here is the prequel 2 my story Demon's Friendship. my friend MrsJohnBender forced me 2 write this near the beginning of school, & so i started it in study hall 1 day...i got 1 page done & never finished it.

so today when i found this, i was like 'im bored. what the heck, ill finish this!' so here is the completed prequel!!!!!!!! for those who have not read Demon's Friendship, i recommend u do. it's my most awesome story ever!

Pickle in the Middle

Prequel to Demon's Friendship

Nine-year-old Hibiscus Jalmry was, to say the very least, hungry. He wanted—no, needed—food badly. His stomach growled like the very lions at the Coliseum from the humans' ancient Rome. The little fire demon needed food so badly that he came up with a plan. A plan so foolhardy that no one but him could've come up with it. Because he was a child prodigy—at least in his own mind he was.

He would look in the parlor for food.

Granted, food was usually founded in the culinary confines of a kitchen. But Rosemary Jalmry was preparing a special birthday celebration dinner for Zirkel Jalmry, and Hibiscus would be ushered out of the kitchen with the explanation of 'he was going to get in the way'. Besides, Rosemary Jalmry disapproved of her children eating snacks before main meals. It ruined their appetite, she explained.

Hibiscus wasn't fooled. Nothing ruined his appetite. His mother was lying through her teeth. He was ashamed to be related to such a liar.

Mothers were natural liars. Really, just look at the human mothers and their whole Santa charade. Any demon child prodigy could see right through that one!

Anyway, Hibiscus knew there was food in the parlor. With three grandmothers in the house, there was bound to be a secret stash of food in the parlor. Really, just what demon house with three grandmothers didn't have some kind of half-eaten food in its parlor?

Hibiscus entered the parlor, confident that he'd find something to eat. He searched for two hours before he came upon a tiny refrigerator hidden behind his father's mahogany desk. He popped the refrigerator door open and found a plastic bag. Looking at the bag, he was glad to find the content of the bag was a whole pickle!

He stared at the bag with stars of happiness in his eyes, and then he noticed the words on the bag. Hibiscus knew how to read—very well, in fact—and, with his eyes squinting angrily at the word, he deciphered what the word was. He pronounced it aloud. "Zi…zip…loc…Ziploc!"

See what a great reader he was? Top of his class, that boy was.

It was a pathetic class.

Suddenly, a door slammed open nearby and Hibiscus heard the distinct, annoying voice of his little seven-year-old brother, Klay, call out, "Hee-bis-cuit!"

Hibiscuit. The nine-year-old hated when his brother called him a biscuit.


Startled and afraid that Klay would take the newfound prized pickle (remember, Hibiscus was hungry, so he had an excuse to call the pickle a newfound prize), Hibiscus ran out of the front door. He thought he was safe when he reached outside, but he was proved wrong.

There, in the middle of the yard, was Hibiscus's two-year-old sister Tulip, playing tag with her dragon Vermilion. She spotted him and screeched with excitement. Tulip Jalmry loved her two big brothers with all her heart. Her screams alerted Klay, who was still inside the house at that point. The seven-year-old ran outside as fast as his little legs could carry him until he almost collided with Hibiscus.

Seven-year-old Klay was a curious young lad. He noted the 'Ziploc' bag in his brother's arms and asked, "What you got, Hibiscuit?"

Hibiscus shook his head roughly. "I don't got nothing!"

Tulip wanted to see what her brother had, also. She bounced up and down, pointing at the concealed bag, giggling, "See! See!"

"No! No!" Hibiscus shouted, running away from his siblings. Klay chased after him, thinking he wanted to play tag. Tulip wobbled on her toddler-sized legs. The two chasing the nine-year-old laughed hysterically. Said nine-year-old was not happy. Not happy at all.

The chase ended when a young Klay Jalmry, unsteady from running in a bunch of circles, stumbled forward, grabbing onto the hem of his brother's shirt, pulling him down when he toppled over. Hibiscus lost hold of the precious pickle in his fall. It landed near his little sister's bare feet. Tulip picked it up, and laughed out as she held it in the air, "I see! I see!"

