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So as school went on so did Cadence's thoughts...she was scared of what he was going to say. Maybe something like im sorry but I like Katrina still or I am taking Katrina to the amusement park. Well he did say it wasn't bad so who knows.

The bell rang and it was time for Art Class. Katrina saw her in the hall and gave her a hug and said "I'm sorry about the whole Jack thing." and then she walked off. Everyone in the hallway was tripping her and laughing at her and calling her a lesbian. Cadence's face turned bright red as she walked through the halls and in to her Art Class.

When she was in her class she checked her seat...there was nothing on it so she sat down and put her head in her arms and started crying softly. Cadence thought to herself. Why is everyone being mean to me and calling me a lesbian? When the kids started walking in the class they started saying and whispering ohh look its the lesbian.

"Hey Cade." the only person who calls me Cade is my mom and Jack!

"hi" Cadence sqeaked as she sniffled and looked at him.

"I really want to talk to yo-whats wrong?" Jack said as he realized she was crying.

"Hey everyone theres a lesbian in our classroom" a girl named Lexa yelled.

"Ok why is everyone laughing at her and calling her a lesbian?" Jack said out loud.

"Look at her back!" one kid shouted.

Jack looked at her back and read the sign that said "I'm a lesbian!" Jack took the sign off and threw it away.

"Thanks"said Cadence quietly.

"Students sit down! You have once again ANOTHER substitute. Her name is Mrs. Ghangstah" said the Principal

"Hey everyone!" said Mrs. Ghangstah

"We need to talk Cade." Jack said again.

"Can I go to the restroom...I don't feel very well." Cadence pretended to feel sick.

"I'll take her." Jack replied.

"Ok just hurry back." Mrs. Ghangsta said with a grossed out look on her face.


"Anyway Cadence, I didn't mean to it was an accident...I just don't like seeing anyone cry. I'm so sorry if I hurt you." Jack said with a sincere look on his face.

"No, I'm sorry I freaked out over a little hug...I guess I was jealous, seeing you with your ex-girlfriend and all. So I'm sorry." Cadence replied with a smile on her face.

"Awwh! Don't worry about Katrina she won't be bothering us for long! I like you so much! So are we still on for the Amusement park Saturday?" Jack asked.

"Ok...she said in the bathroom that we were over and that's what freaked me out, and I really like you! And your answer is DEFINANTLY!" Cadence said practically shouting.

Jack kissed Cadence on the lips in the middle of the hallway, he didnt care who saw.

"EXCUSE ME YOU TWO! Detention Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday...and don't forget young lady detention today for you and your friend!" shouted the setention teacher who just happened to be getting a donut from the teachers lounge.

As soon as he left Jack gave Cadence a peck on the lips and the went back to class holding hands.

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