You Know Who You Areā€¦

You promise you remember everything,

and I am not worth mentioning.

I know who I am.

You'll take your boys however they come,

cruel, abusive, weak, submissive

And it shocks you, every time you can't find love.

It's beautiful to hurt.

It makes you justified in hurting someone else,

someone not worth mentioning.

You're not worth a broken heart,

But I can't let go just yet.

My dreams won't let me.

If I have to love a whore,

I'll love her for the way she makes me feel beautiful.

I'll pretend she wants something more than sex.

I'll love her demonic eyes and mangled hair.

I'll love the human being that must exist

Beneath clumped mascara and hooker boots.

I'll love that she was someone's baby once,

I'll love the way she felt my fear,

The way I heard her think what she could never say.

I couldn't love a girl who gives herself away.

I couldn't love what she put me through

For what became nothing.

But I had to love her anyway.

She wouldn't let me refuse.

I am sorry.

She has no power anymore.

She told me

I am not worth mentioning.

I am only a girl.