Curse her toddler vocabulary and jarring voice, Hibiscus thought evilly, glaring at his sister. Klay got up from his place on the ground and took the pickle from Tulip. He beamed. "Hey! A pickle! Let's eat it, Tulip."

Of course he can pronounce her name correctly. But I will forever be known as 'Hibiscuit! The Lord of the Biscuits!' And now he's got the pickle I so earnestly searched for. I swear, some day I will beat him up. (And although Hibiscus meant for that to be an empty threat, his tiny child prodigy mind had no idea how ironic that statement was.)

"No, don't eat it!" Hibiscus sat up. His siblings stared at him. The young demon grinned evilly. "Let's play a game. And whoever wins gets to eat the pickle."

His siblings' eyes lit up. They loved to play games.

"What game?" Klay asked with a bright smile.

"Pickle in the middle. I'll be the pickle first." Hibiscus answered and his brother and sister yelled out in glee. They loved pickle in the middle. And the best thing about pickle in the middle was that his siblings didn't know that no one won at it.

You see, Hibiscus had a plan. A plan so devious and cracked that it was perfect.

He was going to be the pickle in the middle first. Then, once Tulip or Klay threw the pickle, Hibiscus was going to catch it and run away. Then, he'd find a safe, sacred place where he could eat the pickle in peace until it was dinner time.

The lined up accordingly, with Klay and Tulip five feet away from Hibiscus on either side. Klay held the pickle in his hand. He raised his arm over his head and threw the pickle. It went right over Hibiscus's head.

Blinking, Hibiscus was confused. He was supposed to catch that.

Lucky shot, he frowned.

Without him knowing it, while he was in his daze, Tulip had also tossed the pickle over Hibiscus's head. He would've been able to catch that, also, but, as said before, he was still in a daze of confusion.

The second time Klay threw it, Hibiscus was going to catch it for sure. He raised his arms and reached them out to catch the 'Ziploc' bag. His feet were ready to run as soon as the bag hit his hands. He closed his eyes, waiting to catch the pickle.

It never came. Hibiscus opened his eyes and saw the pickle on the ground. He looked at Klay, who was staring at the ground sulkily. The seven-year-old kicked the ground with a bare foot, muttering, "It was a lousy throw."

Hibiscus grinned and went for the pickle before Klay could see what he was doing. He grabbed the bag and was running in a second. The other two cried out in protest. Hibiscus glanced over his shoulder and stuck his tongue out as he raised the pickle in his hand.

And in swooped Klay's pet dragon, Cerise, who promptly grabbed the bag from Hibiscus's fingers. Then the dragon proceeded to fly to the roof of the Jalmry house and eat the pickle.

Hibiscus's mouth opened and closed without saying anything particular. He whined at the fact his precious food was being eaten by a measly dragon who didn't know that some things belonged to certain persons. Klay and Tulip came up from behind him, also complaining that they wanted the pickle.

The nine-year-old flopped backwards until he was laying on the ground, his face pointed upwards. His siblings proceeded to do the same. They passed the rest of their time in comfortable silence until dinnertime. Their pickle had eaten by a notorious small dragon, and that small fact bonded them together as all three acknowledged no one could have the pickle now. They were at a truce.

Little did the three Jalmry siblings know, but in the next couple of days, Hibiscus and Klay were hauled off to the Demon Capital where they would look after the endangered princess of the demon world (Hibiscus) and a small water demon who hadn't been born yet (Klay). Tulip Jalmry was to spend the next eight years at home without the company of her two older brothers.

That day was their last sibling bonding. Pickle in the middle had never seemed so special until after that day.

If u read Demon's Friendship already, then u probably get the whole 'shipping the boys off to protect people they don't know' part.

Also to people who have read Demon's Friendship, I promise to get the next chappie up sometime this month...or next month. I have a lot of time on my hands & my Demon's Friendship muse has finally started to kick in again, so hopefully, an update will be sooner than expected.

Leave some feedback please!!!! I enjoy constructive criticism. But flames r nice, too. The friend who forced me to write this was probably high when she thought of this (then again, she always acts high, so i can't complain, now can i?)