Just recently ago

I found out a sad truth

A friend of mine had died

They call it a suicide

An OD of what, it wasn't said

But a little close to home it did hit

A friend, a fan, a special one

Depressed with his life

And now he's gone

What lead him to this point

I don't think anyone was told

Maybe one or two

Why did he choose to die

Instead of growing old

Bu then I take a step back

And I realize

I went through a lot in my life

And I understand a little too well

What causes one to think that nobody cares

What makes them wish they were dead instead of here

Forever in my heart he will always reside

Throughout my long life until the day I die

They say everything happens for a reason

But I don't see what reason this one serves

Better in death than he could in life

Was there something more I could do?

Was there something more I could have said?

No, I don't think I could have helped what went wrong in his head

When that far down the road you go

You're blind to everything around you

Unable to see the truth right in front of your face

There's people that care about you everywhere. Everyday

So I don't beat myself up over it

Though it makes me sad inside

And it hurts in a way that I can't hide

That a friend of mine could come to this...

That barely anybody cared enough to notice

And though he's gone I miss him yet

Even though I've only known him

For such a short while

Rest in peace brave soldier who couldn't last any longer

In memory of AgentSchizo0O7

Who joined the world beyond on the 13th of July