"how's this for creature comforts"
Hanson(is insane)

26 seems really old
that's my only thought
but 26 years of bullshitting;
i'd say i'm bound to have wrinkles
26 years of projecting a pulse without waver;
i'm guessing that my heart would be pretty exhausted
that means that's over 14 years
of being a completely clueless person
because i refuse to allot myself that misheld belief
that i've had forever, that someday
when i hit some magic "grown up" age
--with no gradual progression needed up until that point--
i will understand that i will not understand the world
i will be happy, and think i'm pretty and smart enough for my own liking
and i will think mirrors are a very useful creature comfort
and that's all
nothing else
and i will be a wonderful, well-adjusted and complete (i.e. fulfilled) Human Being
and even so, 26 is past that magic age
i'd just have to say that 26 sounds really old