Through darkened night, so cold and grey

A lonely traveler finds his way.

The clouds veil stars, a pitch black night-

All is hidden; there is no light.

The quiet sounds of weary stride,

They echo soft through countryside.

A heavy pack and cloak wrapped tight

His sole companions are tonight.

He's bowed with worries, toil, and care-

Are there, indeed, none who would share

This journey through the lonesome night,

Or shine upon his path a light?

The road is oft uphill, and long-

A friend could lighten mood with song,

But Lady Fate insists there's none

Who'd walk with him 'til journey's done.

So through the night he travels on,

And does not stop for breaking dawn.

He pushes thoughts of rest behind

And wanders on, in hopes to find

A passing glimpse of end in sight,

A sign to show his course is right.

Look oft and you will see him, friend

Wandering, still, 'round yonder bend.

For ever will he traverse on,

Until the path he treads is gone.