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They're plenty of sterotypes of the word "manti" in modern media today. It drives me absolutly insane. But I can understand where they all come from. I mean really, this kind of stuff should have stayed in the fairy tails about witches and wizards and should have never been released to the general public as truth. But what can we do? And by "we" I mean me and the 1000 other real life manti scattered throughout the world today. Yup, you heard me, we DO exist. In case you don't know who we are (yeah, right) here's the low down.

Nobody really knows where we came from or even where the word mani originates. From what scholars can tell, we are the rements of a race of humen-like beings from beyond ancient times. We had our own language, culture, religion and all that other crap. But we we're nearly killed out by some mass genocide 6000 years before any other form of life appeared on Earth. This happened before the fucking dinosaurs, ok?! Plus throughout history, we were hunted, burned at the stake, tried as "demon children" and killed in horrific ways. So our numbers have dwindled down to a mear 1000. This probably sounds like a lot to you, but think about this: they're over 6 billion people in this world. I suck at math but more cows are born with 9 feet and 4 heads then a live manti birth.

So that's a little bit of out history, but what exactly is a manti you poor uneducated person may ask?

I'm starting to sound like a fucking textbook. But they don't curse......Anyway......

A manti is in all respects a humen being. No horn, wings, tails, or any of that bull crap.But a few things do set us apart. First off, each manti is born with a distinct tattoo on their left hand. It looks like a vine going from the top of the index finger and wraps around the wrist twice then continues on the back of their arm to the elbow. Leaves, flowers, and stars are woven into the vine, but they vary from manti to manti.

Secound, we have a distinct body build. Here is where the biggest sterotype comes in. Most people think that manti have a petite, skinny, long-leggedbuild like a fucking model. HAHAHA..NO!! The most common build is average height, STURDY body structure (we have to be pretty damn strong to pull of what we do) and a long waisted, short legged figure. Kinda like a swimmer i guess. Some manti (like me dammit) have their right foot bent complety to the right, so when they put their foot next to their left one, it forms a "L" shape. This is called " Flyer's Foot". It's very inconvient sometimes, but it helps you a lot during takeoff. Which brings me to my next point. What makes a manti so "special" is the fact that we can fly.

Yes, you heard me. FLY. Like Superman, dammit. No wings, spell, or any of that crap. It really is no different to us then walking for normal people.

Now, you try growing up when people know you can fly. I hate it. I feel like a fucking sideshow freak half the time.

But anyway, here's my story. The story of a 15 year old manti girl trying to survive a curse she never chose for herself, in the year of 2006.


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