A/n : This my first story on f/p and my 2nd story ever. Anyway, I hope that you'll like it. I may not be one of the best or most original writers on f/p but this would be a good way to pass time. Any comments are welcome. If you are flaming me, please try to do it as nicely as possible for my sake. This is getting a bit too long, hope I haven't lost you. Anyway here it is……………



Samantha James, daughter of the wealthy Preston James. I never had a perfect life, but that never stooped anyone from assuming I did.Oh she's rich, nothing could ever bother her.Yeah right.I had problems just like everyone else. Money didn't make it better or worse, it just meant instead of getting ice-cream to cheer me up I'd get a $500 toy.

But then things started getting bad, financially. My Dad's company started having problems with the IRS, the company started going under and our net worth dropped. Living in Beverley Hills and having any kind of problems was not easy. Believe me people had a way of knowing EVERYTHING. I remember once my mother had to fire our gardener, and they had a full out shouting match. My neighbours who were "inconspicuously watching" at the fence actually said

'Oh, she's just on her period today' and they were actually right. Behold the magical powers of a nosy neighbour.

So, you can imagine my dilemma. How to fool the world at least my world into thinking we were the same rich, perfect family we always were. We did everything we could to make it seem like everything was okay. We went to all the same restaurants, all the same clubs, all the while worrying if we could keep up this charade any longer.

Yeah, I had to pretend everything was fine when there was nothing I'd rather do than talk to my friends about what was really going on and quit acting as if everything was fine. I wanted to be able to come clean and to give up living a lie. But that's not the reason I'm crying. It all started this morning…

A/n: so that's just a little intro. The plot will actually unfold in the next chapter which is up… so read on.