Hello everyone!

First, I must thank ALL of you for being so supportive and staying with my writing. I hope in the future you will continue to read the stories I post (and I WILL be posting new ones, so don't think this is the end!). I have tons of stories in my head and many of them are finished or half-done, and I look forward to sharing them all with you.

Cat's Eye is available for purchase. It is $12.99 plus shipping and handling, and you will find a link to it on my fictionpress profile page. Or you can go to www dot crystalmaiden dot com and click on the "store" link on the upper left menu.

Now, I will respond to ALL of your recent comments, because I finally have the time to do so:)

Bearer-of-the-Unknown - Hello dear! Thanks for reading, I'm so glad you like it, and I'm incredibly flattered that it beats your favorite series. That's the best compliment for any writer:) Although the book is not available in stores, it IS available through my website via a myriad of different payment options, so feel free to stop by and take a look. And please keep in touch - I enjoyed reading your review!

SolisLuna - Hehe yes, I thought I explained that about the conversation, I removed it from earlier in the book and put it in the later section, then forgot to take it out, haha. But it won't be in the published version, so no worries! -silly face-

V - Thank you so much for the detailed review, and the honesty. Rest assured that I actually went back and rewrote much of the first chapter - it carries along the same lines, and perhaps some might see it as being paced similarly, but the entire first few paragraphs with Sora staring out the window were taken out, and more detail added in to the overall picture. I hope this will fix things and make it up-to-par with the rest of the chapters. Thank you for reading past the mistakes, it means a lot to me. :)

Cashaholic - Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed the characters, I really enjoyed writing about them. In the later versions of the book, I tried to spend much more time focusing on Burn's and Volcrian's stories, though I do worry that they still get neglected somewhat, but then again the story is really about Crash and Sora, haha. Anyway, I'm so glad you enjoyed reading about it, and I will note you a direct link to where you can purchase a copy. Again, thanks!

trippiekittie - wow, over a year without updating, you're right! And yet it seems to have gone by so quickly. I hope I haven't lost too many readers... but I doubt it, you're such a sweet bunch of people. Thank you for hanging in there and reading the story, even knowing it wouldn't be updated.

LastTrueKnight - the time is now, my friend! Haha! I hope you decide to purchase it, I don't think you'll be disappointed by the ending, and I'd love to hear your thoughts on the rest of the story. Thank you for reading!

nutbuster - All of your reviews are quite appreciated, they really made me smile, hearing all of your different reactions to the chapters. Authors need more reviewers like you:) I hope to see your screen name on my other stories, it's always nice to see a familiar face.

lilylupin7 - Thank you very much, and I will be updating my other stories a lot, so feel free to check them out too if you're ever bored. Thank you for reading!

fairy Eva - I'll be sure to send you a note about how to purchase the book, and I'm glad you're enjoying the story. Crash and Sora always make my heart flutter too, even though I'm the one who wrote the stupid thing, haha! -goofy face-

Gabby - I know, there are many times that I want to smack Laina myself, but I figure that's part of the dynamics between the group. If they all got along, it would be boring, haha! Thank you for reading!

ChicagoChic - Thank you so much for reading! Yes, Crash is an anomaly, but we'll figure out what he is soon enough, haha. I love stories that leave me guessing too! And that's a good point about the mapmaker thing, I wasn't thinking about that, but I think trying to explain that in the story would be a stretch while it would be easier just to assume they didn't have a map available, haha. Ah well, I guess I'm stuck with a loophole one way or the other:)

Erisah Mae - Thanks a lot! Well if it didn't slow down a bit, I think it would be too fast paced to be believable, everyone needs a break now and then. I wanted to spend time developing the characters, so although it might have been less thrilling, I think the trade off was worth it. Thanks for the kind review!

Kusharu - Thank you so much! Sorry for not posting any more, I was tied up by the printers and my sponsors, but I appreciate your review very much. And don't think badly about your own writing, usually we are always overcritical of ourselves - and what counts is that you're writing for yourself, not for an audience, which probably means your much better than you think you are, because you're not getting the feedback. Best of luck with your own projects!

Luny Loona - Ah, your edits helped me so much when compiling the final version of Cat's Eye, I can't thank you enough! I'll talk to you more on the forums, but for now, thank you and all the support and hard work you have given me:)

jenjen-0 - Nice to still see you around. Best of luck to you too, and thanks!

Wallpaper-Patterns - Thank you very much for the thoughtful review. I can understand not being a big fantasy reader, I'm reading more thriller and genre fiction myself nowadays (time for a break from fantasy, hehe!) but I always enjoy writing this genre. :)

Aiedial - Hello again:) I'm glad you enjoyed the last couple of chapters, and I'm sure you'll enjoy the rest of the book too if you plan on purchasing it. As always, I love reading your reviews and I really appreciate your feedback. Hazzah!

Ardwyad - A brief yet detailed review, amazing! Hehe! Thanks for the support and the confidence boost, I'm so glad you're enjoying the story. And yes, a bit of drama is around the corner, hehe, I like drama in books:)

Ley Blake - As always, your reviews are detailed, great edits, and very helpful! I've looked at a lot of what you had to say and everything really helped me while editing through Cat's Eye the last time. Thank you so much for your unflagging support, having stuck with my writing for... what, six, seven years? Haha, well it certainly does mean a lot for me, and if you decide to purchase the book, be sure to check the acknowledgements. ;)

Well, that's it! Thanks again everyone for staying updated and reading my work, I hope to hear from you all in the future. Have a nice day (or pleasant evening), and please feel free to browse around my other writing projects. They are more than worth your time - or at least, I'd like to think so, hehe.

Yours Truly,