A/N: Hi there. I have had loads of ideas for this story, but it's rather a confusing plot so some changes have had to be made. I love this story, this plot is awesome. It's hard to describe, but worth it!

Summary: Cedric a 17 year old student at high school, is in love with a guy that hates him, yet doesn't even know much about him. Cedric's life isn't going the way he planned, especially after that fateful day when one moment of blindness turns his life around. The Enemy's Angel. "Consider this a challenge unto yourself" Cedric manages to get closer to his crush in a way he could never have imagined possible. (Yaoi)

I hope you enjoy reading this. Salute Derek



Yeah, what's the worst that could happen? What could go wrong?

I tell you now, don't ever ask yourself this question. If something can go wrong, believe me, it will. I should know.

Okay, try this out for starters. I'm in love with a guy that hates my guts. He despises me for being the way I am, yet he doesn't even know me. It's because I'm gay. I tell you, he's a homophobic bastard, but I have the most ridiculously uncontrollable crush on him ever. I'm so screwed up, but it's not like I can exactly help that.

And then there's the fact that everything about me is somehow hated by everyone around me. Parents hate me because of my sexuality…like it's an embarrassment…they don't come near me.

Teachers hate me because I'm not very academic and sometimes struggle.

I hardly have any friends because they seem to think I'm so boring. I can hardly disagree. I'm afraid to make myself known.

Most of all…he hates me. Lothar. My crush. He scowls at me every time we pass in the corridor. He bullies me. How the heck can I fancy someone like that?

I'm seventeen and have dull, dark, fairly messy brown hair along with hazel eyes. I'm kinda short compared to the other guys in my year, a good reason they choose to intimidate me. I don't really have any particular hobbies, style, or any of that jazz. I'm just…me. Boring old me.

My name is Cedric. What a horrid name. I hate that too.

Alright, that's enough self pity. You get the jist that my life ain't exactly perfect. Trust me, it gets worse. A lot worse.

This is nothing compared to what happens next…


I decided to walk home from school that day. I wanted to find out where Lothar lived. Pretty sad idea, I know.

This particular summer's day, it had conveniently decided to rain…the one day I walk home and it's the first downpour in weeks. Great.

I was really lonely so I had decided to keep myself amused by splashing childishly in the puddles. It was good fun! At the time…

"Having fun there Cedric?" a voice called across to me from over the road. My face went red extremely quickly. It was Lothar. Oh, it was so embarrassing.

I stopped and stared, my usual response. He really does have nice features. Dark chocolate hair and glimmering aqua-blue eyes. Slim and slightly tanned; he made me melt on the inside.

I scowled across at him, trying to hide my humiliation in the most accidentally-pathetic way possible.

"Funny what he does to entertain himself these days!" He said to his friend loudly, so I would overhear. Obviously he hadn't been talking about splashing in puddles. If you get my meaning; in a way, he was referring to my preferences.

His friend was in fits of laughter by this point. Meanwhile, I could have killed him. "You're a freak!" he hissed over his shoulder.

Oh, I hate him; he's so horrible. Although stupidly, I have that almighty crush on him. How does that work? Okay, it doesn't…but…

The rain came down harder by then and I felt my clothes becoming wetter and heavier by the second. Damn!

"Oi! Cedric! Come over here!" he yelled across at me again. I considered going to him. 'What does he want?' I thought. 'He looks pretty serious. Maybe he wants to apologize?'

I followed orders…oh, how stupid of me. One moment of blindness and I face a fate not intended for me. I began to cross the street.

Lothar whistled to something further down the road. A devious smile hit his lips at that point. I didn't know why. I didn't care either.

My concentration was lacking; I didn't look were I was going. Blindly, I crossed the road without a second thought.

I heard a screech of tyres and a scream from surrounding pedestrians. Instantly, I realized what was happening. I had already put my foot out into the road and by then it was a fraction too late to move away. I looked up and screamed.

A motorbike was headed straight towards me. In a fraction of a second the rider attempted to swerve out of the way…to save me. But he was too late.

He couldn't stop. I was hit. I felt no pain.

I don't remember flying, nor do I remember ever landing on the hard surface of the tarmac road. All I can remember was the hysteric, echoing laughter of someone nearby.

I remember recognizing it. It was like a knife to the heart. It was Lothar.

I couldn't move, see or feel the road beneath my cold body.

One panicking voice whirred inside my mind…'Am I dead?'

It certainly seemed like it.