You saw me when no one else dared

You're the one who always cared

Warming my heart with a glance from arfar

Erasing all my emotional scars

My days filled with your smile and laughter

The nights overwelmed with love well after

The time we kissed with your arms so tight

Erasing all our painful fights

I messed up and killed you much

But my skin still yearns for your healing touch

Take some time we can be friends

Just know through it all, I see you in the end

The future blank except for one part

You standing there still holding my heart

Walk away far from here

Leave the pain and wipe your tears

Look whos the "ugly creep" now

I warmed you up and pushed you down

Never meant for love to hate

But now your gone...its to late

So I pack my things and lock the door

I guess me and you are no more

So with a hug and a kiss

You own my heart and I will miss

The freckles that only add to your charm

And being wrapped up in your loving arms

I'll take the keys and start the car

And drive unto my dreaming stars