Twisted Fates

Episode 6: Hidden Feelings

Alexis giggled as she buckled Marbles' collar. "Yay, now Marbles is stylin'!" Alexis joked, and Marbles playfully strutted around as if she was modeling. Alexis clapped at Marbles' catwalk display.

Kazuki sighed. "Is that all? I got everything that you asked me to get." he told Amethyst. Amethyst shoved her shopping bags into his arms. "Nope. Put that stuff away. But leave out the Aryun wine." she instructed. Kazuki did as he was told. Alexis watched as Kazuki rushed to put all of the things she brought in the places that he knew that she preferred them to be. Amethyst went upstairs, to attend to whatever matters she needed to.

Once Amethyst completely out of ear and eyeshot, Alexis picked up Marbles and sat herself on the comfy sofa in the middle of the room. "Kazuki-san?" she asked, petting Marbles affectionately. Marbles responded gratefully with very soft purring.

Kazuki, finished with his mini chore, came over and sat beside her. "Hmm? What's up?" he wanted to know. "Umm... I don't know if it's really my place to be asking this, but I guess I'll ask anyway since we're sort of alone for the time being." Alexis told him. Kazuki arched an eyebrow at her.

"Why are you Amethyst's servant? I mean, I know she means well but sometimes it seems as though you're being treated poorly and without consideration."

Kazuki stared at Alexis for a few seconds, and then he smiled. He sat back, resting himself against the sofa's pillows. "Oh, we have a give-and-take relationship, I suppose. I serve her and support her. In return, Amethyst protects me and houses me. Of course, I may protect her as well, if she's not feeling too up to speed. If she seems to come off as harsh or inconsiderate, it's not really her fault." he explained to Alexis. "Does that answer your question?"

"A little, I think." Alexis said, scratching her head. "But, why are you so loyal to Amethyst? You put up with everything she throws at you, when I know that most people would forget it and quit." she said. Marbles hopped out of Alexis's lap, deciding to explore her new surroundings. Alexis watched as she examined the room. Kazuki sighed and paused for a minute. "It's because..."

"... I love Amethyst very much. Both as a best friend and in a deep personal way."

Alexis smiled. "How sweet...!" she cooed. "Maybe... But bittersweet is more like it." whispered Kazuki. Alexis blinked. "Huh?"

"Alexis... I'm going to tell you a story. Take my hand..." Kazuki told her, standing up. Alexis nodded and did so. In a quick flash of light, the two of them suddenly ended up on the top of the airship. "Where are we?" she asked. "Just on the top of the ship. I don't want Amethyst to know about... my hidden feelings for her. It's better that I have someone like you to talk about it to, Alexis." Kazuki admitted, blushing. He directed her over to a patio set. A table, a few chairs, and a giant canopy resided at the other end. Alexis admired the sky above and land moving below.

"I didn't even notice that the ship was flying..." Alexis mumbled, somewhat astonished at her obliviousness. The both of them sat down together at the table under the canopy.

Kazuki, for the first time that Alexis had ever seen, took off his glasses and set them on the table. He rubbed his face. Alexis smiled. 'Aww, Kazuki's handsome without his glasses on! Hee-hee.' she thought to herself. "Well, where to begin... Amethyst and I met quite a few years ago. I think it was around the time she had just moved to the area where I was living with my parents. We used to live in the East Region at that time..." Kazuki began. Memories flooded into his mind, and he looked up at the clouds.

"I was awfully lonely, since I had no friends. No one liked me, because they found out that I was a demon. People are like that, you know. Whenever there's something different from what they're used to, they treat it like it's something that should be destroyed... Anyway, Amethyst moved onto the same street as us. At first, I was going to lie to her, and tell that I was a human. I thought that maybe if I won her friendship, she wouldn't mind that I was a demon if she found out later on."

"I went up to her house, because she was playing in the front yard. Just as I was about to say hello, some boys I know who liked to mess with me came up. They shouted over at me, saying the usual cruel things. I was shocked and saddened by this. Not because of what they said, but I thought my chances of getting along with Amethyst were ruined. But suddenly, Amethyst opened the gate and ran over to me while the boys were picking on me."

" 'Wow! You're a demon! That's so cool!' was the first thing that she said. Both the kids and myself were blown away by this. We didn't know if she was serious at first. She took my hand, and said she wanted to be my friend, since she had never met a demon before. I asked her, 'Don't you think I'm weird? Or evil or something?'. Amethyst blinked at me and said, 'Huh? Why would I think something like that? That's just silly!'. At that one moment, I had never felt so happy before in my life. I had finally made a friend. Someone who liked me for who I was as a person."

