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"Monday morning just what I needed" Cadence thought to herself. "I hate Mondays!"

"Grrrr" Cadence growled frusterated. "I have NOTHING to wear!"

Cadence looked through her closet and found jeans, some more jeans, t-shirts, tanktops, and a SKIRT? So Cadence picked out the mini light gray mini skirt and a light pink tanktop with a light gray border. "Ok I'll wear this. I need to go shopping after school!"

Cadence put on the mini skirt and the tanktop and some cute pink flip flops and curled her hair. She wore a little bit of makeup...light gray eye shadow, brown mascara, brown eyeliner, pink blush, and pale pink lipstick. She looked at herself in the mirror...her legs were gorgeous. They were long, tan, and gorgeous.

"CADENCE!" her mom yelled "TIME FOR SCHOOL"

"I'm coming!" Cadence yelled and caught the bus. "I really need to call Jack and tell him to start picking me up." Cadence said to herself

When Jack saw Cadence his jaw dropped. She looked even more gorgeous with makeup...well she really didn't need makeup to look beautiful. Jack thought."Hey Cade you look beautiful!" Jack said as he pulled her into a hug.

"Awwh thanks!" Cadence said. "Do you think you can start picking me up from school and dropping me off from school?" Cadence said giving him puppy eyes.

"Of course...and the puppy eyes is a definite yes!" Jack said smiling.

"Hey Jackie poo...I didn't mean what I said I was just trying to make you jealous...I guess it worked...so do you want to take me ho-...WHAT IS SHE DOING HERE?!?!?!" Katrina was going on until she realized Cadence was still in Jack's arms.

"Katrina it's over got it?" Jack said sounding a bit angry.

"But sweetie it was a little fight I didn't mean it." Katrina said with "real" tears in her eyes.

"I'm sorry Katrina don't cry." Jack said as he hugged Katrina to comfort her.

"Uhh I got to go" Cadence stuttered and ran off to the bathroom.

Jack's POV

"I'm sorry Katrina don't cry." Jack said as he hugged Katrina to comfort her.

""Uhh I got to go" Cadence stuttered and ran off to the bathroom.

As soon as Jack realized what he had done he unhugged Katrina, and ran off to go find Cadence. "I can't believe I did that i'm so stupid!" Jack whispered out loud.

"Hey Jack...where's Cadence?" Devin asked.

"Uh well you see...CAN YOU CHECK THE BATHROOM?" Jack blurted out.

"Uhm sure why not...." Devin said slurring why not.

"I'm such an ass! I can't believe I did that!" Jack said to himself.

Back to Cadence's POV

"Uhh I got to go" Cadence stuttered and ran off to the bathroom.

When Cadence was in the bathroom she let it all go. "I can't believe this!" she said as she looked in the mirror and saw her mascara run down her face. "It was only a hug and who am I kidding he still likes her!" Cadence said and then stopped talking when she heard someone enter the bathroom.

"Well Cadence" Katrina said with a smile on her face. "What's wrong...it's not like you and him were serious or anything. Stuff happens Cadence and look now you can actually say you've had your heart broken!" Katrina said and then she left.

Cadence cried harder and harder. "I never even got to go to the amusement park." Cadence mumbled under her breathe. She heard someone else walk in, Cadence hoped it wasn't Katrina again. Nope Cadence was wrong it was Devin. When Devin saw Cadence she looked at her confused, and then told her "Cadence stop crying and get out of the bathroom and talk to him!"

"But Devin! I can't Katrina told me that it was basically over between me and Jack." Cadence said as she cried. It had been Cadence best weekend ever.

"GET OUT!" Devin said as she pushed Cadence out of the bathroom.

"Look sweetie i'm sorry can we talk in art class? Jack asked. "Oh and it's not bad...I just wanted to apologize to you." Jack reassured her and he hugged her but she didn't hug back.

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