Lizzie agreed, her head laying again Jocy's as they watched Allison pull out another more.

"Resident Evil Extinction?" She asked.

"It sucked!" Rylie and Lizzie both shouted at the same time.

"God damn you guys! One of us has seen at least five of these movies in this pile and that's a lot!" The older blonde complained.

"What about Spider-Man 3?" Ashley asked.

"I saw it already," Lizzie replied and Jocelyn laughed.

"You should've known the answer to that, Ash," she said.

"Yeah, I should've, huh?" Ashley laughed and kissed Lizzie's cheek.

"I'd go straight for that guy," Lizzie teased.

"Hey!" Ashley pouted and Lizzie smiled at her.

"Only long enough to steal those hot tights for myself," she grinned.

The girls burst into laughter again until Ashley finally broke it with a small sigh. She looked over each of the girls, small tears approaching her eyes as she thought of all the times they had had together in the passed school year. The blind date, all the dates following, the gymnastics competitions, the drama, Jocelyn's incident, everything. Everything had seemed to go by so fast and now it was almost time for her to leave it all behind.

"I'm going to miss you guys," she said with a small smile.

"Aww Ash," Allison said as she crawled over and threw her arms around the redhead's neck, "We're going to miss you too!"

"Yeah, it won't be the same," Rylie pushed Allison aside and hugged the other girl as well. Allison grumbled, wiggling in another hug as Lizzie pulled away from the group and stood up. She quietly walked over to the pile of movies and pulled out one of the scary ones and smirked.

"What about Suicide Club?" She asked.

"No," Rylie said, and there was a chain of the word "no" afterwards and Lizzie laughed.

"Finally, we found one," She said as she turned on the DVD player and stuck the movie in. The girls separated each other and sat in different parts of the room as Lizzie crawled back over beside Ashley, cuddling up with her.


They didn't get very far in the movie before they switched the DVD player off and had to line up and take turns trying not to lose their guts in the bathroom.

"That was the most disgusting shit I've ever seen," Rylie groaned, "and I've seen some disgusting shit. I mean, I used to see Lizzie's mom every day."

The group laughed, Lizzie laughing the hardest.

"You're such a bitch," she wiped the laughter tears from her eyes and Rylie grinned.

"I know," she said, "but you totally love it."

"You wouldn't be Rylie without it," the other gymnast stuck out her tongue and the two best friends hugged each other tight.

"Anyone wanna try another movie or should we turn on the Wii?" Ashley asked, her head tilting to the side.

"I say Wii," Jocelyn piped in.

"Me too," Allison said.

"Wii do too," Rylie smiled, then laughed softly, "Get it?"

"Haha, shut the hell up," Allison told her, shoving her back into the living room.

"Oh, come on, that was funny," Rylie smirked, kissing Allison's cheek softly.

Lizzie hooked the Nintendo product up and set the controllers up and put in Dance Dance Revolution.

"Get ready for an ass-kicking," She smirked as she got on her dance pad. She knew Jocelyn like to watch her play, and everyone else absolutely loved this game, which was the reason behind her choosing.

"You're mine, Valentine," Rylie grinned, getting into stance on the dance pad as Lizzie set up the songs and Ashley and Allison waited.

The first song was rather fast paced; Allison and Ashley eventually falling behind but Rylie and Lizzie never missed a beat. They stepped and twirled, jumped down and used their hands, jumped back up, did handstands, all they could to try and show each other out. Jocelyn laughed and giggled in the background and Lizzie smiled, trying not to break her concentration from the game as Rylie did the same.

Finally, Lizzie slipped and her ass pressed down on the wrong arrow, causing her to lose to Rylie by only a few points in the end.

"I told you that you were mine," She punched Lizzie's shoulder playfully and the brunette shoved her in return.

"Rematch?" She asked.

"Fuck yeah," Rylie stepped on a few buttons and it was on again.


They played through several rounds before finally giving in to exhaustion and Lizzie fell onto her knees, taking out the previous game and putting in Mario Party 8. She sat down on the couch as Rylie set this one up for Jocelyn and the rest of them.

Lizzie crossed one leg over the other, her arms crossing over the couch as she watched her girlfriend, her friends and her little sister play against one another for the most stars. In the end, Jocelyn won. She was great at this game, and seeing her win and being happy made Lizzie want to cry. The girl had been through so much in such a little time and Lizzie's heart had been shattered and stepped on so many times as she watched her suffer. She felt horrible for not being able to help her younger sister as she had wanted to, but Jocelyn had assured her so many times that it was okay and that she had did her best and now Lizzie was finally realizing that. She had done everything she could and in the end, it all paid off.

She and Jocelyn hadn't really been close until now, and Lizzie realized how much a jerk she had been to the younger girl in the past and decided now was the time for a complete change. She needed to be there for her and she needed to protect her to keep her from having this ever happen again. To keep anything from happening to her, whether it was boyfriends, strangers or even family.

She also knew that they would eventually have to sleep because Ashley had to leave the next night and Jocelyn had an appointment at the hospital. But she didn't want this night to end. Everyone was happy, they weren't thinking of what was coming tomorrow and how it would be so different the next four years and they were all having fun and laughing and just loving what they had. Everyone. Including her.

She stood up from the couch, walking over to the other girls and putting her arms around all of their necks at once.

"I love you guys."