Alexis beamed at Kazuki. He was staring at the ground. "Oh my God, wow... I had no idea. That's really something. Why... Why don't you tell Amethyst that you love her?" she wanted to know. Kazuki gave Alexis a sad look. "Well, because of something that happened a little while ago... It would be wrong of me to confess something like that to her at this time. Plus, even if that hadn't happened... I doubt she'd love me back. I given her countless signs and hints, but she never notices. Ever. We're just not meant to be, that's all."

"That's horrible..." murmured Alexis, frowning. Kazuki patted Alexis on the head. "It's alright. It's not anything to be all depressed over. I've come to realize this a long time ago, and I'm over it. No point in feeling sad over me, okay?" he told her, and Alexis nodded. "If you say so, Kazuki."

Kazuki teleported to two of them back down into the living room.


"I'd glad that you could feel comfortable with being so open with me." Alexis said to Kazuki the moment they were back in the room. Kazuki smiled. "You're like family now, Ale-"

Kazuki stared in shocking awe at the sofa. Alexis blinked, and turned around.

Amethyst was sprawled out over the couch, taking large gulps of wine. Kazuki sighed and scowled, putting his glasses back on his face. "A... me... THYST!!!" he yelled, furious. Amethyst looked up at him, and stood quickly. "Kazukiiiii! A-hee-hee-hee! Where'd you two go? I missed you sooooOOO much-ah! AHAHAHA... Hic!" raved Amethyst, grabbing onto Kazuki's robes for support. "Goddamnit... She's drunk again. I told her to cut down on her alcohol intake!" complained Kazuki. Alexis's eyes widened. She didn't know whether to laugh or to be scared.

"Alexis! My darrrliiiing... Come to meee, and let me pleeeease you in the most unimaginable waaaaysss... Hee-hee... I promise you'll like it!" Amethyst cooed, winking at her. Alexis stepped back a little. "Wh... Wh-Wh-What?"

"For that is my purpose! SWEET, sweeeeet Alexis! Hic-hic... To increase your maximum pleasuuuure..."

Alexis blushed. "Um, uh... Kazuki, I'm scared now..."

"INCREASE... your MAXimum..."

"K... K-K-K-Kazuki...!"


Kazuki rolled his eyes. "Amethyst, shut up and go to your room!" he ordered, pointing to the stairway. Amethyst shook her head, and ran to Alexis. Alexis screamed as Amethyst wrapped one arm around her, and took her face in her other hand. Alexis felt her face growing hot again. "No, Amethyst... Please stop... Please..." she pleaded. Amethyst ran her index finger over Alexis's lips and giggled with drunken delight. "Mmm, Alexissss... Your lips are soooo... soft..." she whispered, drawing her face in closer.

Alexis felt her arms drop to her sides. "I... can't... move..." she struggled to say. Kazuki grabbed Amethyst from behind, trying to pull her off of Alexis. Amethyst resisted, trying to keep a hold of Alexis. "Noooooo! But she's so cuuuuute... Isn't she, isn't she?! Hic... Alexis... she's so much like her... Hic-hic. I want to kiss you, I want to KISS you! Alexis, please! Let me taste your sweet lips...!"


"Sorry, about that Amethyst." Kazuki said. He had smashed the empty wine bottle over her skull. Amethyst let go of Alexis and fell to her knees. "... Goodniiiight..." she said with a dazed expression on her face, and then collapsed to the floor.

Kazuki used magic to make the broken glass disappear. Alexis sighed a large breath of relief. "That was uber weird... and crazy." she mumbled. "Yeah. You don't know how sorry I am about that..." said Kazuki, embarrassed. "It's alright. Why does Amethyst like to drink so much?!" Alexis wanted to know. Kazuki lifted Amethyst's unconscious body up into his arms. "She thinks that drinking will help her cope with the pain in her heart. When it's really doing the opposite..." he told Alexis, then wentupstairs.

Alexis looked down. "I guess Amethyst has many secrets that are better for me to not know about..." she whispered. Marbles rubbed herself against Alexis's leg. Alexis reached down and picked her up. She sighed and stared into the little kitten's eyes. "Yet I still wonder... why Amethyst makes me feel the way I do. What if I...? No, that can't be possible. I'm not... like that... am I?" she questioned aloud, frowning. Alexis put her fingers up to her mouth. She ran her finger over her lips, thinking of Amethyst's words. "I know she was drunk... But... I..."

A make-believe scene began to play in Alexis's mind. One of her and Amethyst... Holding each other. Amethyst caressing her face, her legs, her body... And then... And... then...

I want to kiss you... Alexis, please... Let me taste your sweet lips...

Marbles meowed, wanting Alexis's attention. But she continued to stand there, motionless, caught in a daydream. Alexis blushed, a smile slowly creeping onto her face.

"Oh... Amethyst..."

Episode End