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Epilogue - A Change of Fate

I stand with my back to the cool, silver school gates, waiting eagerly for the school bus to arrive. Any minute now and a rattling yellow vehicle would roll past; Lothar boarded upon it.

I keep my head down and deliberately dishevel my hair so it hid my face as I didn't wish to be noticed by my peers. They never had anything nice to say to me anyways. It would never be a casual "Oh, hey, Cedric. How are you feeling?" No, I knew I would be laughed at. After all, I'm the little gay loser that got hit by a motorbike. They have every reason to pick on me really…

It is Monday morning and I watch with subtle interest as the students brush past me, nattering and giggling. They don't look at me and any that dare to, shall receive a scowl.

I hear a roar in the road next to me. Surprised, and in anticipation, I jolt my head round sharply. It's the bus. I cheer silently to myself; I've been waiting ages.

The doors hiss open and a handsome, dark haired young man strides out, surrounded by many intimidating friends and the blonde-haired young lady clinging dearly to his arm. My Lothar!

He looks up to me and beams. I can feel myself blush instantly as he shakes off the girl from his arm and proceeds to head in my direction.

We both ignore the confounded whisperings of his friends…I am too drawn to those loving blue eyes of his. I smile feebly in return.

"Hey, Lothar! Watch out! You'll get the gay cooties!" Calls the girl shrilly. Lothar doesn't wince at her remark like he probably would have done a few weeks ago.

He paces over and I come forward a little; abandoning my rest upon the gates. He issues a soft chuckle and places his loving hand gently on my shoulder. There is no way to greet his own boyfriend subtly, so why should he try?

To be honest, I was biting back the urge to fling my arms around him and kiss him like we did the other day. His reputation is on the line though…what will they think if they see that we are a couple?

He stoops down and places his cheek to mine. What the fuck is he doing!? I can feel a smile spread across his face as he whispers in my ear.

"Hey Ced." He puts his hand to my other cheek. I literally melt at the touch of his warm tender hand on my cold skin. I close my eyes in comfort…this feels so right.

"I don't care what they think. You're the only one that matters to me now." His voice is husky and soothing. He really doesn't care!

I feel my face turn a rosy shade…I'm not embarrassed to be seen this close to him…I'm just feeling flattered that he would give up his reputation as the most popular boy in school…for me.

He pulls back but doesn't release his affectionate grip on my face.

"Lothar, man, what the fuck you doing?" somebody calls. Again, the voice is ignored.

He pretends he didn't hear the comment. Maybe I should pull away? But I don't want to…he doesn't want me to either. But, we are in the middle of the school grounds! For crying out loud, his friends are just a few feet away!

He wraps his arms around me tightly and I feel almost obliged to rest my head on his shoulder. I close my eyes slowly…Sod his friends…he wants me.

I curl my arms round his waist and pull him even closer. Our bodies are sealed together.

"Lothar! You're fucking crazy, man!"

I can tell he is deliberately winding them up. It must be frightening to see a friend that seems perfectly straight to suddenly be hugging a renowned homosexual like me. Maybe they think he's winding me up for them as a joke? I don't know. But whatever he is doing…it sure is nice on my account…

He lifts his head and presses his lips firmly to my forehead. My heart thuds into an unsteady jig and my breathing becomes heavy. He is kissing me…in front of all his friends…Lothar, this is mad!

"You two loverboys got something to tell us?" queries Jack as he cautiously waddles over. Lothar grips me tighter to his body…so close that I can feel…feel…something pressed against me. I blush furiously and bury my head back in his shoulder.

He turns to face Jack and flashes him an indicative, devious smile. Without use of words…Lothar had literally told them that we are an item.

Jack laughs manically. I can't bear this. I want to run away and weep. Lothar you fool!

"Oh…my...God!" squeals the girl as she raises her hands over her mouth.

"Dude, you seriously in love…with…THAT?" Jack's words hurt…I'm a person too you know.

Lothar kisses my cheek to confirm. I still didn't dare to lift my head up. How can I? I'm devastated. You told them. You didn't care what I wanted. You showed them!

"Tch, lets leave Lothar the sickassed QUEER to touch up his pathetic little boy-toy." Sneers Jack. They leave our sight abruptly; all the while smirking and muttering, giggling and flashing rude gestures.

Lothar calls back at them. "I'm not queer! Just ask my boyfriend…" He expects me to chuckle along at his snide comment as he turns back to face me. I don't.

I attempt to pull away from him; I'm absolutely furious. But he clutches me in his strong arms leaving me unable to make a move. I don't really want to move away either…it feels…so nice…being this close…too nice…

He slides his hands deftly down my sides, finally slipping them into the two back pockets of my jeans. Again, I can feel the heat in my cheeks; I don't think I've ever blushed so many times in a single set of five minutes. He presses his body even harder to mine.

"Are you okay?" he coos.

"Nnn, why did you do that?" I ask timidly.

"What? Hug you? I wanted to show them we are in love."

"Yeah, but there was no need to pull a stunt like that!" I hiss in retaliation. He looked mildly shocked at my agitation.

"But, I thought…"

"Thought what? That I would be happy about it? Well, you got that wrong."

He gulps and I know I have deeply upset him. His eyes are watery but he doesn't let me go.

I sigh. "Look, I'm sorry…I'm overreacting-…"

"Are you having second thoughts?" I look up, his face is intent. "Do you not WANT me to show you my affection?"

"No! No! No, I-…"

"Then don't doubt me…I know what I'm doing." He somehow manages to pull me closer still and I seek comfort in his chest. We are probably pressed as close to each other as humanly possible. I understand…he wants things done properly.

I release a heavy sigh and mutter a second apology. He skips onto something else in acceptance.

"I had my suspicions about you, even when you were Daris." He breathes but I don't lift my head up…he's so warm and romantic…I could stand here forever.

"The way you always used to stare at me…I knew I recognized that look from somewhere."

I giggle. "Well, yeah…I couldn't help it. To me, you're gorgeous."

He laughs. "Ced?" His voice is like a lullaby.


"I'm glad I have the REAL you now…none of my friends matter, you're the only one I want. I really missed you."

I smile to myself and shrug playfully.

"But wherever you are…Halo or no Halo…" he kisses my neck softly a few times… "…you'll always be my Angel…"


You Saw just how Bad things can get…

It got Worse and Worse for me…

But there was Always love to Hold me here…

It was Just too hard to See

And Now that I have Found my love…

I Just can't Let him go…

So the Moral of this Story is…

You Love someone, Let them know…



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